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Poll: Do you agree that Dr. Stone deserves "1" Appalling ?

Nov 9, 9:53 PM
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Why is this not locked yet
Nov 11, 3:02 PM
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basically 4-5 first comments explain why you shouldnt care about mal. Lol and guess what i give low scores like 0 and 1 with intention to literally bs boring ass series like this gay shogi dude with 2 chicks and a toddler, or cringe af teenager fav series like nanatsu no taizai. İt feels good bro try it

And lol its not only about dr stone. Literally any good shounen anime gets downvoted. İ guess we are playing against some boomers and salty feminists
Yesterday, 8:09 AM

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I have watched till 6 episodes and dropped it. I dont think its a bad anime by any means but the MC just bores me.

I was interested in the petrification and the MC's creativity but the characters just don't have an interesting personality to speak of.

Also, I was looking forward to see how the MC experiments and figures out the truth between what happened to the world one experiment at a time but we already run into a good guy vs bad guy situation where most of MC's mind is spent on trying to defeat this guy. Things may change in future episodes but for me my interest kind of hit a roadblock.
11 hours ago

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How DARE you guys have a different opinion than Karhu-senpai! Having differing opinions is totally unheard of!!!

Though I'm sure it warms his heart to see how invested you guys are with his reviews.

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