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Sep 11, 10:57 PM

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As every single person from Nintendo says: "It just needs to be fun". So basically I enjoy everything as long as it is entertaining. Of course my favorite shows are usually things that excels at narrative, characters of story progression, but I really enjoy some light hearted things as well.
Sep 11, 11:53 PM

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I am also the opposite of that, I think I had an easier time liking an anime back then than I have now.
Sep 12, 12:44 AM
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i'm not picky nor do I take entertainment seriously. I watch to have fun not larp as some pretentious "critic" like a large portion of users on this website. Every episode discussion turns out to be a whine fest and it's getting unbearably bad.
Sep 12, 1:04 AM

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very easy.

I also select what shows to watch so Im predisposed to like what I watch anyway.
Sep 12, 1:38 AM

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How to explain this...
I watch some very generic mainstream trash but on the other hand I am pleased only by some very specific types of generic trash.

Like I am very picky but about garbage unremarkable titles.
Also they must fit my current mood.
Sep 12, 3:27 AM

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IpreferEcchi said:
I think I was hard to please when I started, and I'm only getting easier.

For me it's the opposite.
As I watch more anime, I found my own preferences.
Now I'm very picky. But I usually easy to please with the anime I picked (which is quite a small number). Like, maybe only 5 ~ 10 anime per year.
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Sep 12, 3:52 AM
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If the first episode doesn't do something special, something to hook me up at the very first scenes,then I come to a decide "this is not my type anime".So then i don't go any farther with this anime.
Sep 12, 3:56 AM
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Yes. I don't know why, but I am really easy to please with isekai anime. No matter how cliché the anime is, I will find some form of entertainment in it. However, I think it helps that I am somewhat selective with the new isekai animes I choose to watch and I make sure it suits my tastes.

Sep 12, 4:07 AM

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At this point, I know more or less what I like and don't like. So I'd say yes.
Sep 12, 4:55 AM
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Yep. The only thing I really want is an interesting plot and characters I can care about. Because of this, I ending up liking about 90% of the anime I watch.
Sep 12, 4:57 AM

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Since i've dropped a total of 412 anime. I'd say i'm pretty difficult to please.
Sep 12, 5:07 AM

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Depends if in terms of pure enjoyment, then yes I am easy to please.

If it's scores than I am hard to please, since I score based on subjective and objective points.
Sep 12, 7:54 AM

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At my age I should normally be outraged that anime goes the easy route by showing fanservice, disrespecting women and encouraging sexist behavior and watch series that are progressive and go deeper into the female characters soul. Tried that anime, liked it for a while, got the message but got bored.
then I said, screw it and went reading City Hunter. Much better.
Sep 12, 8:03 AM

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Not really but Lord do I wish I was. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places? I miss when every anime I watched seemed like masterpiece
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Sep 12, 8:32 AM

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So long as there's cutesy moments and gore too I get the best viewgasms.~☆

Sep 12, 8:55 AM

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Since I'm a bit more picky and demanding than a good majority of people, I'll say that it takes a level of effort in order to pleased me.
Sep 12, 9:00 AM
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Mostly yeah. If you check my scores on most shows you will find out that I tend to give high scores. I will still find out some anime that i just hate.
Sep 12, 9:11 AM

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I am probably somewhere in the middle. I think criticly about stuff i watch but still enjoy most of the simple and shit shows, the only shows i really don't enjoy 99% of the time are those that i can't enjoy ironiclly because they try way to hard to be complex or something.

Sep 12, 9:12 AM

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I'd say I'm very easy to please when it comes to anime given I don't have any ratings below 6 (very few) and an excess of 10's. Granted everything watch is something I've already determined to be in my interest range. As long as I enjoy it and it makes me happy (or other appropriate strong emotion) I'll give it a good score.

That being said I don't even remember the last non-anime that I have watched to completion and actually appealed to me...

Pakumen- said:
As every single person from Nintendo says: "It just needs to be fun". So basically I enjoy everything as long as it is entertaining.

The above sums things up pretty well for me.
Sep 12, 9:17 AM

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It's easy for me to find enjoyable stuff. However, finding an anime that makes me think "Holy fuck this is awesome" is hard.
Sep 12, 1:03 PM

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I think that who starts to watch anime for the first time is more malleable in his choices; For example i really liked shounen/romance animes and i pretty much saw everything in those categories. Now every time i need to see anime i need to read the plot, see the ratings in various sites and only after i start watching it. It's tiring even finding one good anime xD. This season and the one before that were not that bad though.
Sep 12, 6:36 PM
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Luchse75 said:
I was the opposite of you when I started and I find it harder and harder to please myself nowadays.

I think I'm the same. But it's only my ratings that get tougher, I still thoroughly enjoy most things I watch. But having things like AOT, FMAB, Jojo, Haikyuu, HxH silent voice, and other things like that as 9s and 10s makes it tough for other anime to get rated that high by me. After seeing an anime like HxH or FMAB get everything right (story, music, action, character progression, villains) its hard to try and find something as good.
Sep 12, 6:39 PM
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I watch it for the enjoyment since that's why anime was created in the first place. Being critical about everything is a waste of time
Sep 12, 8:21 PM

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i'm the opposite. there was a time when i absolutely loved everything i came across. but nowadays, i seem to get bored easily.
Sep 13, 10:02 AM

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normally, if an anime isn't boring, i can enjoy it even if it's bad. problem is: i get bored easily.
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Sep 13, 10:10 AM

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I'm pretty easy to please. I just watch a lot of just makes me wonder how people score these anime 1s and 5s for relatively decent or even good/great anime. I'm like, "I wonder what they'd rate the trash I watch then, Jesus Christ"
Sep 13, 5:39 PM

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oh boy definitely when i first started watching and i got into anime. recently not as much, as im giving scores like 5-6
Sep 13, 6:11 PM
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Yes I enjoy most shows I watch, I rarely watch something and think in my head “this show is so garbage or trash”. I almost always find something enjoyable in an anime.
Sep 13, 6:23 PM

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It's super easy. It just has to be competent enough and it's good in my books.
Sep 13, 6:25 PM

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I'm somewhat easy to please as long as the anime is entertaining although I can be kind of picky sometimes. I'm difficult to please when it comes to shounen battle and isekai anime because there are so many of them.
Sep 13, 6:41 PM

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Always been easy for me I find and still is.

All the Anime's on my list are all one's I own Personal physical copies of, or have seen in theaters that I plan on buying, series that I've watched on FUNimation or HIDIVE will not be on here unless/until I have already bought it.
Sep 13, 7:58 PM
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When I started I was very easy to please but now I find myself struggling to get a good anime to watch these days.
Sep 13, 8:04 PM

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Not , I am

I am very stric with animes , if i like it , it's good , if not , it's horrible
Sep 13, 10:39 PM

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Not anymore. I'm getting pickier every day. Bad animation throws me off. Shrieking characters make me cringe. Annoying OST is an immediate NO. Weird storylines call for an instant drop. Ridiculous characters combine all these effects into one bite sized package.

Funny enough, Saiki Kusuo no psi nan has all this except for an annoying OST but I love it.

I've actually stopped watching anime for some time and I'm not missing it as much as I thought. I might eventually start Gintama and continue where I left off with King's avatar (now that I've decided to watch more Chinese anime) but it's too soon to tell.
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Sep 14, 3:03 AM

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Well, before I was less picky. Now I may be pickier, but I tend to rate the anime I watch high.

Sep 14, 3:36 AM

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not at all >:< i'm a fussy eater as much as a fussy anime watcher!


Sep 14, 3:37 AM
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No, I'm very critical, I rarely find sth that response on my conditions on a show/manga.
Sep 14, 3:38 AM

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Yeah, I'm easy to please because I'm not very picky, never was. I only watch for enjoyment and watch whatever managed to catch my attention in any way. Even if something turns out to be not that good, I usually still find something enjoyable about the show, even if it's only a single character or a plot line, doesn't matter.

Anime-is-King said:
i'm not picky nor do I take entertainment seriously. I watch to have fun not larp as some pretentious "critic" like a large portion of users on this website. Every episode discussion turns out to be a whine fest and it's getting unbearably bad.

This. Couldn't have said it better.
Sure, there are anime I don't like that much but I have better things to do then nitpick every little thing I disliked in EVERY single episode discussion thread; it's getting ridiculous. Sometimes I have the impression that half of the MAL userbase hate watching anime... but then again maybe criticizing is their form of enjoyment? Idk.
Sep 14, 4:20 AM

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Depends on my mood and the type of anime I'm watching.
Sep 14, 5:18 AM
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IpreferEcchi said:
I think I was hard to please when I started, and I'm only getting easier.
Why was u so hard. What did you watch first because I also started hard with db
Sep 14, 5:35 AM

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I am a guy who exclusively enjoys certain "genres" (like Action, Sci-Fi settings, or dark drama) and they got to have a certain atmosphere. But I am no pretencious cock who can't go happy with other things. I would say the plot can be garbage but when it has enough violence, action, splatter, visually attractive characters, and other things too please the eye. I still can enjoy it (even tho it's trash).
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Sep 14, 5:35 AM
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I only watch anime with 7+ scores so yeah I'm almost always easy to please
Sep 14, 5:45 AM

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I've never really given that a thought. I'd say that yes, I'm pretty easy to please. Overall, I think you can make an assumption about that by checking someone's average anime score. I'd say if it's a 6.5(ish) or above, your average is a pretty good score, and you're relatively easy to please.
Sep 14, 5:50 AM

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Considering that my drop list isn't even close to the true number of anime i just didn't want to watch anymore, i'd say yes, it really is difficult for me to be interested in a lot of them.

Sep 14, 6:18 AM

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If its back when i was new in anime yes like i enjoy every anime i watch. But if its now i guess im a bit choosy in what i watch compared back then.

Sep 14, 6:43 AM
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I am pretty hard to please actually.

I've completed 400+ entries, but most of those are pretty short.
It says I've dropped 200 entries on MAL, but I've watched a few minutes of many shows I consider bad without even adding them to my list.
I think I have added every show I'm interested in on my list, and even then I could drop some if I don't like the..

Our lives are pretty limited and I don't even know if I can finished what I have added right now.
Sep 14, 6:53 AM

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Yes, I do enjoy a lot of anime for lots of different aspects.

However, some wide-appeal anime are too bland/generic for my tastes.
Sep 14, 7:00 AM

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I think so, I mean I already know what genres I enjoy the most and will pick shows that I have a feeling will be up my alley. That's why I don't try to watch every show that airs during a season, because when I tried doing that I would end up dropping a lot of series that weren't for me. Since I'm more selective of what I watch, I'm able to be more favorable with my ratings on here.
Sep 14, 9:30 AM

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I'm easy to please. I complain about other people, not anime. If it's enjoyable I enjoy it. So far I haven't dropped a show but then again, I'm a newbie.
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