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Poll: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 23 Discussion

Sep 7, 7:44 AM

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I thought reading the manga ahead thus knowing what happens would have a negative effect but that didnt happen, ep was still hype.
Tanjiro still wanting payback for what Sanemi did. Things would have escalated to worst if they butt heads again. Had a good laugh when Tanjiro came running back in lol also Kanao is one strange girl.
Anywhow with that being said. 3 more eps left.
Sep 7, 7:50 AM

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It turns out, this is a pretty chill episode. Not to mention, Tanjirou is spared of consequences for now. Hell, the Pillars aren't very happy about the results of the judgement.

Comedy returns with Zenitsu and the others. Nezuko of course ends up surviving after her encounter with the Pillars.
Sep 7, 8:07 AM

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Great episode, although it did feel quite short.

Nezuko is a very strong person (or demon). She managed to hold herself from harming Shinazugawa and passed his "challenge". Also, sleeping Nezuko is best Nezuko.

So nice to see Tanjiro reuniting with Zenitsu, still complaining about everything (I don't dislike him, by the way), and Inosuke, who is still wearing the mask even though he is literally being treated. I really like these characters, and I can't wait to see more of them.

We also got a short glimpse of Kanao, seems like a very mysterious character. We didn't even hear her voice. Also, did anyone else mistake her for Shinobu before they introduced her? I sure did.

Overall, 5/5
Sep 7, 8:10 AM

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A genuinely great episode. I’m so glad Ufotable decided to adapt this. Quality all around

I see that they changed the Nezuko’s scene a bit, and for the better. And added some scenes, or maybe I can’t remember them. But damn, the HYPE. Mitsuri was very entertaining again. Truly a pleasure
Ubuyashiki is such a good person for helping Tanjirou and Nezuko out.

Tanjirou, Zenitsu, Inosuke and Nezuko went to the butterfly estate to recover. That’s nice. I missed them so much. The anime feels empty without thme.
Hyped for the training
And Aoi best side girl finally made a brief appearance.

While many might not agree with me, this was one of the best episodes of the series. It had everything I wanted it to have. Heartwarming moments and and nostalgic flashbacks, hype-y scenes, Nezuko’s cuteness of course, beautiful shots and aesthetics. But most importantly, the reunion of the main three characters. It felt sooooo good.

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Sep 7, 9:05 AM

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Great episode as expected. The wind pillar plan to which i always forget his fucking name didn't go that well. Glad we got to see others in this episode as well. Mitsuri hot as always, and it's really a pleasure for me. Apparently we ain't gonna see the train arc this season. Pretty much that was expected. These last three episodes will mainly be concentrated to their training. Now I have to survive until the next week. Can't wait to see Kanao in action. Like her a lot.
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Sep 7, 9:33 AM

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Great episode.

I like the master. He is a cool guy. Good thing Tanjirou didn't face any consequences.

Kanao makes another appearance though she didn't speak in this episode. Hope we get to see more of her.

Good to see Zenitsu again. What a funny guy.

Sep 7, 9:39 AM

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Angry Nezuko in the box is gold
Sep 7, 9:39 AM
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Another awesome episode. Really loved the OST at the beginning when Nezuko had her flashback, made me almost cry, that piece is really powerful.

Good to see Zenitsu and Inosuke again. Zenitsu shrunk and is like always in panic and Inosuke has a deep manlier voice now, haha!

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Sep 7, 9:41 AM

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Great episode as always.

The Master seems like a cool guy, curious about his backstory relating to his blindless and the scars which seem like burns on his face and of course his history with Muzan and why he wants to take him down so badly.

Nezuko coming through like she always does. <3
The scene where she fell asleep as Tanjiro was talking to her was so adorable.

Glad to see Zenitsu and Inosuke again.

Loving all the beautiful shots of Kanao with the butterflies.
Sep 7, 9:41 AM
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This falls under the category of minor spoilers but I think someone should mention this here. The fact that Nezuko resisted Shinazugawa is all the more impressive
Sep 7, 9:43 AM

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Animated and voiced by Hanazawa, Mitsuri is just way too cute

Nezuko got a good laugh out of me again

Kokoro did nothing wrong.

Sep 7, 9:48 AM
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I'm not a demon but I'd drink every fluid that leak from Sanemi (and his brother).
Sep 7, 9:48 AM

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Now the Pillars meeting is done, Can't wait for milf muzan Lowermoons meeting.
axel360 said:
Angry Nezuko in the box is gold
another meme material alright.
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Sep 7, 9:50 AM

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i don't know what to think about the pillars, i mean there is not one "normal" person in there! shinazugawa being an ass for treating innocent nezuko like that (tanjirou has to punish him!!) and that snake guy.. throughout history snakes representing the evil, that guy must be evil. nice character design though, with the bandages and the heterochromia.
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Sep 7, 9:54 AM
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nice episode, im more interested to see Aoi in anime form and just like her name her colors are blue

the Pillars are now completely seen in the OP too

Sep 7, 9:57 AM

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They will have to accept Nezuko for now.
Sep 7, 10:03 AM

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fking giyu took snake's hand off of tanjiro, my man, my man. give this dude an award

rehabilitation training? as the title for the 24th episode... well, i really hope they make some more seasons.
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Sep 7, 10:08 AM

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Box Nezuko is the best

Sep 7, 10:12 AM

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well it was obvious Nezuko wouldn't fall for that bait unlike most MALers, nice to see another family flashback again

can't get enough of Zenitsu as always.
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Sep 7, 10:19 AM
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As expected, Nezuko managed to restrain herself. Good to see that Zenitsu and Inosuke back as well. Kanao kinda gives creepy vibes with her silent attitude. The episode felt short and kinda uneventful but was an improvement compared to last week's.
Sep 7, 10:19 AM

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I was bored almost the whole episode. I don't expect them to be fighting always, but the characters talking is not that interesting. I liked the OST when Tanjirou and Nezuko were having a moment.

God, all the characters yelling this episode gave me a headache.., Zenitsu should have lost his voice not Inosuke. It seems like Inosuke will probably have a character arc? he seems to be struggling...
Sep 7, 10:25 AM
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I still can't understand how Nezuko can fit in that tiny box. Was it hard to resize the box enough to fit a small girl?

Hope I will remember the names of the Hashiras when they become important because I am not planning on memorising them.

The animation was very well done and quite detailed, even though this is the type of episode where people would not notice the animation losing some quality.
Sep 7, 10:26 AM
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Another great episode although Ufotable manages to change it a bit from the Manga which was a good call, adding more in depth scenes of Nezuko when she was back in human was emotional. 5/5 episode for me. But... 3 more episodes left :(
Sep 7, 10:28 AM

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FuMomo-kun said:
I still can't understand how Nezuko can fit in that tiny box. Was it hard to resize the box enough to fit a small girl?

Tanjiro would have a harder time carrying her as a backpack all the time if the box was bigger.
Sep 7, 10:33 AM
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FuMomo-kun said:
I still can't understand how Nezuko can fit in that tiny box. Was it hard to resize the box enough to fit a small girl?

She can shrink herself. Watch the first two episodes.
Sep 7, 10:33 AM

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I was hoping for some punishment to balance how bad those 2 treated Nezuko, Ubuyashiki is full of surprises fully knowing about Tamayo and Tanjirou's relationship.
Sep 7, 10:35 AM

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So Master did know all along, good that he does know about Tomayo otherwise his organization would be even more ass, still don't understand why he wouldn't tell the Hashiras good demons exist. In retrospect I've decided to bump this to a 7 because for a first season it did the job well done, but I still don't like the lack of build-up and establishing a world. I do see potential for something better and here's hoping Ufotable will continue doing this series, because it looks awesome and unlike anything else

Sep 7, 10:56 AM

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Ok so if next episode is rehab, season has to end at the beginning of the train arc, damn this sub and fan base have grown tremendously since the beginning, I remember there only being 1k people in the subreddit now it’s past madoka magica

I also found this episode to be rather stretched out, this chapter could’ve been adapted in one episode tbh
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Sep 7, 10:59 AM
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FuMomo-kun said:
I still can't understand how Nezuko can fit in that tiny box. Was it hard to resize the box enough to fit a small girl?
She can shapeshift.
Sep 7, 11:04 AM

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After all the things that happened, this is a good breather episode.

I wonder how Zenitsu looks like under those clothes. He must be a midget if his arms and legs shrunk that much lmfao.

Sep 7, 11:09 AM

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Nezuko is so best. Her looks without the bamboo is such a sight to see and her voice which we rarely hears is a music to my ears. How can a girl who almost haven't spoke in the whole series takes up the best girl spot so easily?
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Sep 7, 11:09 AM
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the most underrated girl is here finally

Sep 7, 11:30 AM

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It was a good episode, I was expecting a chill one, so I'm not disappointed at all

I knew Nezuko wouldn't attack him, it was obvious.
But man, she's even more beautiful without that thing in her mouth :D
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Sep 7, 11:35 AM

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I would have loved Tanjiro to get back at Sanemi, hopefully he does eventually.
Sep 7, 11:54 AM

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Great episode, like the usual!

Of course Nezuko wasn’t going to go for the kill and having that little backstory of sorts to boot was a real plus. Awesome to have the instrumental version of “Uta no Kamado Tanjirou” in the background, just gave it so much more of an impact imo! Lol @ that cutie little anger expression from the box, can’t wait to see memes of that circulating around!

I’m so glad Tanjirou remembered about his promise to not let that Hashira get away with it, although it ended on quite a hilarious note. Damn, I wonder what that master’s power is though. A smooth talker? Sure seems like it xD. 97th leader though, now that’s interesting.

Anyway, looks like Inosuke and Zenitsu are back too! Zenitsu is the same as ever (with a little closer to his chibi form I reckon) and quite the hilarious change for Inosuke, hopefully he isn’t too down xD. Little saddening little monologue from Tanjirou there, you better be sure to keep it! It’s too sad to think lonely Nezuko all alone for ages.

Seemed like Shinobu is slowly starting to care about the two siblings, hopefully I’ll not be proven wrong in the upcoming two episodes. Come to think of it, just two now... Season 2 better be announced ASAP!!!
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Sep 7, 11:59 AM

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Tanjirou finally saw Kanao well for the first time

Regarding their relationship i am putting it under the spoiler tag

Sep 7, 12:02 PM

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Yes Yes Yes
Good Good Good

This is epic. Nezuko's resolve is too great and those chibi faces when she stuck her head out were just too cute

Still don't like the personalities of most Hashira but I guess it is understandable that they are the elites of the corps.. Would really like to see all of them fight ngl

I don't understand why Tanjirou told nothing about Kibitsuji in the end and why no one asked about it too..

Glad to see the three of them together again even if they are all lying in bed and recovering.. Hang in there Inosuke.. His boarhead looked so sad :(

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Sep 7, 12:10 PM

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Another chill episode, which makes sense since we're nearing the end of the season so I'm sure they wouldn't want to jump right into the next arc at this point. Better to slow things down and wait for a second season.

Anyway, Nezuko is kind of off the hook for now as expected, and Zenitsu and Inosuke are back in the picture. Looking forward to this final stretch of episodes to see how things wrap up.
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Sep 7, 12:15 PM
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Decent episode. 4/5. I preferred this week's episode to the one last week. After they'd calmed down a little, the Hashira's seemed a lot more personable.

I'd expected at least a few episodes of exposition and character intro's after reading the manga so my expectations were tempered for 22 and 23.

With 4 episodes remaining ...

Sep 7, 12:16 PM

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Nice Nezuko held it in and didn't mess up thngs. Also some of the new characters r really annoying.
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Sep 7, 12:23 PM

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I lowkey love the guy who carries Tanjiro. and as always a 10/10 episode
Sep 7, 12:24 PM

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Damn we're finally getting closer to the better arcs

Sep 7, 12:34 PM

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Chill episode, gotta love Nezuko's glare at Scarface lol.

PornstarAhri said:
Damn we're finally getting closer to the better arcs

Only three more episodes so it will end just before that arc.
Fingers crossed for S2, though probably wont be for a while.

Sep 7, 12:45 PM

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A surprisingly great episode.

I'm really glad to see that the writing is improving. Or maybe it's just because the pillars are adults, their dialog seem more mature.

Anyways the small Nezuko/Tanjiro scene was really good at adding a new element to Tanjiro and Nezuko's relationship, if tanjiro dies, she'll be all alone (well not until Zenistu also dies at least).

That scene with Zenitsu and Inosuke was hilarious, I've always been found of their interractions.

I think the show's progressively winning me over, something that I hoped would have happened sooner, but hey better late than never.
Sep 7, 12:52 PM

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A bit of a slower episode, but far less information than I expected.

I must admit I hated Zenitsu. Like really, he was a pest but now I would not want to miss him. Oh, and hopefully Inosuke's voice recovers. I mean somebody has to beat some sense into Tanjiro when he is becoming a crybaby again.
Sep 7, 1:10 PM

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Angry Nezuko in a box, plus we finally got to see her without the muzzle AND hear her speak!

After all they've been through it was actually a relief to hear Zenitsu whining again, wow. Poor Inosuke is depressed though
Sep 7, 1:13 PM
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mmmmm pls confirm season 2
Sep 7, 2:01 PM

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The start was great!! Exacting and very cute with a angry but well behaved Nezuko in a box!!!

Then the screaming whining and crying started!!!Zenitsu is a loud annoying repugnant character that gives me a fucking headache.. Jar Jar Binks is more lovable than that fucking ass hole!!!

The only thing again that saves this anime is the females.Or Shinobu and her maidens at her lesbian butterfly mansion!!!!YES!!!!, Love that stuff ,,You still have 5/10 ..The male characters are holding you down anime.Better yourself to next week!!

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Sep 7, 2:07 PM

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Just saw this on FB :D

*3 episodes
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Sep 7, 2:32 PM

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Nice episode. Tanjiro is reunited with Zenitsu and Inosuke at last. But they didn't leave with some serious injuries.
Also interested in that Kanao girl. Possible romantic intrest for Tanjiro in the future?
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