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Poll: Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu] Episode 7 Discussion

Aug 18, 6:42 AM

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They got a classic hide and seek game now. Definitely not your ordinary game though with the three hosts trying to take the participant's eyeballs.

I find these games are getting more and more deadly with each episode. Somehow, a hide and seek game became that much more thrilling.
Aug 18, 7:56 AM

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SO this time they are playing hide and seek. Those three sisters are kinda creepy.

Aug 18, 8:12 AM

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I think aikawa has some potential also ikke he may decieve us playing fool
Aug 18, 8:12 AM
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Lol, Iride played Hide and Seek just two months ago.

The story is interesting, but I think my favourite part about this anime is Iride. He is so cute that I get the same warm feeling I get when I watch cat and dog videos.
Aug 18, 8:12 AM
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This episode was quite a dangerous one but still soft...
So, listening to Paka... I guess the following round will be a killing round?

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Aug 18, 9:39 AM

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I guess Iride seemed to know that the admin wouldn't make them fail - since helped against the demons as well. And we saw him having a screen where he could see all the locations ... and time where the attackers would go.

Interesting to see the pic in Yuzus room though. That seemed more like it was from outside the game - and that she and Iride knew each other from before not only via streaming.
Aug 18, 10:27 AM

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K this episode bringing more mystery again while solving nothing that's been brought up

The picture in Yuzu's room seems like a dark memory as the faces were painted over. Also the missing brother seems like something that would be connected with this game too. Maybe its even one of the 9 participants?

The game was pretty well done having some comedy between those thrilling moments.

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Aug 18, 11:03 AM
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Goodness.. this was creepy. Could the missing brother be akki because they have about the same hair color, but maybe not. Im the reading manga it could akki but there's only a few hints i guess. But cant really put your finger on it.
Aug 18, 11:19 AM
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Oh hey those three creepy... tall lasses... eheh... Got a bit harder to breath for a moment but no sir I did not sweat, nono...

Officially confirmed THIS IS CALIGU
Officially confirmed Iride and Roromori were a part of some research body, with Iride seemingly aiming to clear this mess, and Roromori merely being an awful stalker thot. On the photo we can see Iride NOT smiling, which hints that his real personality is less "happy-go-round". A visionary, a stoic! At this point everything that happened seems like a full-fledged magic, which is, for the story to stay coherent, is impossible, and thus it must be virtual reality case. Alpaca being an A.I. or a human being turned ones-and-zeroes. The cool boy who saved everyone (the always sleeping what's his name) must also have an idea what is going outside of this game. He timely saved Stealth boy from penalty the previous episode, and the way he approached Iride... it feels to me as if he is investigating or something, and is also trying to correct whatever happened.
And of course social context for Himiko's "sin" - her brother got abandoned by her parents. What's the reason? Does not matter, it happens from time to time. Which is precisely why she is pursuing "nurturing" games, because of the trauma her neglected brother caused.
Aug 18, 11:35 AM
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Man, that was them most lame Hide and Seek I've ever saw.
Aug 18, 1:12 PM
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Horn_dawg_2019 said:
Man, that was them most lame Hide and Seek I've ever saw.

But... man, those 2m girls...
Aug 18, 2:34 PM

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The mystery regarding Akatsuki and Yuzu just grows each episode. I hope we will get some answers by the end.

Aug 18, 7:14 PM

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himiko is so funny and is good to know that all that ''I killed my brother'' was something stupid like anya said.
Aug 18, 9:18 PM
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Those three amazons scared the hell out of me!
Aug 19, 12:08 AM

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Hide-and-seek from horror "antagonists" huh.

Yuzu's room is such an anomaly. What's her deal with wanting to get good with Iride...surely there's more to the puzzle.

To the issue of Himiko's sin, it's just light fodder.
Aug 19, 1:19 AM

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I enjoyed this episode but Karin and Osigir(if I am spelling his name right) look weak here. This should been their moment to shrine but the guy who sleeps on the side of his bed ends up not getting cruse. I do give props to this stage as it felt mroe like a video game than some other stages. The last one was a game too and I wanna see more of that.
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Aug 19, 2:14 AM
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My favorite game so far, among all the games they have played.. love this one
Aug 19, 4:27 AM

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Am I weird that the first thing to came in mind when Iride found the sister was "hug her!", don't know why but the sisters seemed more cute than creepy to me.

BTW gotta love dog Inaba.
Aug 19, 7:13 AM

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5 episode to go and I still haven't figured out what I'm supposed to feel about this anime.
Aug 19, 7:56 AM
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When maki maki entered his room and start to sleep, i know that he is gonna be the savior. LOL.

I love this anime. This is a great one for me despite its low rating. I just feel warmth when wathcing it. And i really like those characters, especially maki maki, it seems like he is playing fool in here.
Aug 20, 8:33 PM

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They actually nearly lost due to sheer incompetence.
So from what I can tell, they only rescued two guys and ignored the girls after the first round.
Why the hell would they do that? Then two more gets cursed in addition to the girls. None of them being rescued afterwards.
That means 5 cursed and 3 clean. If all 3 hunters landed on the 3 clean people, they would of lost. Unlikely but possible, and as such, they were being absolutely stupid. Luckily Mikawa was clean.

The first 3 rounds should of been at least 4 or more rooms occupied. Since there's 3 hunters, there will always be one room clean no matter how unlucky they were. And after every stage, they need to rescue those that got caught so every time they start they are all clean.

Instead, they ignored some that were cursed for no reason.
In the first round, they split in to 4 rooms with a 3-2-2-1 distribution. Which is fine since at least 1 room would be clean regardless of how unlucky they are.
two rooms were caught. 5 out of the 8 are now cursed. They rescue 2 bringing it up to 5 people clean. No idea why they left the girls out but it isn't a fatal mistake yet. If they split the 5 clean people in to 4 separate rooms, then it is still impossible for a game over.

In round 2, two more people gets cursed. No one rescues them, so they only have 3 clean people left. This is a potentially fatal mistake. A very stupid one.
Even if all 3 clean people split into individual rooms, while unlikely, they all could be caught. Facepalm.

In round 3, 2 more gets cursed. But this is even more retarded than round 2. We know MC's room got one hunter. And Mikawa's flashback showed another entered his, except the hunter didn't find him. That mean the 2 that got cursed was in the same room.
WHY!?!?!?!?!?! Why did they go in the same room?! They only had 3 people clean, yet they reduce the odds further by having 2 of the 3 people left in the same room. It is as if they want to lose.

The last round was done right where they all hid in 1 room to minimize the odds of their room being picked. But this was about all they did correctly.
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Aug 21, 10:38 AM

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I thought we will get a big reveal or something... but this is getting too much bland
Aug 22, 3:41 AM

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Look I'm not saying I'd die for Punisuke but...... I'd die for Punisuke :3

Aug 25, 1:14 PM
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The Ones Within delivers yet another fine episode! This time, our merry band of gamers must survive a creepy version of hide-and-seek, and their ability to work together is tested to its limits. The character interactions were hilarious, especially when most of the gamers lose their sight and only make it to the final round by the skin of their teeth. Unfortunately, the removal of the final round was a huge cop-out, especially because Akatsuki was so sure they would win the game. It's good to see the show finally kick into high gear and the next episode will increase for the group, as Paka will likely do something that will further test the gamers' will to survive.
Aug 28, 1:27 AM

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I'm watching the Funi dub, and it's actually really good??? Usually I hate how often they reuse voice actors, but they sound awesome and original in this series.

Pretty stupid episode, but the jokes were good. Loving the personalities of the characters, also giving Makimaki a voice actor is cool lol
Sep 1, 11:20 PM

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lol this episode actually creeped me out. Even though the sisters looking likea Waifu material.