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Poll: Black Clover Chapter 216 Discussion

Aug 16, 1:06 PM

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Interesting world building with that little info dump. But the main concern is how Asta will be "judged'. I don't feel good about this...
Aug 16, 1:20 PM

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Good chapter. I liked that we got a little bit of information about other kingdoms.

I’m curious about the guy at the end of the chapter too.
Aug 16, 1:24 PM

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After more than four years, we know about the others kingdoms !
Aug 16, 2:07 PM

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It's nice to to get information about the other kingdoms. I have a theory that Jack is actually from another Kingdom (at the time it was either Diamond or Spade) partially because of how he was one of the few captains not possessed by an elf (Nozel and the Vermillion's being royals and Yami being completely foreign to Clover) and because of how much taller he is than the majority of characters in the series. I'm interested in our new "judge/balance" magic character and it's always nice to see Sekke accidentally stumbling into finding praise.
Aug 16, 6:24 PM
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oof Asta really can't catch a break

Aug 16, 8:11 PM
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The names of the kingdoms seem a little cliche to me but I suppose I should’ve seen that coming when the Diamond Kingdom was first introduced. But, eh I’ll play along. It looks like we’re leading into a political story line to defend Asta. Then it’s a hundred plus chapters of making alliances with other kingdoms, civil war over the alliance, kingdom war, and then all kingdoms make up their differences to bring war on the demons. Just my prediction.
Aug 16, 9:23 PM

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asta just never can catch a break.. XDXDXD
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Aug 17, 11:56 AM

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With this introduction of the other kingdoms it seems like we'll finally get to see more of the Black Clover world in future arcs.
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Aug 17, 6:10 PM

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Poor asta... I really hope they don’t make him look like an enemy to the kingdom
Aug 18, 12:24 AM
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tema-chama said:
Poor asta... I really hope they don’t make him look like an enemy to the kingdom

Honestly I would consider it very unlikely given how many friends have Asta with the people and not, obviously the process will be all for the benefit of the real interests.

It is more likely that the process will serve to better understand the role of the Kira family, but I do not exclude that it can be resolved with a stalemate (eg there is a compromise to have Asta perform its functions as long as it takes care of the demon or trivially the type of scale will change opinion about him).
Aug 18, 2:29 PM
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Are we gonna have a political arc in BC? It'd be kinda cool to see our favorite nobles actually acting like nobles. We have faction inside and outside the Clover kingdom. Some good foreshadowing for the future. Is the king finallly warming to peaseants? I've never really hated Sekke but why did you have to save that king?!

I'm sure Asta will be fine (main character and all) but Yami was super savage towards him xD
Aug 18, 3:04 PM

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Finally we get more info on the other kingdoms. Hopefully we get to see them later in the future!
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Aug 20, 7:07 PM

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He says he'll judge him but he probably can't even touch him. If you notice on Yami's scale, Asta is at the very bottom, the same level as the devil. Basically in the face of magic, they are all merely human, but fully transformed, hes a god.

So a demon with the power of words
a demon with anti magic
i would wager there are other demons with dominion over various things
Aug 23, 12:17 PM
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They come home to find idiots running the country

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