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Aug 20, 11:56 AM
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The official website of the Babylon television anime revealed staff, cast, a new key visual (pictured), and the first promotional video on Tuesday. Produced by Revoroot, the anime adaptation of Mado Nozaki's thriller novel series will premiere on Tokyo MX and BS11 this October. Amazon's Prime Video service will also stream the show exclusively.

Director: Kiyotaka Suzuki (Psycho-Pass 2, FLCL Alternative)
Original Character Design: Zain (Saredo Tsumibito wa Ryuu to Odoru: Dances with the Dragons)
Character Design: Keisuke Gotou (Fate/Grand Order: First Order)
Music: Yutaka Yamada (Vinland Saga, Tokyo Ghoul)
Production: Twin Engine

Zen Seizaki: Yuuichi Nakamura (Gyakusatsu Kikan)
Shinobu Kujiin: Takahiro Sakurai (Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace)
Atsuhiko Fumio: Kensho Ono (WWW.Working!!)
Hiasa Sekuro: Mao Ichimichi (M.A.O) (Seikaisuru Kado)
Yasutaka Morinaga: Kenyuu Horiuchi (Joker Game)

Kodansha published the first volume under its Kodansha Taiga imprint in October 2015, followed by a second volume in July 2016. The third and final volume went on sale in November 2017.

Nobuhide Takishita began serializing a manga adaptation in Kodansha's Comic Days website on February 25.


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Aug 20, 12:11 PM

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Tragic director choice. At least we have another Yutaka Yamada show.
Aug 20, 1:19 PM

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-"So the cops knew that internal affairs were setting them up?"
The typical police stories with conspiracies and deceptions, it does not excite me in the least since psycho pass that these "serious" animes have disappointed me.
Aug 20, 1:22 PM
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This looks really awesome, definitely up my street in an anime series indeed ^_^
Aug 20, 1:23 PM

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Its the same original creator behind Kado so possibly will have full of interesting unique ideas but likely might turn out to be another trainwreck.
Aug 20, 1:32 PM

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It seems Bucciarati and Giorno left the mafia to fight the crime more legally as policemen...
Aug 20, 1:35 PM
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Just seeing who the director is makes me want to drop this ASAP

But Nakamura and Sakurai in lead roles!!
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Aug 20, 1:49 PM

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Could be interesting. Gonna check it out.
Aug 20, 4:30 PM
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Wait this isn't another fate/ spinoff!?
Aug 20, 6:12 PM
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Not the most trustworthy of director but i'm still gonna watch this.
Aug 20, 7:01 PM
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The three ikemens solving mysteries are tempting me and in Zain's design.
Aug 20, 11:05 PM
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Rohan, giorno and bruno from jojo part 4 & 5 anime version in 1 scene again beside magi, owari no seraph and fairy tail
Aug 21, 1:30 AM

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Wait this isn't another fate/ spinoff!?

The Fate is also coming the same season this is.
Aug 21, 11:25 AM
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Wait this isn't another fate/ spinoff!?

No, this has nothing to do with Gilgamesh or Uruk.

Aug 22, 2:06 PM

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Too many adult male characters, do they target female audiences? Or this time, they are adapting a more serious novel than usual? Be that as it may, Nakamura-oniisan is already enough to get me extremely interested.
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Sep 6, 2:19 AM

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Airing on Sundays at 22:00 (10:00 p.m.) via Tokyo MX, followed by BS11 and AT-X starting October 7.
Amazon Prime Video Will Pre-stream first three eps. on Sunday October 6.
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