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Aug 16, 4:20 AM
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Hey, so I finished the anime. Now I'm quite curious what happens after the anime. I now, I should read the manga and I will, but for not it would be cool if there's someone who could give a summary what happens after the anime (so about starting at chapter 73 I think, though I know the anime skipped arcs and scenes in the early manga). I did read some spoilers, for example that Natsuo and Rui come together and than Hina comes back or something like that. But how does that come? And why Nat is not seeking to come together with Hina after she is back? These are just some questions.

So a summary would be great! (Don't worry, I'll read the manga)
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Aug 29, 6:08 AM

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A bit late but here is your summary.

To be honest, I don't really remember that much because it's been too long since then but long story short, Natsuo ends up with Rui, Hina comes back after a while but it's too late since Natsuo loves Rui now. Hina becomes somewhat of a supporting character but a good sister who's always there for Natsuo and they get along even better than before. Natsuo goes to college and Rui starts working with her dad as a chef for a while.

They end up in a long distance relationship after Rui decides to follow her dad in order to pursue her career as a chef. A new girl from Natsuo's college, Serizawa, is introduced and she falls for him, Rui gets gelous because even if Natsuo doesn't love her, she is still able to be there for him when he needs someone. Rui decides to break up with him since she feels she is neglecting him which, in my opinion, is bullshit. Things were going great. She even went back from time to time on top of them speaking daily. Technology.

As of the latest chapter, it is revealed that Hina still loves Natsuo so we're pretty much stuck in this loop. I left out some minor things to avoid heavy spoilers but that's it. I just want to see the end already. I don't really care who wins anymore at this point.
Sep 8, 11:59 PM
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you got a point there, no matter who will end up with natsuo, wether its rui or hina , as long as it has great foundation and reason to being and not being with.. however, i'm also interested in this serizawa character since she have unique feeling toward natsuo and she also beautiful.

=== (SPOILER) ===
they should explore her little more and give another chance..

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