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Poll: Isekai Cheat Magician Episode 9 Discussion

Sep 4, 6:31 AM

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Sigh, once seems the show wants to go to war with its characters to solve problems.

Taichi is going to be a main player in this war as well, not surprising about that.
Sep 4, 6:52 AM
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Another just OK episode vote from me this week for this show...It’s nearing the end now (thank goodness, lol!) ^_^
Sep 4, 7:28 AM

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So we have a rebellion that Taichi and the others had to deal with.

We got to see more of the wind spirit, Aerial, in action.

Sep 4, 9:13 AM

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shit episode as always.. XD

Sep 4, 9:42 AM
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3 more episodes....
Sep 4, 9:53 AM

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Rin: We have to kill people?
Lemya: Yea its part of war...
Myura: Duh... Lemya you think she is gonna make it?

Soldier: Haha those noobs are killing themselves
Myura: Oh no, we cant let them
Lemya: Dont worry they are citizens
Rin: WTF?! bitch make up your minds!
Sep 4, 10:32 AM

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What a stupid, immature, and naive view of war. I really hate it when these overpowered characters are wimpy pacifistic twats. It's fine to show mercy and such, but don't sacrifice the safety of your own allies by wimping out with some lame scare tactic when you could have easily wiped them out from the start. Why was having Rin do that spell to disable them a sudden realization to subdue rather than kill them when Taichi from the start was clearly not trying to kill them either? Why not just lead with Rin's spell? Absolute stupidity.
Sep 4, 10:33 AM

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y'know, for a what's supposed to be a generic light-hearted isekai harem, there's surprisingly quite a few number of deaths. Even Shield Hero which was supposed to be muh dark fantasy barely even had any (at least that I can remember)

Also is her name Myura or Muller? I thought the Muller thing last ep was just a mistake, but they clearly used it twice this ep
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Sep 4, 10:38 AM
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War? Dont want to hurt the opponent? A traitor comes in? War finished in just one move, or magic spell? 😴😴😴😴😴😴...
Sep 4, 11:21 AM

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Well that was... boring..
Uninteresting plot with some betrayal and open mysteries like who sent that assassin

Sumella still not giving up on Taichi and some flat romance developing between Taichi and Rin..

And ofc that war was ridiculous lmao

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Sep 4, 12:11 PM

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The lead characters have zero chemistry. It's cringe. Honestly this episode was really boring, that God it's over soon.
Sep 4, 1:35 PM

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I was genuinely expecting more about this series, since we finally had 2 MCs isekai'd... but the story is falling from every side and animation just makes it worse. I'll finish the series just to avoid continuing to read the manga.

I'm really sad this story wasn't decent..
Sep 4, 1:42 PM

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Story is going worse and worst and the way anime is made, not helping at all.
Sep 4, 2:43 PM

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Honestly, I have no idea why am I watching this. You know, it's a way to pass time, but I think it would be more enjoyable to stare at the wall at this point.

Most shows have SOMETHING going for them. There's NOTHING here though. Fights are laughable, animation is poor, there's no plot, just a bunch of often used tropes mixed together, characters are dumb, MCs are weak when they are supposed to be insanely strong.

I will probably see it through, but... man.
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Sep 4, 2:44 PM
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Ok it was hilarious... there is literally bigger chance of dying when lightning hit near you than directly in you.
So congratulations Rin your plan killed all your enemies! xD

and I like that they didn't forget about Sumella and her plans. xD
Sep 4, 3:01 PM
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LilyWhiteheart said:
I'll finish the series just to avoid continuing to read the manga..

I'm not sure if I understand you properly but anime surpassed manga long time ago. In manga they just teased monster attack on city, and manga is published monthly.
Sep 4, 4:47 PM
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🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 glad this will end soon
Sep 4, 5:12 PM

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Once again, there was nothing epic or spectacular despite the so-called cheated magicians. At this stage, I just want to see more of General Sumella teasing Taichi, since this is the only part that somehow entertains me.

Actually, if you were Taichi, would you accept her proposal lul
Sep 4, 7:55 PM

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Well that was a short war, or at least I hope it is not. Hope that thing Cassim was carrying would be interesting or at least redeeming for this series.
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Sep 4, 9:38 PM
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It wasn't the best, but I didn't dislike the episode either. The war ended without casualties, which is not bad, not everything is death everywhere. Sometimes, tactics are required and Lemiya proved it with his plan, it was the best. It may sound cheesy, but I support Rin and Taichi about their position in the war, in addition, they have no obligation to risk their lives for the kingdom and be marked for murder.
Although it sounded cliché, it reminded me of the odd lesson about wars, such as "Believing that you can win without sacrifices is the worst enemy in battle."

Ps: Taichi's spirit could be a box of surprises. The guy who doesn't open his eyes will give trouble again.
Sep 5, 12:05 AM

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Dude 9 episodes in and I still don’t understand what the fucks going on or what the overall plot is. I shouldn’t have to read the LN for that. I’m only powering through because I started it. Also please bring Ana back
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Sep 5, 7:52 AM
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Another good episode.
Sep 5, 8:06 AM

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thepath said:
Another good episode.
your in an extremely tiny minority, what was actually good about this episode? Love to know. General opinion is that it's dog shit
Sep 5, 10:42 AM

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This is getting better every episode

Never expected this serie to be good
Sep 5, 10:56 AM

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you know from start it looked pretty lit but now it's just oof not only they killed of Anna now the show is not hype.
I wish there was an Isekai that when the main character get's transported the first thing he will do is either say "Ok, Who needs help and do I kill?" or "Time to have fun." instead of saying "Where is my mama?" and cries in worst MC protagonist.

The opening tho... LITTT never skipping it's 2LIT4ME.
Sep 5, 5:58 PM
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Well, all I can say is Rin won the tennis match, um congratulations?
Sep 5, 8:23 PM
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You know as generic as the show can be I have a lot of fun with it. This episode though...

It starts by building up the serious nature of war, kill or be kill, something our modern day protags understandbly have trouble dealing with, and tension is further built up with the assassin encounter. So far so good.

Then during the actual fight the enemies are basically tricked into doing an ineffective suicide attack. Seems ridculous but an easy win as pointed out by the solider. But the non background characters decide to ignore everything for the first half and save the enemy based on idealized morals?!

Now I understand this was a test set up by the enemies in the shadows. I honestly could accept that if it was played up more & explained afterwards. Like are they trying to make them into true heroes or something? But the problem with even this is that the solution was to use lightning to avoid killing them. Because lightning apperently doesn't kill.

I don't mind this series and will keep going with it but this episode in particular is frustrating to me.
Sep 6, 8:32 AM
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Are they even trying with the direction? that scene where the shady ass dude appears out of nowhere and kills the other dude with a knife was so fucking bad.
Sep 6, 4:43 PM

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Well, this episode is no different when it adds to the frustration.

It's good that the enemy knows about Rin and Taichi, but the consensus is that they can't get along? One who desires to run vs. the other who decides to go head-on. Strategy, come on guys!

Speaking of strategy, back at the royal palace, between the strategists Lemiya and General Sumella discussing tactics, war is such a foreign subject to Rin and Taichi, so from Muira, to have them as they are would be for the better. For them to be forced being here, there is no room for second thoughts.

Time for war, and tactics for testing each other.
Even when there's no casualties, saving each other's lives is a far-fetched thought. And when enemies turn their backs on each other.

Wow there's no disparity...
Sep 6, 6:31 PM

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Almost done...just three more episodes. I'm trying to push through this one, I really am. I shall not drop this 9 episodes in. I shall not. I honestly feel physically ill from watching this.
Sep 7, 12:38 AM

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Lol the score is 5.63 I'm glad I dropped this show.
Sep 7, 3:28 AM

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I was anticipating the romantic development between Taichi and Rin

Sep 7, 2:17 PM

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MC: I can't go killing people just because it's a War

Me as MC:

Sep 7, 10:23 PM

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the opposing army has no tactics at all!
it's like they've send all 2nd class equipment reliant mages without any ranged troops, tank troops, assassin troops or fighter or healer support troops!
Sep 8, 6:51 AM

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With gd animation this could have been a decent isekai anime but the animations just too crappy.
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Sep 12, 10:44 AM

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In all Honesty the MC are so bland and one dimensional it is not even something to laugh at anymore. Why would they even want to help the people who summoned them for a petty reason such as an internal power struggle all for the sake of glory and expansion with the constant threat of assassination?

If i were in there shoes i would not even join either of them, why should i take lives or work for them simply to be a tool to solve there problem? i would of just packed everything and left at this point.

3 more episodes and this will be over.
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Sep 15, 5:03 AM
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this episode was horibble.. ghhh.. my eyes
Sep 19, 10:47 AM

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Nieznajomy43 said:

I'm not sure if I understand you properly but anime surpassed manga long time ago. In manga they just teased monster attack on city, and manga is published monthly.

I know that, it's just that the series bored me, so watching the anime that has more than the manga makes it a good ending point