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What's the worst anime you've ever watched (in your opinion)

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Sep 8, 1:21 PM

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What's the worst anime you've ever watched (in your opinion). What makes it bad (in your opinion).
Sep 8, 1:26 PM
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The worst anime I've ever watched was Skip Beat. The constant pointless bickering and whining between the characters, just makes you wanna throw up. Literally gave me a headache listening to them. Hated the whole thing....
Sep 8, 1:30 PM

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Marvel Disk Wars. Dropped after 2 or 3 episodes. Disgrace to both Marvel heroes and anime.
Sep 8, 1:32 PM

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Citrus. Never again will I let the cover art of a show convince me to watch it
'On-Hold' is another way for a completionist to say 'Dropped'

Sep 8, 1:37 PM

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Of anime that I actually finished, I'd probably go with Dragon Ball Super. That was a near non-stop trainwreck sent flying off the rails into a bottomless canyon while lit on fire, that only sort of redeemed itself in its last arc.
Sep 8, 1:42 PM

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Girls Bravo was painful. Just plain meanspirited with few redeeming qualities if any. Definitely one of the worst.
Sep 8, 1:44 PM

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If I had to choose for only would be a special.
Umi ga kikoeru made by studio ghibli. I rewatched it a couple of time to know if it was just me who hated the story or just that it was so badly written. The MC and the secondary characters are not likable, you want to punch them for all the decision they take. It feels like the special wants to make us feel pity for the MC, because he loves the girl but can't express his feelings towards her. I never felt compassion for him in all the 5 times I watched the special. I hate this special with a burning passion. The music and the voice acting is what totally save this piece of trash.

But for a series, I wouldn't know...i mean I don't like some anime but to say that they are the worst series that I watched would be unfair. They have some quality that I can appreciate like their sound design or the animation. It doesn't make them automatically a bad series if I don't like them. For example, I don't like Himoutu Umaru chan for the main character's personality. But the story gets a little bit interesting by the midseason. another one would be No game no life, the story, pacing, and setting is amazing, but the fan service turned me off totally. I still enjoyed some parts of these series even though their score isn't high on my MAL.
Sep 8, 1:45 PM

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The only ones I truly hated are:

School days, elfen lied, and the biggest dissapointment: I, My , Me strawberry eggs.
Sep 8, 1:46 PM

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My personal least favorite is Yuki Yuna is a Hero. Got suggested to me because people thought it was better than Madoka, which is my favorite series. Tried it out, and I just wasn't a fan of the characters. Also,

The whole show kinda just made me mad, even though the concept they had going was legitimately super cool :/

edit: runner ups include heaven's memo-pad (im not entirely sure of why the story exists? is it a romance? is it a mystery? i wasnt able to enjoy any of the characters because we didnt really know anything about them?) and parasyte (it just made me Mad. not a single character i liked and if a show legitimately uses the line "maybe humanity is the real evil", im out. also the protag basically had sex in a public park. why)
Sep 8, 1:52 PM

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CG Berserk.

What could've been haunts me to this day.
Sep 8, 1:55 PM

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Trickster or Blade&Soul. Both are just straight up bad. I genuinely can't think of a single positive thing LMAO

Sep 8, 1:56 PM
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One that crosses my mind is:

I really love sports anime, but I dropped Days about episode 10 was so difficult to watch, the development of the story made no sense for me and the protagonist is one of the most frustrating I've seen.
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Sep 8, 7:03 PM

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Arkana Famiglia
Seisen Cerberus
Bikini Warriors
Sep 8, 7:09 PM

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Aachi wa Ssipak (a cancerous korean cartoon listed on this site). Someone needs to write a bad review for that one because everything comes from it is totally cancerous.
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Sep 9, 12:34 AM

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Kiss x sis(I can't get why is this even popular)
Sep 9, 1:11 AM
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Dies Irae & Lord Of Vermilion Worst Ever Anime For Me.
Sep 9, 1:16 AM
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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu! This was the worst thing I ever saw, I have a disease of not being able to drop a show so that doesn't help.

It was like 13 episodes of fillers with the worst m/c ever, I was struggling to finish the whole thing. Tokyo raven was trash too.
Sep 9, 1:32 AM
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Worst for how I felt about it, it'd be Oreimo 2 specials.

Worst for overall value for a series I guess it'd be island, there's pretty much nothing redeemable about that pile of shite (other than a couple of gifs of idiotic moments, but that's hardly a high bar). For movies I guess Asura. That was embarassingly atrocious as well.

Honourable mention to yami shibai 4.
Sep 9, 7:58 AM

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That would probably be "Captain of Cosmos (Uju Heukgisa)," a movie made by South Korea in 1979. While it is likely the worst thing I've ever watched, the English dub is actually hilarious, with some of the lines being so bad that they're on par with those found in Garzey's Wing.

It shamelessly steals the character designs from other series such as Mobile Suit Gundam and Zambot 3. Char, Amuro, Sayla, Dozle, a little robot boy who looks like a character from Zambot 3, a doctor who looks like the Grandfather from Zambot 3, etc, they're all there. I love the part when the character who looks like Char when wearing the mask takes it off and underneath it's Amuro Ray, and the character who looks like Kycilia when she takes off her mask it's Sayla.

If you watch it you can look forward to a lot nonsensical, and impossible, things occurring. You'll see people flying through space without spacesuits on. You'll watch a man break a window on a spaceship (yes, it's regular glass) to start fighting. You'll watch as no one gets sucked out into the vacuum of space even though that's what should be occurring as a result.

On top of all that, the art and animation are both terrible and the number of errors throughout is astounding. There will be characters that often completely change size in the same scene, appearing to go through instant growth spurts or shrinking.

And if you think what I've said so far is bad, it's really only the beginning. There is so much wrong with this movie that I'd have to break down pretty much every scene within it to explain everything that's pitiful about it.

and nothing happens.
Sep 9, 8:00 AM

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Why what a stupid question, ofc FMA:B, Steins;Gate, HxH, Kimi no Na wa, SnK 3, Gintama etc.

good thread OP
Sep 9, 8:01 AM

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My least favorite would have to be one of the current ones I'm watching.
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
studio plz make it better for the love of god

Sep 9, 8:02 AM
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chain chronicle
Sep 9, 9:31 AM
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Gotta go with the classics, Mars of Destruction and Skelter Heaven.
Sep 9, 9:36 AM
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Fairy Tail, It is bad in every way, the comedy isnt funny, character bad and so is the story. Also not the worst but one I dislike is Seven Deadly Sins.
Sep 9, 10:48 AM

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Endust said:
My least favorite would have to be one of the current ones I'm watching.
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
studio plz make it better for the love of god

I've heard that the manga is good, what's your take on that?
Sep 9, 11:10 AM
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Well i guess pokemon cause i didnt finish it... but if i had to choose between the ones that i have completed... then i guess highschool dxd... but it doesnt mean i didnt like it.
Sep 9, 11:12 AM

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DanMachi or Days.
Bullshit&characters for the first.
Bullshit&Characters&joke for people who love football for the second.
Sep 9, 11:15 AM

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hunter x hunter, mirai nikki, jojos bizarre adventure, one of those three
Sep 9, 11:16 AM

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Ousama Game, I didn't like anything of this.
Sep 9, 11:17 AM
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TheRaniel03 said:
Fairy Tail, It is bad in every way, the comedy isnt funny, character bad and so is the story. Also not the worst but one I dislike is Seven Deadly Sins.

So you dislike big boobs and lots of comedy. por que?
Sep 9, 11:26 AM

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The worst shows I've ever exposed myself to, are.

Isekai wa Smartphone
Tokyo Ghoul:Re Season 1/2
Infinite Stratos

None of them have any redeeming qualities to them I can point at while offering some of the most pathetic attempts at being anything but garbage. Any of the characters are either awfully written or explored, the visuals are atrocious, and the artistic value they offer is less than nothing, which can be seen as an achievement in itself, but doesn't make it any less painful to watch.
Sep 9, 11:31 AM

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Big Order

I tend to not drop much anime because I can usually find some things I really enjoy in them that pulls me through but Big Order is not one of those series. I dropped it on episode 4.

The most I can say I liked about it was two characters and some of the songs. That was it.
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Sep 9, 11:36 AM
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Aybid said:
TheRaniel03 said:
Fairy Tail, It is bad in every way, the comedy isnt funny, character bad and so is the story. Also not the worst but one I dislike is Seven Deadly Sins.

So you dislike big boobs and lots of comedy. por que?

I dont dislike big boobs, and fairy tails comedy is just unfunny. Witihn 10 episodes I didnt laugh a single time. And Seven Deadly Sins' comedy sis also pretty bad. Also why would I hate big boobs? High School DxD is one of my fave anime. It is just that big boobs aint enough to carry a shit show like fairy tail.
Sep 9, 11:51 AM
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Hand shakers and wz are absolute horrible
Sep 9, 2:26 PM

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Shinsekai Yori. Just thinking about that show makes me want to vomit :/

Light of Gold
Sep 9, 2:31 PM
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any isekai harem shows..
they just plain stupid, too delusional, and damn repetitive..
it's just like they write fictional story based on another fictional story thay makes it far more doesn't make any sense..
it's clear that the writer is a shut-in neet that never actually going outside to experience thing and doing real research..
Sep 9, 2:31 PM

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I think is Toji no Miko, what a fucking piece of shit it took me 9 chapters to realize that it wouldn't get any good
Sep 9, 3:56 PM

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Karakai Jouzo no Takagi-san. Takagi is horrible to Nishikata, Nishikata is an idiot in how he handles her, and they make it out to be all cute and fun whereas it meets all my criteria for bullying. I dropped it a few episodes in because it was too unbearably painful to keep watching.
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Sep 9, 3:59 PM

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Definitely "Maison Ikkoku."

Never before has there been an Anime with such annoying characters. I forced myself through 20 episodes before dropping it, only because my friends claimed that it was supposed to be great, but it was horrible.
Sep 11, 3:32 AM

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For me it's double entry of Pupa and Conception. Both are terrible concepts executed horribly, with no redeeming value whatsoever.
Sep 11, 3:40 AM

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Love Love? is literally the only anime ever seen that's worthy of a 1/10. The characters are flat, the animation is meh, the plot meanders, and if you even start questioning a character's actions it will never end. It doesn't even do fan service well consider they do the in-universe censorship thing after they already showed bare boobs. The only notable thing about that anime is that one of the characters happens to look like Taiga 4 years before Toradora aired. Love Love? frankly has little to no redeeming qualities as far as I'm concerned.
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Sep 11, 3:56 AM

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I think 2016's worst year can sum it up.....MHA.

The worst anime I've ever watched was My Hero Academia. Imo it was boring and felt forgetfull fast. How can i say it?

It was way too fast for normal anime viewers like me who wanted quality for brain food, but it never got me to care that much.

It's worldbuilding was totally bad. It was based of comic book. Hero vs Villian and city gets destroyed.

The cast was bland and 2 dimensional.

The worst thing was the wait and yes the wait between seasons and weekly episodes feels long especially with the cliffhangers they keep putting out. I got around the half-way point of Season 2 near Stain's arc and thought it was okay, but felt kinda shallow and souless since not much i can talk about.

It's fights felt dull and just repetetive. It's pacing and lenght wasn't my stile and i wished. It this anime came out around Ygo Gx, it's avoide it till even after it ends. It was widespread and fans got on my case on time for liking a show that was mainstream.

The Reason it's popular was the fact it's animation was handled my BONES and if wasn't that studio i'd say it might not be as popular as they say. I was told 3 years around the worst in humankind that watching overrated sature shows can make me like them. But my taste was aways perfect for ''me'' only. If Demon Slayer ends up getting more popular in 2020 because of 2019 once again becoming like the last 3-2 years no thank you!

I honestly don't care.

The MC of the show never got me liking me him once since i don't like the characters or just watched it.

One fan named Cypisman2 from tumblr aways told me about this show how it and two others (Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V and Little Witch Academia) aways got her/him hyped. But that person was a troll in another topic i'd explaine.

When I was told rumors about Season 3 being god and Season 4 being the best i was shocked, but not impressed at all. I stop after Season 3 was a letdown due to problem i can nitpick one at a time. Season 4 was said to be a masterpiece, but frankly i don't care hence why i stop. I've heard how fans say Overhaul's arc was bad and Season 3 was terrible since episode 1 was just a recap.

To me this anime was a waste of my time and effort.
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Sep 11, 4:17 AM

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Kurgo said:
Worst for how I felt about it, it'd be Oreimo 2 specials.

oh man i cant tell you how much i agree with that statement.
Sep 11, 4:26 AM

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Mirai Nikki, Domestic na Kanojo, Rerided, Ousama Game, No Game No Life, Aldnoah Zero

Kinda hard to pick one of those since I hated them almost equally
Sep 11, 4:45 AM

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I didn't watch a lot of shows but still have faced against real garbage.

Psycho-Pass 2 is an insult to Psycho Pass and sci-fi in general

Fate/Extra Last Encore is literally incomprehensible, like it doesn't make a sense, not matter the context.

If One Punch Man s2 wasn't titled "One Punch Man" it might be one the worst anime serie ever created.

Parasyte is the worst piece of fictionnal media I ever consumed and I find myself kind by just rating it a 2/10 and not an absolute 0 because I can't.
Sep 11, 4:46 AM

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Only putting here those i have scored with a 1 (TV series only).

- 11eyes (disgusting love affair, and you will hear a little bitch moaning Kakeru-kun every damn time almost every episode.)

- Conception (the failed hentai that tried too hard to make babies without fucking the pussy directly)

- Green Green (if i had to describe this anime in 1 word, it would be: Retarded. All of the characters are just fucking stupid and that trio can roll off a cliff and die)

- Lord of Vermillion (Lord of Cancer. Again, it was a clusterfuck of stupidity that i can't even describe it, the story, the development, the characters, shit, it was frustrating to follow it till the end)

- My Sister My Writer (Animation coming out of an horse's anus. Imouto anime done badly and super irritating, both the main characters and also the supporting characters. It's also a poor excuse for a comedy, if anything, the comedy comes from the nonsensical jokes and the cancerous animation frames that appear on your screen occasionally.)

- I guess Pupa counts.. (40+ minutes of mental torture, i almost felt the little sister devouring my brain while watching this)

- School Days (i don't need to explain this one. I just wanna say that i would absolutely love a fucking meteorite to fall on that boat, end of story)

- Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai (Idk wtf was this even. Just stay away from it, for your own good. The ecchi is the only decent part of this series, but even the ecchi sometimes goes to lenghts that i don't really enjoy at all)
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Sep 11, 5:03 AM

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So far
- Sin:Nanatsu no Taizai
- Ousama Game
- Masou Gauken HxH
- Domestic na Kanojo
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Sep 11, 5:12 AM

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For me the worst would be "Seikon no Qwaser" and it's sequel.
Started off ... ok but few episodes in it just got so boring since the "thing" about this anime is that the protagonist had to suck on breasts and that's what it only focused on basically.

And if I had to rewatch one of the earliest anime I've seen, mostly ecchi back in the day, some of those would be up there aswell.
Sep 11, 5:22 AM

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High School of the Dead. It was basically everything I despise in a show. The most cliche setting possible (zombies + anime = zombie with high school characters); characters don't know what a zombie is, so the first episode basically being "what's going on? what are this creatures" is like watching uncle Ben dying for the 1000th time. Excessive and unecessary ecchi (which they managed to make it worse than usual with weird character design and physics). And the way the story progressed was clearly hitting the show would follow cliche shounen story style through the rest of the series. Dropped immediatly after that episode
Sep 11, 5:22 AM
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The worst anime that I have seen is Dimension High School. Dropped it after 1 episode.
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