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Sep 11, 1:02 PM

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I think I was hard to please when I started, and I'm only getting easier.
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Sep 11, 1:24 PM
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I'm quite easy to please, while I can enjoy complex show, I'm not above watching trash show and be entertained.

IE this season, Hensuki and arifureta were good source of enjoyment.
Sep 11, 1:27 PM

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I was the opposite of you when I started and I find it harder and harder to please myself nowadays.

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Sep 11, 1:28 PM

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Ye I enjoy most of the shows I come across.

Sep 11, 1:31 PM

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Yes, I am. All a series needs really are some enjoyable characters for me to find interesting or to latch onto and I'm set.
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Sep 11, 1:34 PM

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I guess, the number of shows I don't like is vastly outweighed by the number of shows I do. But I think that's mostly because almost everything looks way better when sitting next to radioactive dumpster fires like Love Love?.
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Sep 11, 1:37 PM

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I enjoy most anime that I watch so kinda.

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Sep 11, 1:38 PM

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YES, I love pretty much everything. I enjoy all genres, but I don't think i'm easy to please. But I just have a all round interest, I guess?

There is one type of charater than I dislike just one.
And that is the pathetic character. Yuki from Mirai Nikki is the best example. The crybaby but not for any good fucking reason. The I will just cry here on the floor, while someone dies protecting me and just don't take action and keep crying until someone forces me to get up kind up kind of cunt.

But other than that I pretty much enjoy it all. Even Mirai Nikki was pretty good except for the fucking pussy.
Sep 11, 1:41 PM

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Yes. Well, I try to be careful when I pick an anime to watch. But even when I don't particularly love it there's always something that I will like whether it's the humor or a character that stand out. I always enjoy watching an episode no matter what.
Sep 11, 1:41 PM

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Yeah, with a mean score of 8.06 and 153 scores of 10 so far, I think I'm pretty easy to please.
Sep 11, 1:46 PM

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I think I'm pretty easy to please, but on the other hand I also pre-select both what I watch (to be stuff I might like) and when I watch it (so I watch something only when I feel like it, or at least I try to get myself into the mood for something before I get into it).
Sep 11, 1:49 PM

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I'm very easy to please as long as the characters is not writin in a stupid way or the comedy is childish.

That's why I have rated pure fanservice show, hentai with more a 8 + sometimes.
Sep 11, 1:58 PM

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Middle of the road I'd say, leaning toward easy. I've never been an excessively harsh critic either in anime or anything else as I'll usually try to see the relative merits of something I may otherwise dislike overall.

I know my own tastes and interests well enough to really pay attention to the synopsis and any additional (non-heavily spoiler-based) info about a show before going into it, so I have my own screening process and don't waste my time if I think it's something I'm not going to like for whatever reason, since there's so much out there to see. I would say there are a lot of animes I've watched over the past year that I've liked and am glad to have watched, but didn't love. Not so much ones I'd trash and give a very low rating to (I can count the latter on only one hand).

So does that fit your criteria? Most of what I see I'll like to some extent, but there's still a big gulf between that and loving it and giving it top ratings.

I also manage to keep the overwhelming majority of what I watch something I'll appreciate on some level by just outright avoiding most comedy, ecchi, and sports series. Other than that I'm up for all genres, so I do see myself as enjoying a crazy wide variety of stuff.
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Sep 11, 1:59 PM

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Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, I have broad taste when it comes to genres and I'll watch any demographic as long it sounds interesting. I do a lot of research beforehand to weed out titles I won't like though and I will drop anything instantly if it fails to entertain or annoys me. Because of that I tend to like most things I complete and have much more positive scores than negative ones.
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Sep 11, 2:05 PM

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Tasel said:
Yeah, with a mean score of 8.06 and 153 scores of 10 so far, I think I'm pretty easy to please.

Same here. Mean score of 8.12 with 161 scores of 10.
Sep 11, 2:15 PM

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IpreferEcchi said:
I think I was hard to please when I started, and I'm only getting easier.
Lmao same, especially with what I know now.
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Sep 11, 2:16 PM
Tail On!

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I'm both really easy to please and impossible to please.
Sep 11, 2:49 PM

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If it counts, I tend to be a completist and as such am not easily displeased enough to drop an anime. It's only happened once so far.
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Sep 11, 2:55 PM

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No I'm definitely not. The only thing I'm asking for is a Yotsuba& anime adaptation. It shouldn't be hard isn't it? So, why don't they want to please me?
Sep 11, 2:56 PM

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I am extremely hard to please. And mean. But mostly the former.
Sep 11, 3:00 PM

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Luchse75 said:
I was the opposite of you when I started and I find it harder and harder to please myself nowadays.

Same here.

To be honest, I have reached the point where most of the series has stopped giving me any fun at all; I have completely lost interest in anime and decided to take a looooonger break.

On the other hand, I started reading a few mangas and fell in love with almost every series I read. I have the same feeling of pleasure as I had at the very beginning of my journey with anime
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Sep 11, 3:01 PM
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I'm the opposite, when I started I'd watch anything that was anime. From Rave Master to Love Hina to Ayashi no Ceres. If it was anime, it was already an 8+ to me, most often a 9 or 10. The more experience I got with the medium, the more I started to think about it critically. A flaw or negative aspect will jump out at me more than something I enjoy from it. I'll forgive that flaw if what I get out of the series is more than enough to justify it, but that's still much more different than when I first started watching anime and just consumed whatever I could with a big ass smile on my face, compared to now when I can barely get passed the third episode of most shows I start.
Sep 11, 3:03 PM

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yeah, it’s never hard for me to find at least one thing i like about an anime, even if I didn’t like it altogether. for example i hated elfen lied, but at least i found lucy to be an interesting character.
i’m here for fun, i like watching anime to escape the world or see an interesting story unfold. however i can tell the difference between a good anime and a shit one, when i started i couldn’t, so at least i’m easy to please but not unaware of flaws.
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Sep 11, 3:24 PM

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It's likely that I will find more positives than negatives in anime that I watch, my mean score is currently 6.33 after all. But I have become more picky and critical. When I was new to anime years ago, I was a noob who only rated based on enjoyment and quickly moved on to a different anime after finishing something. Now, I rate based on enjoyment and quality so there are anime that I wouldn't call 'Good' (7/10) even if I did enjoy them and it takes longer to decide what anime I will watch next. Also, some of my opinions could be considered controversial. Some of the worst anime that I've seen have high weighted scores.

Sep 11, 3:35 PM
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I think I'm generally easy to please when it comes to entertainment, because I always try to have a positive attitude and focus on the good and enjoyable parts/aspects of everything I watch.

But that is less the case the less free time I have. If I'm spending less time on anime, like recently, being mildly pleased is simply not enough and I'm more interested in only watching stuff that impresses me rather than just watching something to pass the time. I'm very chill about entertainment when it just fills time I would otherwise be bored in, but when I don't have that much time to get bored I can get much pickier quite quickly. Which has been the case recently. But for the most part of my anime career I'd say yes, I was always fairly easy to please. I never handed out a whole lot of scores under 6 because of that, at least not for full-length TV anime.

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Sep 11, 6:49 PM
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The older I get, the less patience I have for guys' bullshit, so I'm a little picky about genre/demographic. But I'm not so picky that "handsome guy at school goes for shy loner girl" will ever get old for me, and I have watched 300ish episodes of Fairy Tail, so...
Sep 11, 6:52 PM

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Yes , majority of anime that I watch are rated from 7 to10 , it's very rare for me to rate it lower
Sep 11, 7:01 PM

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Nope, if I were, my completed list would be a lot longer, lmao.
Sep 11, 7:04 PM

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Yeah, I'm rather easy to please. There were times when I was pickier, but nowadays anime is one of my favorite things I like to spend my time on. Of course I'm going to make an effort to enjoy it as much as I can.
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Sep 11, 7:14 PM

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I'm the opposite lol I was really easy at first, but now I'm getting harder to please lmao

That being said though it's not like I've gone full 420 elitist yet
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Sep 11, 7:16 PM
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fairly easily. do occassionally not enjoy or drop animes but for the most part easilypleased. even bad animes can be entertaining if its funny how bad it is
Sep 11, 7:29 PM
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easy to please and easy to displease
Sep 11, 7:31 PM

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For me, it depends on the genre.

I don't expect much out of shounen and romance anime (or I've at least become desensitized to their bs cliches). So I'd say it's really easy for me to enjoy those. I don't really expect much, so even the smallest distinction from their trope can make me happy.

When it comes to other stuff, like mysteries, psychological, josei, and seinen anime, I tend to go in with high expectations, and thus it may be a bit harder to satisfy me.
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Sep 11, 8:23 PM

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Yeah, I am. Whenever if I'm not in good mood due to bad circumstances then to ease myself I just start to watch anime. For me it's just work as a medicine of loneliness.
Sep 11, 8:42 PM

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Hard to please in the beginning but getting easier because I am waking up to the fact that 99.5% of anime is just utter garbage.
I picked only the highest quality of anime when I first started out so I got used to that standard.
Sep 11, 8:50 PM

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Definitely harder to please now than when I started. I know it looks like I love everything from the recently finished scores in my signature, but I'm just on a roll of really good anime. And most of those are older, finished series.

This year, from watching so many seasonals, I've given out a lot of lower scores.

My average score given to anime that aired this year, according to MalGraph, is 5.69, and I'm someone that tends to use the higher end of the scale.
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Sep 11, 8:55 PM

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Yes I am easy to please,my mean score is 6.9, tho.
Sep 11, 9:10 PM

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Well it could go both ways. If a show fulfills a checklist of things I'm looking for then I will enjoy it. Otherwise I'll drop a show without a second thought.
Sep 11, 9:15 PM

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I am quite critical of most things, but honestly, I still enjoy most things and am quite easy to please, and the same goes with anime.
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Sep 11, 9:19 PM

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Yeah. i feel like i need to start decreasing my mean scores too
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Sep 11, 9:30 PM

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ill usually be a lot more pleased with sci fi, fantasy and drama stories rather than slice of life or school, i know the execution of it matters a lot too but i think ill be more pleased with a genre that i like

also if an anime doesnt have unneeded fanservice its a better watch expirience in my book
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Sep 11, 9:50 PM

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Yes I jerk off to every anime I watch.
Sep 11, 10:01 PM

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Cute girls are basically all I need to enjoy a show, but there are a lot of other things that will make me enjoy it even more. Despite this I still rate fairly harshly.
Sep 11, 10:18 PM

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It's the opposite for me. Same thing happened with K-dramas 😂
Sep 11, 10:19 PM

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I'd say so since I tend to only watch things I have a high chance of enjoying.
Sep 11, 10:21 PM

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Harder to be pleased as I have more shows that I've experienced. , but not major by any means
Sep 11, 10:30 PM
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Initially I thought my answer would be yes, since I liked a lot of anime which are rated low and hated and all, but then I remembered the number of anime that I stopped watching after watching an episode or two. If I properly updated my dropped list it would probably be equal in count to my completed list count.

I guess my answer should be that I am not too easy or hard to please with anime.
Sep 11, 10:35 PM
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Yeah, but I generally don't start anything I don't think I'll enjoy.
Sep 11, 10:41 PM

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I guess I'm not, since there's about a 50/50 chance that I'll even somewhat enjoy an anime I start - and that's after I try to pick out something that I really think I'll like. If you sat me down and made me watch a random anime, the odds that I would like it are miniscule.

It takes a lot to get an emotional response out of me, that's all.

Sep 11, 10:41 PM

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When I just started anime a was VERY easy to please, I watched a lot of garbage wich I couldn't watch today. Now everything is kinda predictable and just a comedy anime doesn't do it for me anymore.
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