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Our Court of Suits is currently open for trials. If you are courageous enough, or just interested in helping the Kingdom out, test your skills and apply. You will be judged by the Court Paladin.

We are in an urgent need of active
Court Thespians and Court Maestros!

King and Queen of Suits
● Aka Co-Owners ●
They will be in the Officers in Charge when I won't be able to
visit the club for a while.
Will be chosen from the staffs~

Court Mentor
● Aka My Right-Hand Man ●
Owner's personal slave consultant~ Will help me organize our schedules and think of new events and/or activities. You will also help me with the coding, updating, and making some graphics for the club. Anyone from the staff can volunteer if you think you can handle the pressure. (;´∀`) (Should have a Discord for easy communication~!)
Will be chosen from the staffs~

Court Artist
● Aka Card Makers (FT or PT) ●
Focused on making editions for the club.
Full-Time CAs are expected to join two editions per month. While Part-Time CAs are expected to join at least one edition.
You're also free to have your solo editions.
slots: 4 / 6

Court Thespian
● Aka Claim Makers ●
In charge of the Claims and making the banners.
Should make at least one claim thread per month.
slots: 1 / 3

Court Maestro
● Aka Layout Makers ●
In charge of creating the club layout every 2 months!
Including the club display pic and banner~
slots: 0 / 2

Court Messenger
● Aka Couriers ●
You'll be in charge of delivering finished card editions
and/or claims for our Court Artists.
slots: F U L L

Court Summoner
● Aka Affiliators, Inviters & Welcomers ●
In charge of sending club affiliations to other clubs and invite
other users to join us. Also helps out the
Court Paladin in welcoming new members.
slots: 2 / 4

[b]● Name:[/b] [url=]your username[/url]
[b]● Applying for:[/b]
[b]● How active:[/b] 
[b]● Sample Works:[/b]
[b]● Photo for Badge:[/b]
[b]● Message:[/b]

♚ Thank you so much for applying for our
Court of Suits.
We look forward to working with you. ♚
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Oct 6, 2019 1:45 PM
Zashu ✫彡

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● Name: asphyxia
● Applying for: court artist
● How active: full-time (atm)
● Sample Works: this? they are the only ones i made, sobbing
● Message: my king, u can take my body and soul.
I shall gladly be ur eternal slave orz

Thank you for applying! Accepted of course (・ิω・ิ)
An invite to the staff club will be sent to you shortly.
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