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Poll: Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 Episode 10 Discussion

Sep 8, 7:35 AM

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Nishikata getting an eye drop by Takagi is awkwardly cute.

As usual, he's still ticklish as ever heh. I love how Takagi is confident and enjoying her time with all the teasing. Nishikata is just no match against her. Funny they got interrupted on accident. Charming character chemistry as usual.
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Sep 8, 11:28 AM
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Kinda feels like last episode :'( 2 more episodes to go :/
Sep 8, 4:16 PM
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Pretty adorable episode yet again.

The misunderstanding at the beginning was sweet. They got pretty close to a kiss at the end, it was very adorable. Feels like Nishikata really is holding Takagi back though, haha.
Sep 8, 5:45 PM

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Nishikata is blocking himself from getting a cute girlfriend at this point.
Sep 8, 6:58 PM
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I literally screamed when the season 1 OP played at the end. I love that song!
Sep 8, 7:06 PM

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ayec said:
I literally screamed when the season 1 OP played at the end. I love that song!

Me too, always wanted Rieri to sing it. That song was the perfect fit for this episode.
Sep 8, 7:19 PM

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The misunderstanding with their friends were funny specially with yukari and that was more sweet, they really looked like they were going to kiss.

I found adorable that takagi was doing everything to spend time with nishikata since summer vacation is about to begin and they won’t see each other that much.
Sep 8, 9:20 PM

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yea its obviously not just Nishikata that she is teasing...its us the audience lol

i love that they played the 1st OP for the end credits, feel like the goalpost is getting close especially with two more left
Sep 8, 9:21 PM
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Fiction-Lord said:
ayec said:
I literally screamed when the season 1 OP played at the end. I love that song!

Me too, always wanted Rieri to sing it. That song was the perfect fit for this episode.
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Sep 8, 9:53 PM

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So cheeky! Takagi knows what song to play. Iwanai kedo ne Takagi ver. is great, I missed that song when I saw a live of Yuiko Oohara singing it before, I hope to see a live of Zero Centimeter in the future though.
Sep 8, 9:57 PM

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Nishikata really ruined that moment with his nervousness, Takagi was really going for that kiss until she saw that he was panicking!

But nice moment though, a bit heartwarming and memorable for them. My favorite in the episode.
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Sep 8, 9:59 PM

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I wonder if this goes into the direction of a confession or sth at the end? They sure tease Romance a lot

Some more scenes with Houjou
Don't dislike them ^^

"Seeing Takagi-san's defenseless position. That sure is getting me excited" (or sth like that) really could've been misunderstood at the beginning lmao

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Sep 8, 10:10 PM
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The song was perfect She does not mind that people are getting the wrong impression. He actually thought she was going to kiss him
Sep 9, 1:57 AM

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The constant focus on kissing this episode really tied the various segments together in a way the show hasn't often managed, and in this case it was very effective: by the end, it becomes plain to see that Takagi doesn't care if people get the wrong idea because of her feelings for Nishikata, while Nishikata ironically does care about that because of his feelings for Takagi.

And I really liked that they brought back the season 1 OP for the ED.
Sep 9, 3:11 AM
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The first opening sung by Rieri made me do a jump in the past, when i fell in love with this anime
Sep 9, 3:13 AM

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Many embarassments has yet happened in this episodes. I'm so surprised when Iwanai Kedo ne was played, good stuff.

Sep 9, 6:12 AM
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everyone talks about takagi while no one bats an eye for mina. she's adorable tho the laugh at the end can cause sum major diabetes
Sep 9, 8:06 AM
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I wish they end up season 2 with a love confession or a kiss
Sep 9, 9:26 AM
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The second season of Takagi-san is just so phenomenal! There's more plot progression in each individual episode then there was in the entire first season, and it always leaves a smile on my face. Solid 10/10 episode, and 10/10 season so far. :D
Sep 9, 9:39 AM
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I can feel it a kiss incoming in the next 2 eps I have hopes lol
Sep 9, 10:09 AM

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Sweet episode. They have been teasing us audience a lot in this season.

Sep 9, 10:46 AM
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Damnit Nishikata just admit you love her already aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh
Just 2 more episode left... I'm going to binge watch all two seasons when it ends... It will be the third time for the first season, but it's just too cute.
It's like Tsurezure Children, I want more animes with cute couples without harem/triangle
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Sep 9, 11:59 AM

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Great great just great!!
Sep 9, 12:00 PM
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Nice scene with Houjou, I still wish there were more scenes with her
Sep 9, 12:32 PM

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Man the romance is getting really strong and I'm really loving every bit of it.

and the ending song lyrics perfectly matched the last scene if anyone noticed it.
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Sep 9, 12:53 PM
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Since watching this series, I've bought the first 3 manga books - desperate to find SOME form of romantic development.
Sep 9, 1:18 PM

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This show keeps jebaiting me.
let them kiss for the love of God.
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Sep 9, 4:32 PM

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Sweet episode as per usual. Takagi is going in for the kill soon...

More stories of embarrassing and love...

Love it how Season 1's OP for the ED reinforces the thought that "it's OK for people to notice, I'm fine with it!"

Sep 9, 7:44 PM

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my god! all of the advances of Takagi...well damn! Nishikata is the god of dense!
i really thought Takagi would suddenly kiss Nishikata! kyaaa! lolz
okay new pair? lolz
lol at the awkward scene when Yukari attempt to get inside classroom!
So Takagi is a fan of cherry mobile phones? lolz
Sep 9, 10:40 PM

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That last scene was so sweet. It seemed like they were gonna kiss but nah she just wanted to give him the earphone. Sigh only two episodes left, I wonder if any major development will happen in this last two episodes.
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Sep 10, 5:23 AM

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Rieri's Iwanai kedo ne fits the episode and it's Gold
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Sep 10, 6:14 AM

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oh takagi you being naughty again :D
Sep 10, 6:54 AM

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Sep 10, 9:27 AM
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The second season has been outstanding, has moved way beyond S1. Every ep they are getting closer to a kiss. I’m going to be very disappointed if it doesn’t happen in the last ep.
Sep 10, 9:31 AM

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Sigh, i've just not been enjoying this second season, the formula for the whole show just feels a bit stale at this point. They challenge each other, Nishikata has a plan that he feels will win but Takagi outsmarts him instead, it really needs to freshen up the formula.

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Sep 10, 11:25 AM

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Damn, great to hear the first Op! So nostalgic~ Totally fits the scene too, well played Takagi!

Looks like the teasings are getting a little notch up, I wonder where we’ll end up in two episodes time from here.

Hamaguchi and Houjou-san are so adorable together, and lol @ that spicy misunderstanding. Yukari seems to be having the wrong idea too, definitely not the best of times for Nishikata xD.

Yukari’s bit with Mina and Sanae were hilarious yet again, poor her.
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Sep 10, 6:33 PM
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I know that the 2nd season isn't over yet but I really, REALLY hope there is a 3rd one. I don't think my heart can take only 2 more episodes.
Sep 11, 12:02 AM
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I REALLY REALLY liked this episode, i love this series so much, though there still two episodes left i'd be so happy if the manga gets another season soon and more, absolutely love it ♡

Edit: i just realized that this episode has two openings XD
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Sep 11, 5:04 AM

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another good episode. At the end of the treasure hunt, Nishikata has found a treasure. His treasure is Takagi-san, he just does not realize it. :(
Sep 11, 6:36 AM
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They were almost kissing ! >.<
Maybe next episode ?
Funny episode btw
Sep 11, 6:42 AM

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Treasure hunt was like one of the best segments ever and the first opening was the cherry on top.
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Sep 11, 11:29 PM
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2 more episode again.
Will Nishikata confess her feeling to Takagi?

That outro song, make me nostalgic for its first season.
Sep 12, 3:53 AM

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Mina and her friends in the scoop one is the funny part of this episode. I don't really like how they oftenly mention kiss, it feels unnatural. The last part is my favorite on this episode, it was a cute one and it was nice to listen again to the Opening 1 of the series.
Sep 12, 9:04 AM

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She really wants him to kiss her, this is so cute
Sep 12, 1:15 PM

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This episode was full of cute moments, it seems they’re close to a kiss but I think it will not happen in this season. I hope I’m wrong. Nice episode.
Sep 12, 8:53 PM
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this episode is so sweet... i mean that 1st part alone, who could have thought putting an eye drop can be a game, and ohh thats so sweet... even one of their classmates can really misinterpreted that one...

and we have houjou san.. well if you compare takagi to her, its way far as houjou san is way mature than her, and she is acting like a lady not like takagi that sometimes she can be as childish as she can be... but no mistake their both pretty characters in this series...

and now that treasure finding became a nice rest for both of them, and love that takagi listen to one of my favorite OST in this series (its the OST used in 1st season)..

very cute and sweet as always...
Sep 12, 10:47 PM
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I NEED MORE DEVELOPMENT!! Tf man, those doki doki moments gave me blue balls
Sep 13, 8:39 AM

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Wow! I really enjoyed this episode.

Solid 5/5
Sep 15, 2:02 AM

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ok this series is so cute...gonna really miss this
Sep 15, 12:46 PM
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WTF Nishkata, if you really wanna get even with Takagi, then pour a bucket of water on her head instead of relying in that fucking eyedrop, and when playing hide and seek, just go home.
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