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Poll: Dr. Stone Chapter 119 Discussion

Aug 30, 12:32 AM

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Only 200-300 trips LOL

Science is bringing back more people including Kaseki. What a badass. Drone acquired! I hope to see more of his skills at work.
Aug 30, 12:56 AM

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fidget spinner, the true pinnacle of human science, LMAO.

also the showdown come close.
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Aug 30, 2:14 AM

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I wonder who's the mystery person found on the bottom of the sea
Aug 30, 2:48 AM
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all of the petrified bodies of their comrades are already recovered by Taiju but they cannot revive them yet huh thats a shame

and now Kohaku is in trouble hopefully they can stabilize the drone soon and help with their counterattack
Aug 30, 2:57 AM

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I never knew fidget spinners was very important
Aug 30, 5:23 AM

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Fucking lol @ the fidget spinner. This has meme potential.

Drone required, well, not quite perfect yet and Mozu about to attack?
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Aug 30, 7:34 AM

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Kaseki is back! And he got all fired up after hearing about constructing a drone. :D Yup, because of that it was necessary to give him normal clothes. His aura would destroy them anyway, so seaweed was more proper.
Good to see his mark on his back was fixed. xD

Taiju never ceases to amaze me with his superhuman stamina... o_0 He picked up every statue out there in the appt where the enemies threw away Senku's crew and even picked up some additional villagers from the Treasure Island. His text about 200-300 runs for statues as if it was nothing was wild, haha.

Drone acquired! Though they need to upgrade it as fast as it is possible. One of their enemies already suspects Kohaku of being a spy.

About fidget spinners, I'm glad this anime gave justice to them. They might seemed like a funny toy that eventually became a meme, but a secret behind them is a nice mechanic construction used in a lot of lots of inventions known in our modern world.
Aug 30, 2:18 PM

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I hope we'll soon see more of Ginrou-waifu; glad to see Kaseki back though.

Next one should be either Ukyo or Francois, we need dem SSRs.

Sep 2, 3:31 PM
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Figet spinners save lives. Also even science can't explain Taiju's stamina. Would you guys put Senku in the same category as Di Vinci? I would
Sep 3, 11:30 PM

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Good thing Kaseki got his poop hole filled.
Sep 19, 7:50 AM

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Well no matter how dire the situation is Taiju is always helpful. Also is it just me or that unknown statue is gonna be a problem later on. Like the petrification kingdom petrified him on purpose and dropped him near the people of science. Its either this or he will become some major figure later on.
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