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What do you think is perhaps the best anime objectively that isn't one of your personal favorites?

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Aug 21, 3:43 PM

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I don't believe in pure objectivity, but I think some kind of objective analysis can be achieved, and I feel kind of sorry for people who are unable to make the difference between standards of quality and personal taste. They are clearly missing a lot. (Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I still can't get around some of the things I've read in some of the previous comments)

That said, I'm not very original, specially when it comes to trying to be objective. I think that from a perspective as much objective as it can get, Legend of the Galactic Heroes and Monster are some of the best things ever made. But I can't talk about them because they are actually in my favorites. So I'll make my point with Samurai Champloo instead.

I liked Samurai Champloo but I didn't love it, and the reason is simple: it didn't get me. However, I realize it's one of the best things I've seen. The quality of the art, the storytelling, the pace, the music was awesome. Very well structered, paying attention to all the details, but without falling completely into the norm. It was a true piece of art, but it just wasn't "my" piece of art. However, not being the type of piece of art I prefer doesn't make it any less amazing.

So I really think it's possible to appreciate what's really good without it systematically becoming one of your favorites, and that for me was Samurai Champloo.

Aug 21, 3:45 PM

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FMAB and HxH(2011) both long ones and still every episode is just 10/10 in every aspect.

Aug 21, 3:59 PM

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EndlessMaria said:
JoyBoy_316 said:
Wow so your argument is basically that you and your friends though it was the "biggest buzzword here on the internet"

the fact that you post Saitama solidifies your shit taste. Next thread.

LMAO talking about how basically everything is subjective in anime (I agree) but then using those two fucking cursed words "shit taste". Bro, I mean, you could answer me with "Yes in my subjective opinion he has a shit taste" but still, that's pretty harsh.
Aug 21, 6:23 PM

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Hey_Taka-tin_Hey said:
AnimeAnima said:

@EndlessMaria I loved Mirai Nikki too

All that means is that you share her absolute shit taste. Seriously, Mirai Nikki?
Lmao you dont even share your taste yet you feel you have the right to comment on others. You must lead a very fulfilling life
Aug 21, 6:27 PM

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I'm gonna say HxH 2011. I gave the show a 10/10 even though it is not one of my favorites of all time.

The characters were very well fleshed out, the nen and greed island arcs were great, and, while I personally think it was too slow, the chimera ant arc ended with Meruem being probably the most well fleshed out villain in anime, or at least one of them.

While the show isn't one of my personal favorites, I can't call it anything other than a masterpiece.
Aug 22, 12:41 AM

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I don't know much but I'm happy people didn't say BNHA is the best Or Toradora is the best lol
Aug 22, 12:55 AM

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Haibane Renmei. I rate it a 10. It is incredible, very touching, and one of a kind.

However, for my personal favorites, I have some anime that are 8s and 9s because they have scenes that really speak to me.
Aug 22, 1:07 AM

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I can hardly judge something objectively when it comes to entertainment, but the best anime I would recommend to anyone which is not one of my 10s is Death Note.
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