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Poll: Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 Episode 10 Discussion

Sep 16, 1:52 AM

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this was a particularly good episode, very lively and fun

Horn_dawg_2019 said:
WTF Nishkata, if you really wanna get even with Takagi, then pour a bucket of water on her head instead of relying in that fucking eyedrop, and when playing hide and seek, just go home.

yes that would be very effective, but would probably have the direct consequence of temporarily suspended communications

Sep 16, 4:51 PM

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OP from the first season (Iwanai Kedo ne), this time being sung by Takahashi Rie herself instead of Oohara Yuiko, yay!

Pretty enjoyable episode. I especially liked both scenes where they were caught by others, that was just hillarious.
Sep 17, 8:01 PM
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Ohhh this episode was so sweet and funny, that misunderstanding made things no longer turn back.

When I saw the eye drops that Takagi-chan had I knew that something fun would happen, they also took advantage of Takagi's face close ups (they are beautiful, she looks so adorable) and when she sits down so that Nishikata applies the drops to Her, I swear she was beautiful.
I loved how Nishikata contemplates Takagi's face and he was embarrassed to see her adorable face, but without a doubt the funniest thing was how Yukari entered the worst moment and they were both in a position that implied that they were leaving to kiss

Then we see how Takagi and Nishikata play hide and seek and in the end they both have to hide because Houjou and Hamagushi are close and Nishikata ends up worsening the misunderstanding and Takagi in each episode is more daring with her approaches to Nishikata.

The segment in which they are in the treasure hunt left me with a huge smile on the face, these kids are too adorable and Nishikata needs to man up and accept that he likes Takagi, she already left all the clues.
Seriously it was too cute how they rested under the tree and then Takagi makes a daring play where I came to think that she would do something, but she only teased him by asking him if he wants to listen to music and the most beautiful thing was that the episode ended with the Op of the first season.

Anyway, the sweetness levels of this episode were lethal to me, I can no longer imagine how the last two episodes will be, I may not survive so much sweetness and how adorable Takagi-chan is.
Sep 19, 3:13 PM

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Wait... I though Yukari was Amakawa not Tenkawa... I'm confused.
Sep 25, 6:28 AM

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Yet again, another very adorable episode! Getting an eyedrop from Takagi-san and getting seen in an awkward position, hell yeah. The tree scene at the end was just perfect. Just confess already! Damn, I envy Nishikata's high school life.
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Sep 25, 7:11 AM

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In all fucking seriousness, what rational male would insist on going home instead of spending time with a cute girl who wants to spend time with a loser like them?
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Oct 11, 12:12 PM

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Oct 13, 11:44 PM

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A lot of romantic scenes this time, and a lot of misunderstandings

Takagi is pretty fearless suggesting all those things
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