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Aug 21, 5:12 AM

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Cute > masculine any day for me personally.
Aug 23, 9:46 PM

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Vargnatt said:
I love inbetween, like pretty boy look + manly personality and voice.

Oh yes, those are delicious.
Aug 24, 12:30 AM

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Uhh I'm fine with cool, handsome and manly men but shota and cute boys are a no.
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Aug 24, 1:39 AM

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GERXjakobson said:
Believe it or not some people do. They even go as far as to proclaim that they are ruining anime...

I'm not really sure what type of cute boys you're talking about. It could either be bishies or moe boys or whatever.

But anyways, I wouldn't say that they think that cute boys had ruin anime (it's just like saying moe girls had ruined anime). What I can say is that some people can be a bit biased into hating shows with cute boys.
Specifically, shows like Hetalia, Durarara, Black Butler, Bungou Stray Dogs, any popular modern sports anime and some notable shonen anime are popular because they have cute and attractive boys, yet many people also seem to criticize those shows in terms of storytelling and plot.

To answer your question, I definitely do not hate cute boys. I can admit that I really like them. A couple of the characters in my favorites are cute boys (not just because of their cuteness, but also their characterization).

In fact, I would say that in an era filled with moe girls, we need more moe boys (but obviously not shotas and in that case I would agree that they ruin anime). We don't just need dino or raccoon waifus, demon imoutos and isekai moms, we need more characters like Ciel, Honey-senpai and Midoriya.

I know it's a weird flex but you get the point.

EDIT: I completely forgot the idea of traps and now I'm unsure whether if they're ruining anime or not.
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Aug 24, 1:43 AM

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cute anime traps are the best uuuuuwuuuuu
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