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Do you think an anime can be really successful without its source material being also successful?

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Poll: Do you think an anime can be really successful without its source material being also successful?

Aug 16, 9:01 AM

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Of course it can be here are some of the examples:
- Kill la Kill
- Code geass
- Serial Experiments Lain is original
- Madoka Magica
- Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
- Cowboy Bebop
- Neon Genesis Evangelion

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Aug 16, 9:11 AM

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I never heard about Ghost In The Shell manga when I still early in animanga community.

But my Friend and Co-Worker know that Ghost in The Shell is an anime, so there's that.
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Aug 16, 9:19 AM

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It is possible. I mean attack on Titan is successful even though I think the manga looks horrendous.

Hunter x Hunter looked extremely bad in the manga during the ant arc in particular, and the anime still did a great job.

Kimetsu no Yaiba is generic but the adaptation is beautiful so it sells.
Aug 16, 11:33 AM

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K-On! was an average selling 4-koma manga. Then the anime came around and smashed almost all records in existence.
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Aug 17, 9:51 PM

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Lots of times, you get really good stuff that didn't necessarily become successful for various reasons. As we all know, there's a lot of hidden gems out there so the manga might've been unsuccessful but if the author had a good concept and a good story, then the anime might make it successful.
Aug 17, 10:52 PM

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Ghost in the Shell perhaps ? No idea how successful the manga was prior to the movie and series that followed.

Ping-Pong seems to fit the bill as well. The LoGH novels are a pretty underground source material iirc.
Aug 18, 1:01 AM

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[happens with TV series and movies too. How many are based on books that are hardly known prior to the movie release, while movies usually modify the plot?

One example in anime is Outlaw Star. It started as a 4 volume manga which was not anything special, yet it continued in anime format and was very successful.

GERXjakobson said:
That Topic reminds of how unpopular the Ping Pong manga is.

Movie is even less popular, only known to fans of niche Asian cinema
Aug 18, 2:32 AM

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Of course. There are examples, particularly, of niche or unknown manga that basically rode on the success of the anime adaptation and boosted sales only in consequence. A recent one is Yuru Camp.
Aug 18, 2:42 AM

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-Aincrad- said:
Do you think an anime can be really successful, without its source material also being successful, or for an anime to be a big success, it's necessary for its source to be successful too?

If you think it can be, can you mention some examples where the anime got a lot of praise and became popular despite the source material not really being successful?

Keep in mind, that I'm talking about anime that actually have a source material, not the original ones.

Basically every 4-koma manga anime adaptation like K-ON, Blend S etc.
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