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Aug 22, 4:55 AM
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Guys, can you give me 5 reasons why should I watch Amagi Brilliant Park?

Thanks, appreciated.
Damn It.
Aug 22, 5:20 AM

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sento and the 4 elemental fairies

fap material for years to come
Aug 22, 5:23 AM

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Only reason I've watched it is because it's KyoAni.

And it felt like FMP:Fumoffu at times.
Aug 22, 5:28 AM
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It was pretty good. Animation wise(Kyoani did it), Story was good, likeable characters,It's pretty funny and good character development. But the sad thing is that it ended with a cliffhanger and it doesn't look like it's getting a sequel soon.
Aug 22, 5:42 AM

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EratiK said:

And it felt like FMP:Fumoffu at times.

That is why you should watch it. Also the female protagonist (Isuzu Sento) looks and acts like the daughter of "Sousuke Sagara" and "Kaname Chidori" if they ever had a child.
Aug 22, 6:41 AM

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It was an overwhelming experience watching Amagi Brilliant Park tbh. I never thought i would love it so much (gave it a 9/10).

I personally liked all the characters. They were enjoyable and the comic scenes with those stuffed animals are very hilarious imo. And Isuzu Sento became an instant waifu for me.

It doesnt bring anything new to the table though. U will love it if u like the characters. It mixes comedy and softcore drama pretty well.

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Aug 22, 6:44 AM

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Kanye and the main girl have a really fun chemistry. Also the mascot characters were funny at times.

Aug 22, 6:46 AM

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"Should I watch this anime?"
Naaah, you shouldn't.
Aug 22, 6:58 AM

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There is no reason you should watch this series specifically, sorry.

Of course, it is nevertheless a relatively well-made entertainment.
Aug 22, 7:51 AM

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@TheUnsealedWrath thanks for this thread, I've had Amagi Park in my PTW list for a while after hearing it recommended by someone on Youtube and have been wondering whether/when to watch it. Looks I've got my answer ^_^

I've watched the first 2 episodes already and it's panning out to be a good pick, interesting characters and story, hot love interest, not too generic ^_^
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Aug 22, 10:40 AM

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It has classic KyoAni comedy in it (similar to Chuunibyou style)

Has KyoAni animation/artstyle

Kanye is a good protagonist (unless you hate ones that can be dicks to others)

Has a memorable hug scene

has waifu material
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Aug 22, 10:43 AM

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1. Sento
2. Sento's breast
3. Sento's other breast
4. The elemental fairies
5. Sento
Aug 22, 10:50 AM

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It's the lesson taken from FMA:B. You want 5? I am giving you 6.

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Aug 22, 5:01 PM

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If you don't watch it, you'll never find out.