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Sep 9, 4:06 AM
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I watched now 3,5 Episodes but i have no joy in watching. Its endless blabbering about some trivia stuff. I have no connection to any of those people at all.
As this gets such a high rating i would like to know when the good part starts...
Thank you all
Sep 9, 4:36 AM

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Honestly if you're 3 episodes in and don't like it, just drop it. You probably won't come to enjoy it later on.
Sep 9, 4:43 AM

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You seem to like shounen a lot, so Fate/Zero is probably not a show you will like.
Drop it for now and watch it after you've broadened your horizons a bit.
Sep 9, 4:49 AM

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The 2nd half gets better, but I got to agree, Fate/Zero wasn't nearly as great as I thought it would be going into and considering the praise it gets. I found Unlimited Blade Works far more enjoyable.
Sep 9, 4:50 AM
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characters are the weakest part of FZ and it more or less stays the same, if you've watched 5 eps and still don't like it then you should probably drop it

if you really enjoy seeing
then maybe continue
Sep 9, 5:35 AM

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Maybe the Fate franchise just isn't for you. Honestly the whole franchise is full of exposition about the war, magecraft, etc. and they all talk about their ideals nonstop so if you want continuous adrenaline rush then this one isn't for you.
Sep 9, 5:39 AM

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the whole thing about fate is that its pretty much using well know historical figures, if real or not and puts them into a battle royale, if you didnt like it so far just quit because if you dont care about them, watching this whole thing is meaningless.

Also if you just started with Fate, you should have watched unlimited bladeworks first and then this one, thats the way I did it and even after watching both it was the right decision because unlimited bladeworks explains everything.
Sep 9, 5:40 AM

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The 2nd part gets significantly more active. The 1st one is mostly stage-setting with lots of blah blah.
Sep 9, 6:14 AM

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2nd half is generally consider better, but if your not enjoying it maybe you should watch something else instead.


Sep 9, 11:56 AM
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ok, thank you all for the input. i will just disregard this franchise and whatch something else