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Aug 15, 1:02 AM

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Favorite Precure series and character fam
Aug 15, 2:20 AM

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More a fan of Doremi but favorite character remains Dark Pretty Cure from Heartcatch
Aug 15, 4:55 AM

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I'm new to the franchise atm and i've only complete Smile so it goes automatically as my favorite.

For my favorite character hmm i'd go with Cure Peace. (Even if Cure Sunny is in my fav chars i hated making a choice between the two.)
Aug 15, 5:19 AM

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The only Precure i could finish was Heartcatch and my fave character from that was Tsukikage.
Aug 15, 3:01 PM

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For me it's Doki doki and mana aida is my waifu
Aug 15, 3:26 PM

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I've only seen Fresh and Heartcatch, and both are quite nice. Fresh has better storyline and characterization while Heartcatch has more stylish action and more adorable characters.
Aug 15, 3:30 PM

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Dark Pretty cure so much so that's my current main profile picture actually.
Aug 15, 4:04 PM

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A tie between Go Princess & Heartcatch.

& Haruka Haruna/Cure Flora is obviously superior. (❁ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈)
Aug 15, 4:17 PM

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Heartcatch Precure, none of the fairies nor aliens even hold a candle to Chypre and Coffret, it's also the darkest Precure installment.

Aug 15, 4:19 PM

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So far, my favorite show is "Futari wa Precure," and my favorite character is "Cure Black."

That being said, I've only seen "Futari wa" so far.
Aug 15, 6:08 PM

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smh loads of Precure noobs here, I watched all of em so far and my fave main Cure has to be Haruka/Flora and my main secondary cure has to be Ruru/Amour (boi you don't know how long I was hoping for Yukari Tamura to voice a Cure made me fucking wish Yui Horie could have voiced someone in the same series but alas can make do with seeing her as Cure Magical and the two on the same screen in the all stars movie) for series I have a three way between Go! Princess, Hugtto, and Heartcatch.

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Aug 15, 6:42 PM

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Heartcatch Precure has the best story
Doki Doki has the best waifus
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Aug 15, 8:23 PM
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My favorite most far is the first I watch in the franchise, Heartcatch Precure and my favorite character is Hanasaki Tsubomi.
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Aug 15, 8:28 PM

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Heartcatch Precure is my favorite. Which other Precure series is most similar to Heartcatch?
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Aug 15, 10:07 PM
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EndlessMaria said:
Heartcatch Precure is my favorite. Which other Precure series is most similar to Heartcatch?

Emm Hugtto I guess but Go princess can be 🤷‍♀️
Aug 15, 10:19 PM

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Heartcatch for sure. Fallen mahou shoujo, permadeath, great action, and some decent character development all add up to a pretty nice package. Also, the final battles with Dune in the finale are still my favorite in the entire medium. I still rewatch those from time to time even now.

Second favorite is considerably tougher to decide. Maybe Go! Princess or Fresh. Hugtto! has a chance for the spot also once I finish it. There are a lot of seasons I haven’t seen though.

On the other hand, picking a favorite Cure is insanely difficult. If we’re talking just their Cure form then definitely Moonlight. If we’re talking their entire character... maybe Passion from Fresh? Black & White are pretty timelessly awesome too if we’re looking at the full package.
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Aug 16, 5:35 PM

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I haven't watched much of the precure series yet but so far my favorite is Cure Milky!

Aug 16, 11:17 PM

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EndlessMaria said:
Heartcatch Precure is my favorite. Which other Precure series is most similar to Heartcatch?

Go Princess! has a similar vibe to it.
Aug 16, 11:30 PM

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As of now, Hugtto Precure is the only one I've watched/completed. I plan on watching Heart Catch and Go Princess next.

Definitely Ruru. Of the "main" trio, I think Hana is probably my favorite. But overall, Ruru was my favorite for sure.
Aug 17, 7:18 AM
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I don't like traditional mahou shoujo so I'll pick Ciel purely because she's the star in what might be my favorite doujin.

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Aug 17, 8:17 AM

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i have watched all seasons, with the exception of Futari / Max Heart. i found all series enjoyable in their own ways, but Fresh! and Smile! rank among the top in my view.

Fresh redefined the precure franchise and made all subsequent series possible. besides the well done character development, and the well - thought out monster of the week, Fresh has imnho the best teamwork attack of all precure franchise (Precure, Lucky Clover Grand Finale!) (i suppose Hacha's Innocent Purification is great as well), and it teaches a message that is simple on the surface, yet profound (those who remember the Setsuna arc knows what im talking about). the conclusion of the series carries a message that may have been far ahead of its time. this series also have arguably the most memorable secondary character in the entire franchise: Kaoru
Aug 17, 8:41 AM

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I love cure melody she is just so cute
Also she was my first best girl
Aug 17, 6:46 PM
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forum sets
Sep 7, 1:42 PM

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Heartcatch Precure has the best story
Doki Doki has the best waifus
Smile has the best last 9-10 episode of conclusion
Yes 5 and Gogo has the most solid cast of heroines since Super Sentai
Suite has the best female designs
Mahou Tsukai has the best slice of life moments
Huggto has the best developted cast
Sep 7, 1:54 PM

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From each series if i can remmember since it was a long time

Freash: Cure Bery
Yes 5 and Gogo: Cure Dream, Cure Aqua, Milky Rose
Heart Catch: Cure Moonlight, Cure Marine, Cure Sunshine
Smile: Cure Beauty, Cure Happy, Cure March
Doki Doki: Cure Heart, Cure Sword, Cure Ace
Suite: Cure Melody, Cure Beat
Go Princess: Cure Mermaind, Cure Twinkle
Stat Twinkle: Cure Cosmo, Cure Milky, Cure Star, Cure Selene
Huggoto: Cure Amour