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Sep 11, 4:23 PM

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New interview with Miura about Duranki and Berserk.

-Duranki is made under Miura's Studio Gaga. For the series, he is credited as writer and producer.

-For Duranki, assistants are taking care of the inking. As writer & producer, he right now he makes the storyboard, sketch the draft, quality checking and final adjustments. (like "Art Director" in anime production)

-Three assistants on-site, one remote.

-For Berserk, he draws all the characters and background. Assistants are only in charge of tones, buildings, background soldiers or far-off scenery. Recently he started having them draw the ground too.

-He is usually fast with storyboarding, so he doesn't think this new series will affect Berserk production. Main bottleneck is the art, because he tries to draw everything by himself.

-He hopes to use Duranki as an opportunity to improve his assistants' skills so that he will be more comfortable offloading more of Berserk work to his assistants too. Potentially speeding up Berserk releases.

-Eventually, his goal is to only do the storyboard and final adjustments for Duranki and let his assistants do the rest.

-Duranki turned into a series when he shared one of his ideas for a new manga to his editor.

-Originally Duranki was actually a isekai time travel manga, but scrapped the isekai approach because it was too prevalent and went with straight fantasy/mythology.

-His manga production is now fully digital. Made the switch around 2015 when Rakshas revealed his true identity.

-He knows he has an unhealthy obsessed with drawing every little details. Believes it's simply because he loves the old, "Baroque Period" of manga like Akira and Fist of the North Star that had really dense and detailed art.

-Quite happy with using digital to draw. He gets to zoom into stuff and obsess over each little pixel. His editor tries to stop him whenever he goes that far.

-Never felt bored making Berserk. Always tries to do new themes. Making manga is fun.

-Berserk is currently in the later stages of its overall story. Lot of shocking things coming up after the current arc.


(+) Pictures of his current workspace

Sep 12, 5:13 AM

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Great info! Thanks
Sep 12, 2:09 PM

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Sounds like he is rushing berserk if he is starting to work on another series even if he is just doing the writing portion. I hope he is done writing for berserk at least. With the chapters available now for Duranki the artists and assistants work looks great.
Sep 12, 2:14 PM
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whats this new manga of his called Duranki? i cannot find it here on MAL
Sep 12, 3:03 PM

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ExillustX said:
Lot of shocking things coming up after the current arc.

This has me curious.
Sep 12, 4:25 PM

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Zoldra0 said:
ExillustX said:
Lot of shocking things coming up after the current arc.

This has me curious.

Same, I hope nothing bad happens to our boy Guts..
Sep 12, 10:51 PM

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thanks for the post, would have missed this otherwise.
Sep 13, 8:44 AM

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It definitely seems like a good idea to use Duranki as way to get his assistants to build up and develop their skills so he can eventually give them more work on Berserk.

and nothing happens.
Sep 13, 10:01 AM

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Somewhere in this room is a massive idolmaster collection.

Sep 13, 10:44 AM

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I think most of that could be considered good news ahaha.
Sep 13, 11:29 AM

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Zoldra0 said:
ExillustX said:
Lot of shocking things coming up after the current arc.

This has me curious.

Same here, hoping this will be a well thought conclusion to this arc and not just some random ideas he came up with to keep the series going.
Sep 13, 11:38 PM
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That means how many years we will have to wait?
Yesterday, 5:33 AM
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I belive Berserk lost quality story wise.It reminds me of One Piece but the only good character is Guts
Yesterday, 5:34 AM
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So that is why the series is worse when it comes to story
Yesterday, 11:22 AM

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Aw he's so passionate about his work. Looking forward to seeing what the shocking things he's referring to happening in Berserk will be. Hopefully they'll be nice shocks...