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Poll: Kanata no Astra Episode 8 Discussion

Aug 26, 8:47 AM

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Elatar said:
Does Anyone how many chapters adapted until now ?

they adapted Chapters 1-32 and Chapter 36
they rearranged some stuff
we'll get chapter 33-35 and 37 or even 38 next week
there is a total of 49 chapters
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Aug 27, 2:01 AM

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So, maybe some children are clones of their parents. Like Zak for an instance (based on his flashback). It'd explain why they were unfazed by their disappearance and why some parents seem to despise/not love their children.
Aug 27, 5:09 AM

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A procession of half baked scenes.
Aug 30, 2:53 AM

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So...just clones, after all. Not sure if the most predictable thing ever, or if manga readers were posting spoilers disguised as speculation since the first episode. Either way, this is certainly not a revelation or shocking moment.
Aug 31, 3:40 AM

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;;; I thought it was automatically implied that finding the other ship meant that they might have been able to use one to fix the other. They only made it more convenient by being able to attach the parts so easily.;; But they revealed it as if it was the most clever thing ever. I swear.

Anyway, Quitterie and Zack were surprisingly cute. I didn't ship or not ship them before, but I'm okay with this.

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Sep 4, 4:14 PM

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Well, they finally got off that planet, and have one new crew member.

But, how is it possible that Quitterie and Funicia are the same person?
Sep 4, 7:13 PM
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Astra Lost in Space delivers yet another fine episode! The woman occupying the hibernation pod stands revealed, and so far, Paulina seems like a good addition to the cast. Honestly, this episode didn't feel as dramatic or impactful as the previous one, especially because our merry band of space adventures solve their current problem with the good old "use the good parts from broken machines" solution. It's not bad, but it felt a bit predictable. Also, Zack and Quitterie's hookup didn't have the emotional impact it could have because Zack is so blunt and seems unable to carry emotional scenes on his own. Still, I'm glad the heroes are back on their way home, but a last-minute discovery by Zack might make things difficult in the long run. All in all, this show is really fun and I can't wait to see what happens next.
Sep 7, 10:55 AM

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We have a new person from a ship of the same class, and now we have a clone on board...

just WTF is going on here with these kids?!
Sep 10, 3:34 PM

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Man they really set it up so there were cliffhangers every episode, when I was binge reading the manga that was never a problem but doing that shit every week would have me pissed as an anime only lmao
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Sep 18, 10:58 PM

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Quitterie and Zack is so cute lol

Nice to see another female character
Sep 20, 5:46 PM
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I do not trust Polina, she is definitely hiding something big and until we know what that is, I will be very wary of her!
Zack is too cute and I am quite happy that he is the first to officially pair up. Cloning..., I wonder where this road leads to.
Sep 25, 1:02 PM
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Spaceship said:
sammyk124 said:
I got an idea, hear me out.

Solid speculation. Very similar to an idea (not mine) proposed on another forum:

JuuzouXIII said:
The whole Zack and Quiterrie conversation and marriage proposal was priceless lol, especially Quiterrie's reaction XD

It was a really nice scene. Probably the first time I've chuckled audibly while watching the show (other parts have been amusing but that scene was genuinely cute/funny).

Holy crap I'd never have made that connection. While I did assume something catastrophic probably happened on earth and that they were clones I'd never have assumed they were clones of their parents.

It makes Zack's dad throwing away a picture drawn by Zack all the more creepy.
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Sep 28, 4:00 PM

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Well, that was quite the discovery...

Oct 4, 12:33 PM

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"Why now? That's very greedy of you Aries! This is mine!" lol cute
The repairing went close to how I thought
"No! Gross!" lmao
I thought that was Quittorie's real dream but whoa, she really said it out loud. Zack really confessed back with emotionless eyes lmao.
"Mmm, delicious..."
Wait what. I expected Quittorie and Funi to be real sisters but fr them to be the same person? Whoa. That was some next-level stuff.
Oct 9, 12:23 PM

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oh boy I'm so happy Quitterie is in this show to give me a healthy dose of your traditional, good old fashioned teenage girl angst.

"Sci-fi thriller, gag anime, who knows?"
This is genius, I love it.

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Oct 12, 6:55 AM

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LoL that "Ha" expressionless answer from Zack to Quiterrie towrd their marriage confession.

Another mystery after mystert damn, this show really hooked me off, with that shocking truth of Quiterrie and Funicia werer the same person, or clone presumably..?. damn this getting great....
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