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Poll: Carole & Tuesday Episode 17 Discussion

Aug 17, 2:07 PM

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That reporter was definitely just trying to get the sound bite of Tuesday opposing her mother's policies.
Aug 17, 4:23 PM
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this is already the 3rd episode of nothing. background uninteresting characters used clearly just to say their one line of instructive lesson that kids should know. Its become so overly simplistic and sugar coated that I start to forget what I liked about the series at all. I hope its just a couple of dead episodes in between arcs...
Aug 17, 7:11 PM

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damn well.. looks like aaron's going RIP
Aug 18, 12:57 AM

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lol ertegen shows his rapping skills....nice
Aug 18, 1:01 AM

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Mamoru Miyano is the best honestly.
Aug 18, 2:26 AM

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This episode was greatly hilarious!
Ertegun being so broken after his bankruptcy because of that shit AI Pinocchio manager!
Tobi always saying kusodare! "SHIT!" haha!
Looks like there's a serial killer who is obsessed in Angela!
Ertegun and Tao joined forces! hahah nice SHIT!
Aug 18, 5:32 AM

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I was thinking since we just got a Gus episode that we'd get a Roddy/Ertegun episode. But, this was more of an Ertegun/overall stuff episode. Ertegun's AI manager took all his cash and made him go bankrupt, furthering this theme of nefarious AI we've seen. Just like the film scam robot, this one had a motive and stole all Ertegun's cash for their own reasons. Plus, with the stalker plotline and how during certain scenes we see AI as if it's watching Angela or Aaron, I'd say Mr. Bloody Manicure is clearly hacking and watching through AI, as did he control that car to take out his competition. The creepy guy Tao trash talked that was making moves on Angela for his own reputation. I was curious how AI themes would work and I like how it's been pushing it, this hacker stuff reminds me of psycho pass. Somewhere else in there the cards that Gus is using are having a vulnerability issue!

We had more Tobe and more Tao this episode which made it quite good. Tobe denied all of their songs and the first time he said their song sucked hearing two seconds of it had me laughing very hard. The stern sensei with ears of gold will get this duo far but having him yell at them in such a rundown studio was some nice comedy. Speaking of comedy, my gosh, the last scene here had me crying. Ertegun is set up to have his human written song go out into the world and he needs a singer, he's sitting with Carole and Tuesday, and the duo needs to make new songs for their album. It's easy! Carole and Tuesday will sing on Ertegun's track and it will be part of their album!! It will go gold! Or alternatively throw that out the window and I suppose Ertegun will go to Tao's and persuade him to let him have Angela for his song with some sick beatboxing while she is yelling and refusing. That was an amazing moment, some perfect unexpected comedy. Tao after quoting Ertegun was bought over and Angela went straight from "two adult men fighting over me, I'm the best", to "WHAT NO I REFUSE, STOP, WHY DO I HAVE TO GO ALONG WITH THIS", as the two men shook hands and sold her off.

Ertegun was wild this episode. The "Ertegun inside of him" has a new meaning now after seeing his breakdown. He lost himself somewhere along the line, he defined himself due to his position in the world, due to his money. Losing it made him battle between the two Erteguns inside of him, the one that started with passion to climb to the top and the money man who reached the peaks. The good Ertegun won out and now his narcissism seems to be back, it's no longer attached to his money...

Then we also had the reporter get Tuesday more on his side, mention how refugee's risk their lives to come here and Valerie is trying to get them out, and we had Spencer turn on his mom, space trump. This was some progression of the stalker plotline, the AI themes, the political storyline, and as always the bands popularity.

P.S. I like how Roddy cares for Ertegun.. They have a vaguely mysterious but endearing relationship.
Aug 18, 6:25 AM

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Too bad the show has gotten to a state where it's definitely more of a children's show than one for (young) adults. I was expecting more of a Nana vibe so I'm kind of dissapointed.
Still an interesting show to watch nonetheless.
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Aug 18, 6:27 AM

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TheCommoner said:
17 episodes in and this show is progressing exactly like a Watanabe series. It has all the trademarks of his other main animes. Some episodes feel like Space Dandy, some episodes feel like Samurai Champloo.

I really do not understand the complaints lodged against this show: lack of plot, lack of realism, lack of character development. These would apply to every big series he has done (especially in the mid section of the series) including Cowboy Bebop and they are all great.

Carole & Tuesday deserves a higher rating and hopefully it will get that with its world wide release.

It's got a 8.14 on this website. Not sure how much higher you're expecting it to be? 8+ is really good by 17k+ voters...
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Aug 19, 6:11 AM

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Truth be told, Ertegun's struggle is way more intriguing than Carole and Tuesday themselves at this point. Him beatboxing in front of Tao cracked me up, and that instant agreement was the highlight of this episode, though at first I thought that Ertegun would collab with the girls after all. Then again, I like the current turn of events.

As a side note, holy fuck did that IT guy get obliterated. Didn't expect the stalker to go to such lengths just to get the guy out of the picture.
Aug 19, 11:24 AM

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i kinda lost interest in C&T but this episode was surprisingly good. looking forward to the next one
Aug 19, 3:49 PM

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Dropping to 6/10 for me.
It can't be helped, I'm getting bored while watching Carole & Tuesday. Too bad because there are a bunch of great songs coming from it that I love to listen. But that's all.

Almost a whole episode about Ertegun and his existential crisis ? Seriously ? But who cares ?
Aug 19, 4:29 PM

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Tobe is really annoying, get him out of the cast and it will do at least me a favor. Dude can barely say one sentence without adding the same word in and his sense of humor is terrible.
Roddy is reliable and decent as always.
On the other hand, Ertegun beatboxing and Tao just getting the song somehow, meanwhile Angela being like wth made me laugh.
Aug 20, 4:49 PM
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Wow! But what an episode, hahaha. It was very good and fun. Etergun was seized, was ruined. Which shows us that the luxurious life of an artist can end overnight, nothing is eternal. I hope this serves as a lesson. He is lucky to have a friend like Roddy, he is the only one who supported him.
Mars AIs are on another level, they scam you, hahaha.
It was very funny when the different personalities of Etergun started to argue, and when he showed Tao his new cappella song, LOL 😂. I'm surprised that Tao has accepted.

Now one of the biggest problems in this story is Angela's stalker, that man is really insane. It could mean a danger to Carole & Tuesday in the future.

Ps: Number 18 on Billboard, not bad 😁.
Aug 23, 8:22 AM

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Isn't there a police or a bank where Ertegun can complain? lmao
Angela's voice acting was on point when she was screaming at the end of the episode. Her stalker is getting more and more scary.
For once it wasn't an episodic episode.
Aug 24, 2:08 AM

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lmao... this show turned into an absurdist comedy this episode. Ertegun's breakbeat followed by "I'll give you Angela" made me bust a rib. Ertegun's a cool dude, don't let the FAKE NEWS tell you otherwise.

Anyway, so it looks like we have the thread that connects the seemingly irrelevant politics to C&T: Valerie threatening Carole's refugee status. I look forward to seeing where that goes.

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Sep 1, 8:29 PM
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Team Rocket Pinnochio Blasted Off Again!!
Sep 6, 5:17 PM

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I didn't think it was possible but I kind of like Ertegun now lmaooooo
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Sep 9, 12:56 PM
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Ertegun going bankrupt was not something I expected, but it was a fun twist. Him getting to work with Tao after beatboxing was a highlight! An episode less focused on the main heroines, but it was nice seeing some other characters in action. Looking forward to more!
Sep 22, 1:34 PM

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Okay I was losing hope in this series but the last part was hilarious LOL
I look forward to Angela new song.
Oct 30, 6:14 PM

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Well, at least Aaron is not the stalker but he was killed lol.

I am glad they are developing other characters in this story but I would have liked them to explore a bit about Ertegun's bisexuality.
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