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Poll: Dr. Stone Chapter 118 Discussion

Aug 22, 11:07 PM

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I think it's pretty cool to see everyone working together like this. Welcome back Taiju. Science really is a miracle.
Aug 22, 11:10 PM

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time to revive the squad!
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Aug 23, 12:38 AM
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oh shit Taiju is revived too eh along with Kiseki looks like they can revived all of the troops in the next 2 chapters
Aug 23, 2:42 AM

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what a bromantic chapter.
Aug 23, 8:47 AM
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The Senku-Taiju bromance is one of my favorite things about this series. Hope there's more of it!
Aug 23, 11:29 AM

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Ryusui and Soyuz - very talented and mad lads! Only they could succeed in that kind of mission!

Instead of only one person they saved two comrades. First to revive was Taiju, who was so helpful and irreplaceable to get Kaseki back on board. Second in the queue to being depetrified is Kaseki.

Soyuz's photographic memory and strength is amazing.

Ryusui's tricks looked quite fantastic and unreal, but damn... he gambled pretty much everything. But there was another choice back then? I fear there wasn't.

Epic and sometimes bizarre actions with this chapter's ending presenting really joyful reunion. Aye, that was a good chapter! :)
Aug 23, 2:07 PM

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Impressive stunt they did down there though it got a little bit too cheesy for my taste.
Aug 23, 3:31 PM
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Taiju should have lost his arm, right ?
Aug 24, 4:23 AM

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Taiju’s unlimited stamina and endurance never fails to amuse me
Aug 24, 6:49 AM

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It's chapters like these that make me love this series even more, and that last panel makes me see everyone as one big scientific family!
Aug 25, 1:57 PM

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Espinosov said:
Taiju should have lost his arm, right ?

He was petrified only several days earlier, so I assume it made his shell "healthier" enough to let them depetrificate him without attaching it with glue, but just with placing it in its position without any amplifiers. Maybe it's also because the degeneration level of his petrified skin was not big due to being petrified only several days before the revival.

In general I found it awkward as well, because some small parts of the Stone statue could've been thrown away in the process of destroying all statues' from the enemies' hands. There is, however, some logic in the way this situation of reviving Taiju was handled. We mustn't forget about extremely advanced healing abilities that a human gets depetrified, according to Dr. Stone's lore. Small gaps between quickly* depetrified Taiju's body and maybe were healed just like that.

* quickly, because it took several days instead of several thousands of years, lol
Aug 25, 2:32 PM
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This chapter felt so fast. Everyone used their talents to the max. A good reminder that they are all geniuses in their own way. I love the cast of characters in this series so much!
Aug 25, 3:44 PM

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Breathtaking chapter. All that massive gamble throwing away oxygen to create a pocket air, getting Taiju and Kaseki in the process. That was fun.
Aug 26, 11:55 PM

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YosepRA said:
Breathtaking chapter. All that massive gamble throwing away oxygen to create a pocket air, getting Taiju and Kaseki in the process. That was fun.


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Aug 29, 11:20 AM

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Ow man, I've finally reached the last-aired chapter and now the pain of waiting for a new one (every week) begins!
Aug 29, 11:27 AM
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This has been said all over the place, but the big oaf and Senkuu have SUCH a great bond, i fuckin love it. Great chapter.
Sep 19, 7:38 AM

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Heh having Taiju back is great boost to them.
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