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Aug 19, 1:06 PM

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What's your favourite video game? What type of game is it? Where can I play it? Why is it so good? Sell me it.

Example - My favourite video game is Team Fortress 2. I believe that all PC players should at least give it a go, seen as it's free. The game mechanics were masterfully crafted over a decade ago, but continue to provide exciting gameplay that makes every kill extremely satisfying (which I see as necessary in any FPS). The characters are loveable. The artstyle is unique and holds up well. It's also pretty easy to get into and can easily be played for 1000s of hours.
Aug 19, 11:02 PM
I'm Blue

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Senran Kagura: Estival Versus.

Big anime titties.

...That is all.
Aug 19, 11:21 PM

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Though I don't have a favourite game I'm gonna go with Modern Tetris.

I'm a big fan of Puzzle games and Tetris it's the best one so far, easy to understand hard to master, it's also very fun even if you play it casually but when played seriously it can get to epic levels.
You can play some versions of Modern Tetris on PuyoPuyo Tetris(Steam/WiiU/Switch/Ps4/Xbone/Vita), Tetris 99(Switch Online) and Tetris Effect(Ps4/Windows).

Not to confuse with Classic Tetris (the one from 1980).

Aug 20, 8:23 AM

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Well if you have never played Final Fantasy 7 then I recommend you play that. I'll assume you haven't by looking at your year of birth on your profile (if i'm wrong than fuck I'm sorry).

People kept calling it a masterpiece for a reason; beautiful world building, amazing story & characters, one of the best soundtracks by Nobuo Oematsu, and of course fun and engaging gameplay. A story so good you'd cry looking at chunky 90's 3D rendering. You don't have to use an emulator or find an old PS1 cause there's a remastered version on steam (remastered version of the classic, not the upcoming remake).

Other than that there's Nier:Automata but I guess you don't need me to talk about it because of the sheer volume people talking about how good it is these days.
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Aug 20, 8:38 AM

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Professor Layton
Naruto Ultmate Ninja Storm Series
Aug 20, 8:44 AM

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Everyone needs to play "Startropics."

It's the best NES game ever made.
Aug 20, 8:46 AM

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The Witcher 3 because sex sex sex sex sex SEX!
Aug 20, 8:49 AM

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PrimeX said:
The Witcher 3 because sex sex sex sex sex SEX!


That wouldn't convince me to want to play it. Instead, it would push me away.
Aug 20, 10:08 AM

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Uncharted 2 because it has an amazing protagonist, adventure porn, and it has pretty fun gameplay alongside some beautiful scenery

or the Witcher 3 like above cause of muh sex
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Aug 20, 10:23 AM

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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

if you want a story that blows most other rpgs out of the water with dated mechanics and game play, morrowind is your guide. Use mods if you want to, or not if you want to experience the original.
Aug 20, 11:23 AM

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you should play Halo CE the original version, imo it's the only of Halo games where you can use your skills to have fun on Legendary mode and I'm honestly amazed knowing that this game was made in 2001 cause first time seeing the landscape of Halo was amazing. It's also super fun to roadkill things with the drifty af Warthog lol most OP weapon in the game.
Aug 21, 3:09 AM
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My favourite game of all time is Rain World.

It's a survival platformer game. Beautiful graphics, unique enemies and just walking around the maps feels great. The story is really interesting, but it's not shoved in your face. You really have to WORK if you want to figure everything out, but thankfully there's youtube vids for that. Love everything about it, even if it can be crushingly difficult at times, that's the charm of it.
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Aug 21, 3:12 AM

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Ocarina of Time

I don't think it needs an explanation
Aug 22, 12:05 AM

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Play a terrible ass game, that way the next game you play will obviously be like the best game ever, lol
Aug 22, 12:42 AM

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Ghost Trick is perhaps the most overlooked game in the entire DS library. This is a story based game that truly has it all: intensely likable and fun characters, an amazing story, and one of the most unique and slickest visual styles to ever grace the system. Seriously, the animations in this game are godly. And thankfully, you can enjoy them all in full HD on iOS. The game’s unique gameplay keeps it far more engaging than a visual novel, having you go back in time and save ghosts from their death by possessing nearby objects and performing “tricks”. The game’s story is fantastic too, with the sort of amazing twists and turns you’d expect from the creator of the Ace Attorney series.
Aug 22, 2:09 AM

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skyrim. download some nice body enhancers and you are good to go
Aug 22, 3:03 AM

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Go play Nier: Automata.

You won't need an explanation.
Aug 23, 12:55 AM

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One of the hardest game but still fun.
Aug 23, 11:13 AM
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Danganronpa or Phoenix Wright
I'm not gonna convince you because you prob play or heard about this before (and I am lazy)
Aug 23, 11:16 AM

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I am yet to find a game that gives you a better adrenaline rush than this one.

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Aug 23, 11:34 AM

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It's motherfucking Doom. 'Nuff said.
Aug 27, 11:45 PM

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Because you can talk to a fucking fish.

Aug 28, 12:24 AM

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Stronghold: Crusader

Unlike Age of Empires, resources are unlimited as long as you have access to the fields iron ore and stone boulders and trees don't get wiped off the map completely because they'll keep making saplings and grow over time and the oasis for the farms.

And it's fun constantly harassing your neighboring enemies with huge-ass towers manned with mangonels. Keep it on attack ground and it will do its job and you don't have to manually resupply it with stones, because it's FREE!

It's a great castle siege game. I'd definitely recommend.

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Aug 28, 9:20 AM

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Stardew Valley

a lot of first impressions say that the graphics suck but if you can through that i swear this is the best farming game out there. its pretty much a perfected version of Harvest Moon
Aug 28, 12:33 PM
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Touhou, the music is good.
And the gameplay makes you suicidal.