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Are there any Shounen series that you think would've been much better had they been more mature?

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Aug 18, 3:26 PM

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GamerDLM said:
They would literally be the same series but published in a different magazine. Shounen and Seinen at best have minor differences with the only noteworthy cases being seinen can get away with more graphic content (gore, nudity, etc.). None of which really add anything to narrative tropes or cliches and even using those two examples would not have any distinct place in the narrative.

I agree with you, the difference'll not fall in the demographic target but in narrative, Dr. Stone takes itself less serious.
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Aug 18, 3:40 PM

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While i understand what OP is going about (instead of "buh mu shounen is the best thing ever made") i don't think Hunter x Hunter was childish.

A lot of times its incredibly edgy (specially Killua) and stupid (mostly Gon) but arcs like Yorkshin in which the focus is in another character show that the mangaka can somehow make a more interesting mature story instead of "Stupidly OP kid that you think its good but its evil asspulls so hard that he puts saiyans to shame, then we pull the dragon balls and create a massive plot hole".

I do think that Hitman Reborn could have... no, not really. The story should have changed waaaaaay too much to be more mature.
For example the first real arc of family wars should have been scrapped entirely or the training should have lasted more than 2 stupid weeks (the show straight up tells you this rival family has been killing people for years and are outmatched but literall highschool kids beat them on almost every round).
Mukuro Rokudou had like a quadrillion different abilities but was defeated almost instantly because yes. Afterwards a more weakened MRokudou is shown to be even more OP than he was before because yes as well.
I really hate how there isnt even character consistency and how Gokudera's older sister and Lambo are on Tsuna's house for absolutely no reason more than being annoying.
The show has no salvation unless you wanna rewrite the entire story from the start.
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Aug 18, 4:25 PM
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MABfan11 said:
Fairy Tail, duh. it doesn't even manage to explore it's themes well, even compared to other shonens

Ryu1908 said:
Akame ga Kill would have been a good series if it handled its mature themes in an actual mature way.

Them being in a different magazine wouldn't change the fact that their authors suck at storytelling

Pragyan1 said:

For example, Dr. Stone airing this season is pretty much crap. It tries to please its audience with fights and feats that never would've been possible, but since there needs to be some sort of battle in a shounen series, be it mental or physical, there are these strong af high school kids performing physics defying feats. It has a great premise and would've been much better if it took itself seriously.

Dr stone's author boichi already made a seinen it's called sun ken rock, the problem isn't with the shounen label, it's just the man just doesn't do serious stories

It's not like seinen itself is a sure sign of quality or maturity anyway (cough) another (cough) ousama game
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Aug 18, 6:18 PM
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black clover: i enjoy the series but the tone seems a bit strange especially in some of the mroe dark bits. also the seinen rating might fix asta and a few characters personalities making them more bearable in the anime. the only other one i could think of would be akame ga kill but that is almost seinen in the first place so not sure what efect the rating would have
Aug 19, 2:26 AM

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keragamming said:
Kobayasan said:
Pretty much any shonen would be better if it was a seinen because seinen removes the boundaries and allows the author to be as graphic and cover as dark themes as he wants while shonen still needs to cater to younger audiences, they can try to be dark but there is a risk of editors not seeing it fit for a shonen and they would have to rewrite it

Not every magazine is like shounen jump you know, when the author for attack on titan publish his draft to shounen jump they wanted him to make various changes including making Eren a bit more happy like luffy for example, the author didn't want that plus they turn down his work for its bad art style and then he went to a new magazine and they gave him all the freedom he wants.
I know that, but still there are dark shonen manga published by Shueisha and Shokugan but there still is a risk and very few try to push the bounds, also SNK was dark but not too dark for a shonen title and the author was probably given more freedom when SNK became big
Aug 24, 7:38 PM
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I don't know if shows like these count but Digimon? It's surprisingly really good but if it was made slightly more mature and was directed to teens, it would have a lot more potential. It tacked topics like PTSD, loss, and self-esteem issues so if they focused on that in Digimon would be my favorite childhood show. Also, 7 Deadly Sins would be better if they stopped reviving characters that died.
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