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What's The Single Best FIRST Episode You Have Seen in Anime?

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Aug 23, 11:03 AM

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Really surprised no one mentioned Macross!

I think 1982's Macross has the best opening episode in any anime I've seen
Off the top of my head at least
Aug 23, 11:27 AM

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Elfen Lied - Lots of gore but quite impactful

Attack on Titan - Simply great. And that soundtrack.....

Death Note - Perfect trailer for what to come

Guilty Crown - Especially the first 5 minute

Pandora Hearts

Re Zero
Aug 23, 2:50 PM

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Hmm, this is quite hard question, but I think with me it would be "Ouran High School Host Club". I just absolutely loved its humor sense and the fact main heroine had actual personality which you could relate. (Because it sucks to be in elite school where you're treated like a peasant, yet she still owns it.)
Mere witch.
Aug 27, 7:23 PM

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Sword Art Online and Haibane Renmei has the best first episode. Made in Abyss first few episodes are quite lacking in my opinion.
Aug 27, 7:30 PM

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Probably Domestic na Kanojo. The show might not be the best but that first episode is something.
And Sword Art Online had a pretty good first.
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Aug 28, 5:06 AM
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Attack on Titan - God-like hook with a superb OST to go along with it.

The Promised Neverland - The reveal was exceptionally done, and the sudden turn from a gentle, feel-good slice of life anime into a full-on horror/thriller ensured I binged the rest of the series in one visit.

Aug 28, 5:08 AM

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Violet Evergarden, feeling like watching movie xD
Aug 28, 5:18 AM
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Very Generic Answer...
Attack on Titan
Steins Gate
Aug 28, 5:23 AM
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Berserk, Gantz, Attack on Titan, Kingdom, Great Teacher Onizuka & Made in Abyss.
Aug 28, 12:27 PM
pink princess

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Promised Neverland EZ. Went into it not knowing a single thing about it besides that it was highly rated, was not disappointed.
Aug 28, 12:32 PM
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I'd say my two favorites are Attack On Titan's first episode and Your Lie in April's first episode.
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