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Aug 17, 6:03 PM

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(I dont know if thats the right place to ask for that tbh haha)

Is there anyone who can cut/edit ,or who own a instrumental version of the first Nisekoi opening "Click"?
There is just a full song instrumental version on YouTube ,but I need just the opening version.

Thank you
Aug 19, 5:41 PM

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try to search for a "karaoke" version instead of instrumental , you could also use the japanese word on streaming website such as bilibili or something like that, i think there is a karaoke one somewhere, this anime is easy to remember, as such its used in a lot of karaoke place, they use the short one cause its the anime one, so the search you type would be something like
Nisekoi op karaoke
Nisekoi click karaoke
Avoid using the singer name

If nothing, those short one instead of being on the singer cd they are on ost , like first music or last music to be karaoke one, so try to find ost as such
Nisekoi ost
I think would can find them on one of the 1st bluray japanese bonus

If you cnt find i may be able to find more
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