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Poll: Carole & Tuesday Episode 17 Discussion

Aug 14, 9:20 AM

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Oh shit, we got drama this episode dealing with money. Poor Ertegun.

Interestingly enough, the episode focused less on Carole and Tuesday. Even Roddy got a more relevant role to help out Ertegun. I'm just glad other characters aren't left out in the dust.

Aug 14, 9:26 AM

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Mamo's character in trouble and gets his house taken away.

Album production time? They use the studio not in used for long time.

Oh, nice. 52 -> 18 Improving. Though ex-child actress is still #1.

Miyu-Miyu's character was worrying about Mamo's character because he didn't meet him where he should. Only Miyu-Miyu's character cared about him as he took care of him.

That old guy still do producer. He doesn't like all of their songs, except one acceptable one.

That Suwabe-san reporter came to interview them. Tuesday is afraid about the interview is related to politician, though. He said he's only interested about individual person.

Mamo's character's status getting reported. Miyu-Miyu's character brought to the duo like what the duo did to the singer last ep.

Tuesday's brother already cannot bear to mother listening to that person beside him. He also found the culprit. His doll? lol @ Pinocchio's nose.

It seems like that stalker is ex-child actress's current manager?

So Mamo's character's vocalist for his new song is ex-child actress. HiroC's character likes his song, it seems, and agrees to let her sing his song.

25:05 next.
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Aug 14, 3:26 PM

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I fucking died at the end roflmfao!! Now I'm really curious about his new song. And the beginning where Carole and Tuesday were having issues coming up with a new song I totally thought they were gonna sing Ertegun's new song.

I wonder if he hadn't kicked the robot into space would it be possible for him to get his money back by turning it in as evidence?? (also the design choice for the robot is fucking perfect)

Roddy is seriously the best bro/perfect friend you can ever have. Honestly even till now I have trouble believing that these two are friends what with Ertegun's personality and fame (cause irl this just rarely happens imo). I'm glad they are, though, because they both don't let their wealth and fame, or lack thereof, hinder their friendship. Now I hope our favorite Money Monster will be able to earn back all the money he lost with his new song.

And lastly, I hate both the stalker and that creepy four-eyes, but if I had to choose I'd probably side with the stalker. After all, he truly cares about Angela (though in a very inappropriate way) while the four-eyes only wanted to use her and manipulate her for his own gains. I'm glad he got rammed into. Hope he dies. Fucking nerd (no offense y'all nerds out there, im a nerd too).
Aug 15, 7:16 AM

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Honestly, at this point I'm more interested in Roddy, Ertegun (yes, I'm starting to like this guy) and Angela than in our main singer duo....

Roddy is such a great friend. Poor Ertegun, all his other friends were only after his fame and money, and he lost his fortune bc of that pinocchio robot.
I totally enjoyed the back and forth between Ertegun and Tao. And Angela's reaction to it all lol.
Aug 15, 7:24 AM

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Following 2 episodic stories of seniors in the music industry, Desmond and Flora, C&T moves back to the story happening to the regular cast. Consistently high level of story telling despite under a wholly different narrative style:

-C&T rents a worn out studio for recording, but their producer rejected all of their songs except one. I'm looking forward to that one, as well as possible inclusion of at least 7 rejected songs which prelude were played in the episode.
- Gus's use of J-Card brings out Ertegun's loss of property and discovery of the AI manager through data leakage.
-Journalist remains mysterious about his purpose and Spencer (Tuesday's brother) declared departure from mother. From how the story goes, they might form strong support for C&T in terms of political power.
- Aaron (IT guy trying to date Angela) was only after her fame, got hit by car. Accident likely plotted by the "dark knight" stalker of Angela. (I originally speculated Aaron to be the stalker but oh well) Pleased to say Angela is not into lovey dovey for now.
-The next scene cuts to a confident Ertegun "snatching" Angela from Tao for his new song created from C&T's keyboard. I speculated Ertegun to cooperate with C&T, but the melody does not seem a fit. And a moment of appreciation for Mamo's great vocal beatboxing.

Love how the last 2 scenes cut from 2 creepy guys literally trying to take Angela as a date to Angela commenting on Ertegun trying to "snatch" her from Tao for music production. Either a clever transition or an interesting parallel between love and music production.
Aug 15, 7:47 AM

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I lost it when Ertegun punted the Pinocchio A.I.. lmao Glad the IT guy got plowed by the car.
Aug 15, 8:42 AM

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C&T recording for a new album, good to see tobe again. Lot of things going on in the background. And lmao Pinocchio bankrupted Ertegun. That was nice kick lol

But why didn't ertegun choose c&t for vocals oh well the collaboration of Tao Angela and ertegun gonna be good
Aug 15, 8:50 AM

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That beat boxing was the best! Just what is the relation of the journalist and tuesday maybe blood related?
Hope ertegun also use carole and tues voice
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Aug 15, 9:19 AM

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Have we seen the fingers of the stalker already - to be able to identify him 100 percent?

Funt o see Ertegun again. I knew it: He's just too good to not re-use him again. And I so hoped for this. When he talked to the AI about money I knew what was going to happen.

Didn't expecthim to work with Angela though. But I bet in the end he'll work together with Carole & Tuesday. Nice to see the "inner Ertegun" (the ones encouraging him and others trying to stop him talking about embarassement) and nice how Roddy helped him.
Aug 15, 9:32 AM
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I am not a big fan of this anime, but it was enjoyable to watch Miyano Mamoru being Miyano Mamoru. I wouldn't even be surprised if he was the one who'd choreographed that weird dance.
Aug 15, 9:44 AM

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It’s quite cheap that Ertegun let Angela sing his new song instead of C&T, who actually helped him with letting him borrow their keyboard -____- I guess Angela’s stalker isn’t the glasses-dude, which makes it less clichéd

Roddy’s the bro - wish he got more screen time

Aug 15, 10:08 AM
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I know that Tao was weird from the start, but not this weird.
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Aug 15, 11:47 AM

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Ertegun definitely deserves his misfortune 😁 but he's a funny guy and maybe he's going to learn a lesson from this.

And some intense stuff going on between Aaron and the stalker.
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Aug 15, 12:08 PM

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I didn't expect Ertegun to come back into scene like this. Flora fell into oblivion little by little, but he lost everything he had overnight. And I hate that people used this to dig his past up, and to talk "behind his back" when they wouldn't if he still had money. I guess this is what happens, and it's yet another realistic and interesting angle to tackle, but I felt really bad for him. As soon as he became poor people left him. Good thing he had Roddy. I would welcome him in my house any time too. lol

The saddest part was his "inner voice" trying to make him feel even worse, so I was relieved when another version of himself tried and managed to lift him up. Tao didn't care about the rumor with Angela, but he couldn't ignore the news with Ertegun, and he is even up to "lending" Angela to him so that he can get back on his feet. It seems that they share a history, and now I'm super interested and kind of relieved that Tao didn't "kick him" because he was down like the media. And that Aaron guy was indeed creepy, he was just trying to use Angela's popularity to climb the ladder, but I don't think he deserved to be killed like that. I mean, I think he died. lol That stalker is seriously dangerous, and deranged. This episode was barely about Carole and Tuesday, but Kyle is managing to get closer to Tuesday, and Spencer left his mother's side as well.
Aug 15, 1:45 PM

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That was a fantastic episode. A lot more laughs than I was expecting and I am really glad that the stalker is in fact not someone we know at this point and is actually dangerous.
Aug 15, 2:27 PM

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It's interesting to get another episode where we see a high-profile music artist fall from grace. While Flora fell from her stardom gradually, poor Ertegun lost his fortune and reputation overnight. Even a narcissistic character like him struggled to accept what happened to him and seeing him homeless, emotionless and helpless was a little depressing. You can't help but feel sorry for the guy. =(

But the MVP of this episode, Roddy, helped Ertegun the best he could and eventually, he took Ertegun to Carole & Tuesday's place so that Ertegun could play on Tuesday's keyboard. The battle of the inner voices of Ertegun was really well done throughout this episode and I was happy when his optimistic inner voice won over the doom-laden inner voice and that got Ertegun's spirit back into full swing.

He even found the Pinocchio A.I that scammed him and booted the little shit into the sky, too! XD

Tobe made another appearance as he helped Carole & Tuesday with choosing songs for their debut album. As usual, his strict expectations led to him calling the girls' songs as shit and only included one song from the long session. No denying, the whole segment was hilarious. =3

Another thing stirring up is the dark knight that's stalking Angela. He's even down so far as to do something reminiscent to the Watch Dogs franchise by hacking a nearby driverless car and made it run down the other guy that wants to use Angela for his own good, Aaron. That might be one creep down, but the other is getting progressively stronger by the day...

All in all, I really enjoyed this episode. The comedic moments were great, but it also did a very good job at showcasing Ergetun's battle with his inner voice and his struggles to dealing with his downfall in fame thanks to being hit by the J-card scam.
Aug 15, 3:13 PM
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Fun watching the Pinocchio AI and Aaron taken down. Poor Angela Putting up with Ertegun and her manager
Aug 15, 3:33 PM

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Lolwut? So when Angela sang her heart out right near the beginning of the show, Tao says her performance is just adequate.
And Ertegun beat-boxes for 10 seconds and says "it goes something like that" and Tao is instantly impressed and agrees to give him Angela?
It was so random...

I'm glad Aaron is out of the picture. He really is a very cliche character.
Aug 15, 3:54 PM

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Roddy is a really nice guy helping Ertegun out like that.

That stalker just took things to the ultimate level here, I think Angel's going to be killed as well by the time this anime ends.
Aug 15, 4:03 PM

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Since the anime is mostly about music, I'm making an effort to ignore how poorly the political issues are being portrayed, and the lack of explanation for relevant questions to better understand their world (Like, what is even happening on Earth? What exactly is this Mars colony? Is it a huge invisible dome, how do they even breath there? Do they lave limitations of resources that could be related to the Earth problem? Don't they have to go to school?), but this new Etergun drama is annoyingly nothing more than lazy writing for pure plot convenience:

You don't lose essential working tools if you go bankrupt (Virtual currency being stolen by the AI-Manager? Is the company responsible for the AI malfunctioning, like with that other defective AI from episode 4? Doesn't he have insurance?), and you're not kicked out of your house overnight. Also, Etergun being the highest-earning DJ on Mars, any bank would consider he has the means to recover and pay his debts, if he has any, so he is just broke for a while. But still, he didn't lose the rights of his songs, so even if he doesn't do anything new, doesn't he have any passive income from all of his previous songs?

Sure it's not Earth, but they seem to have a culture, political system, and legislation based on western countries so it doesn't make any sense for them to ignore all those questions while writing. It feels like a 12yo wrote the base plot for this show and asked daddy to pay for a good studio to properly animate and dub it.

I get the authors wanted Etergun to have a change of character by realizing his party friends were not real friends. But it would be less annoying if it were done in a more subtle way, this guy is 42yo, he can't be that clueless.

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Aug 15, 4:15 PM

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This episode touched a bit more serious themas : a star's decline, goign from the top to the bottom (can't say it was not funny lol) and stalker who goes so far he actually killed or attempted to kill another person.

Overall it more smiles & fun despite the previous themas, Tobe always makes me laugh with his own way of treating musical stuff.
Aug 15, 5:38 PM

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Dude's got a lot of pride to hold the world on fire eh? I thought we'd see Ertegun X Carole & Tuesday collab but Angela & Tao take the cake. Though that conversation between them was genius level, Ertegun playing the tune with just vocals was embarassing.
Can't wait for them to drop the beat soon.
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Aug 15, 6:10 PM
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Stark700 said:

Interestingly enough, the episode focused less on Carole and Tuesday.

While I am glad they are developing other characters in this story, I feel like this is actually becoming a problem. The characters they are developing are the wrong ones. We still know next to nothing about Carole, Tuesday, Angela, Gus, and Roddy. Can't say I really needed a whole episode focusing on Ertegun, Flora, Desmond, etc.

It's strange though because all three of those characters' episodes had a really nice style and flavor to them and brought some new music genres to the show that were among my favorite songs in the series. What's up with Flora though? Her episode ended on a cliffhanger and now we get nothing. Did she get out of her slump? I hope there's something about her recovery later. Same with Desmond. He entered a coma. What will happen to him?

That said, Carole & Tuesday are starting to feel like "damsels in distress" more than determined budding artists and masters of their own fate. They don't even check up on their own chart ranking, and naively follow all the decisions of the men around them, even when that leads to nowhere. Every obstacle in their way is basically overcome for them by someone else or some act of god. It doesn't feel like they put in hard work as they never seem to have a slump and can squeeze fresh songs out of their asses on demand (coincidentally in line with Tobe's sense of humor). This is not how music writing works unless you're writing dime-a-dozen radio pop hits like Sia that can be churned out in ten minutes based on a formula (this is basically her own words, not mine, if you watch some interviews about her music writing process), which is basically what Tao and his AI are doing.

I'm surprised the Black_Knight was not Cybelle, but from the look of that character it does not appear to be, and one can only assume she's in jail or on probation, so I highly doubt she'll be back in this show. That begs the question of who this guy is, or if he's even anyone, or just another random new character who will ultimately be insignificant in the grand scheme.

As we near the final 6 episodes of the show, I'm really left feeling like the writing has gotten very directionless. Is this really about two young girls' dreams to become musicians and touch the world? Or is this just the dressing on a story that's really about media, social media, and modern political strategies (with an immigration political plotline thrown in for "relevance" while entirely lacking in nuance).

The writing has gotten extremely lazy to the point where the journey of Carole & Tuesday isn't even inspirational. I'm a singer and have often wished I could be a part of a band but have never been able to find or reach out to the right people to make that happen. Apparently I need to just go for a walk down by the river though and there'll be one there that's exactly what I need and has nothing better to do than to play music for me to sing over (for free, and can rehearse and play any song in just a few hours). Yeah, that's so shamelessly unrealistic that it feels like this show has nothing to offer for young aspiring entertainers/artists. The ways that Carole & Tuesday have gained notoriety have all been through coincidence and the connections of powerful people. They even met entirely by coincidence and managed to be a perfect match as friends. How is that inspiring? In this day and age where you can independently become a worldwide sensation running your own private Youtube channel, the writer/director didn't have something more innovative to say besides to use a bunch of washed-up music industry has-beens to slingshot your career? Eeesh.

This show had really better shape up by the end of it. There have been beautiful and emotional moments here and there, but the main characters still hardly feel like people (they're very stereotypical) and the story doesn't have a clear focus. They're losing me. This late in a series I feel like it's really a waste to spend a whole episode on a slightly uninteresting side character (like Ertegun), or ones that aren't even a part of the main plot (like Desmond, Flora). Angela, Carole & Tuesday all feel kind of sidelined. There wasn't even a song this episode, for the first time since the very first episode...

This does not even remotely compare to the level of character development that had happened in Cowboy Bebop, Terror in Resonance, or Samurai Champloo by episode 17 of the series (terror in resonance was complete in 11 and I feel like I understand its main characters better than Carole and Tuesday).

I feel like I'm just waiting for the show to end at this point b/c I'm curious what the "7 minute miracle" will be and how the political plotline is related. I don't even feel like any meaningful character developments are going to happen between now and then, and even if they do, it is starting to feel like "too little too late".

Arrrrrgh. My excitement for the show has become a shrug of "well let's see what happens i guess".
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Aug 15, 6:13 PM
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Satan said:

I get the authors wanted Etergun to have a change of character by realizing his party friends were not real friends.

All the questions you asked about things this show overlooks or portrays unrealistically are good ones... and adding to your point here... what was the point of the Flora episode if they were going to have Ertegun go through basically this same plotline (my party friends weren't my real friends, and everyone left when I failed)? It's like the same thing for two episodes in a row, but one is with a character we don't even really know or care about, and the other is with a character we could potentially care about since he's been in the show for a while, but at this point it just feels redundant.
Aug 15, 6:40 PM

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Both Cowboy bebop and champloo were pretty directionless for the most part. There are episodes in bebop you can literally skip and most of the characters were one off characters.
Aug 15, 7:05 PM

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OK, the stalker is clearly someone else and not Aaron.
Aug 15, 7:17 PM

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Ertegun's beatboxing and Tao being easily amused by it was hilarious
Aug 15, 7:36 PM

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the ending is just so good Angela was like "EEEEH?" Ertegun beatboxing is even more polished than Tao's AI's and that's a fact.
Aug 15, 7:45 PM

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That ending was the stuff of legends.
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Aug 15, 8:03 PM

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Lel okay that was a pretty abrupt change for Ertegun. You really have to wonder about financial security when your AI robot can run away and transfer literally all your funds to a different account and then spend it all with no way to recover. Still it is interesting that he will be moving away from the AI music and perform at least one song with Angela.
Aug 15, 8:10 PM

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This show jumped the shark with this episode.

In a very similar way that 1970's Happy Days american sitcom gave the baton to a wacky sidecharacter like Fonzie in order to raise up the interest for a dying show, the writers come up with a very haywire idea to make a boufon character like Ertegun be the star with just a few episodes away from getting to an end of the series.

Did I laugh at Ertegun losing all his fortune and trying to get his groove back with a beatbox cheesy song trying to impress Tao? you betcha. Does it fit the current plot with a political agenda on Tuesday's mom, Carle & Tuesday's goal to become Mar's top singers, Carole reconecting with her long lost father and Angela's stalker? for pete's sake, fuck no, it's completely jarring and nothing but smokes and mirrors. I was okay with the robot that was an obvious homage to Bender from Futurama scamming C&T in the early episodes to settle the mood of the story. But repeating almost the same scheme with an AI that makes a fool out of Ertegun and all he does is give it a kick in the nads rather than using it like evidence in order to clean his name and get his fortune back, it's almost like a bad parody of a teenage show from Disney Kids or Nickelodeon.

What was the point of introducing so many characters in the past arcs, like Crystal, Cybele, Flora and others, if they are just going to be transient or even almost background characters? At this point, the series feels like it's just winging it, doesn't know where it wants to end. It turned into a ride without any sense of destination.
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Aug 15, 8:47 PM

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But guys, someone was violently killed merely seconds ago... ah forget it, Ertegun is doing some beatbox right now xD

Well, it seems Aaron was indeed a creep but not the one I was thinking. Poor Angela, having to deal with such weirdos...

An Angela/Ertegun duo? Honestly, I'm not really interested in Ertegun's music genre but leaving that aside, I'm indeed a bit intrigued to see how this collaboration goes.
Aug 15, 8:58 PM

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Ooh that was a good episode. Ertegun realizing how his "friends" only were after money and going back to how he used to make music.
Also that beatbox was hilarious xd

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Aug 15, 9:17 PM

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Ertegun went bankrupt. Roddy went to look for Ertegun, he found him resting in a lounge chair with no money, properties or friends, Roddy invited him to stay with him. A rumor about Aaron and Angela as a couple is spreading in the news (the stalker doesn’t like it). Tobe, Carole, Tuesday and Gus went to the studio to test the songs, Tobe only picked one, Kyle arrived looking for an interview and ended talking with Carole and Tuesday about how Valerie’s politics could affect Carole’s actual status in Mars. Spenser left his mother while she proceeds with her politic strategies. Ertegun was depressed, so Roddy decided to invite him with Carole and lend him the keyboard, he ended creating a song (with an interior struggle); Roddy helped him to found who stole his money, his pinocchio AI. Aaron was in the street having a call (about his interest in Angela) when a car ran over him (the stalker was there). Ertegun had a meeting with Tao looking for Angela to sing his song, Tao agreed.

Finally, an interesting episode, too many things happened here. At least, Ertegun learned what humility is again, I know that IA thing is ridiculous, but is only the ignition of the problem, his struggle was ok, but to develop the process of a big failure (depression), it needs more than half of an episode. With that speech, Kyle touched sensitive fibers in Tuesday, and it’s true. What a scene that of Aaron, this is becoming violent and dangerous. We saw to titans, Ertegun and Tao face each other, very funny scene. Overall, a really good episode, much better than last two.
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Aug 15, 9:30 PM

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Wasn't really feeling this episode, I mean, nothing really that important happened or something surprising. And then the reporter (The New York Times) mentions the refugee dynamic between Carole and Tues mother which we all knew what was going to happen - as said in previous weeks, the political beats are nothing but pandering and that is what makes it cringe-inducing, blatantly mirroring the current political figures and climate - in the USA. Doing absolutely nothing interesting with it. C&T is turning out to be rather a disappointment.
Aug 15, 11:48 PM

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DJ Ertegun literally wanked his money off and paid no heed to the warning of the Pinocchio-like AI, not to his redemption that he was bankrupt in an instant. So much for "friends with benefits". Turns out that even AI have life within them, and it's the same within humans as well (the same way that Gus used the scam videotaping AI earlier in the series, literally a waste of money).

On the other hand, Carole and Tuesday are making good progress. Quite an achievement that their song is rising through the ranks. Angela's side is still reeling in fake news, that stalker though. Tobe, is really giving them both shit, but at least he's holding to his expertise.

The stalker side problem is addressed, with the so-called Black Knight eliminating Aaron, but that's not saying much if this notion still exists.

In issue of the political aspect, I still can't see the link between the family issues of Tuesday, except that it's destroying the family apart (Mother vs. Children).

If anything, I'd say that Roddy is the MVP of the episode, helping Ertegun on his issues and being a loyal friend without benefits. What's more damning is that he requires Angela for his revival, where he could have used Carole and Tuesday.
Aug 16, 1:47 AM
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it so many happening in this episode it becomes interesting mostly that Tao agree to let Angela sing to that man but it's hilarious

not to forget the car accident it so sudden
Aug 16, 1:53 AM

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Hang on, isn't that literally just Ruri Hijiribe's stalker for Durarara!!? Same nose, same clothes-ish. How the fuck is he still alive so far into the future?

Anyway, I guess everyone's predictions were right on the money, that Tuesday's mom is gonna try and deport Carole off the planet. I kinda like the idea that we're so far into the future that we've colonised another planet, but we still have the same old problem of politicians caring more about winning than what their policies would actually do. Oh, and this might just be my wrong predictions again, but just like Dann, Kyle is totally gonna be Tuesday's dad. What is it with this show and people's dads just conveniently showing up? I'm waiting till Ertegun's dad comes knocking on the door.

Oh speaking of Ertegun, looks like he'll probably do okay. I kinda like the way they did the scenes of the voices in his head, that felt very true-to-life at least for me.

Okay so, in the interest of keeping track of everything, how many fucking sub-plots have we got now?
- C&T doing their recordings
- Angela's stalker
- Ertegun's bankruptcy and collab with AngelaxTao
- Tuesday's mom's political campaign of death
- Plus whatever's going on with side guys like Gus and Kyle
I wish this show would just fucking focus. I didn't mind the filler episodes where they meet stand-ins for famous artists, but the main story just has too much going on. It seriously needs to trim down and just focus on one or two things. I mean, I know it's probably all gonna connect neatly in the end, but all that means it that I'm gonna be struggling to hold it all in my head until that time comes. To that end, at least writing this every week has helped me retain it better.
Aug 16, 2:55 AM

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At this point, the plot of this show is just whatever the writers feel like this week. Not literally of course, but with direction this shoddy it might as well have been.
What was the point of the Flora subplot? Hell if I know. What's the point of this one? There probably isn't a point. I mean with the way things are going, we'd be lucky to even see it resolve. Remember that one time around ep 6, where this one side-character, Spike, I believe, and that singer had a conversation about their past? I bet you don't, but it happened. That never went anywhere. And all the C&T subplots are like this, abandoned and picked-up seemingly at random.
Aug 16, 2:58 AM

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Ok, that's ending was good, it's remind me of something but I forgot it. it's like dejavu for something you didn't remember
Aug 16, 3:18 AM
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angela sure is having a life of a popular celebrity--- issues, rumors and more... she has a stalker and have some dating rumors with a DJ...

The main highlight is ertegun--- as you can see he became bankrupt, almost all of his friends are now gone. thanks to rody for being there for him...

Thats why you need to be careful in trusting someone...
Aug 16, 4:00 AM

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I think it's safe to say Ertgun making a beatbox was best thing this show has managed to offer
Aug 16, 9:05 AM
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I was not expecting Ertegun to get some character development, but color me impressed.

The end of the episode was hilarious, it kinda reminded me of some mid-2000's anime.
Aug 16, 12:07 PM

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Well, looks like Aaron wasn't the stalker after all. May as well have been the worst asshole of the two, though...

Did not expect Ertegun to go for Angela when he had two excellent singers right beside him, especially after borrowing their equipment to write his song. Hopefully it helped them along as well, though, would fit the pattern established in the last few episodes.
Aug 16, 12:20 PM

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17 episodes in and this show is progressing exactly like a Watanabe series. It has all the trademarks of his other main animes. Some episodes feel like Space Dandy, some episodes feel like Samurai Champloo.

I really do not understand the complaints lodged against this show: lack of plot, lack of realism, lack of character development. These would apply to every big series he has done (especially in the mid section of the series) including Cowboy Bebop and they are all great.

Carole & Tuesday deserves a higher rating and hopefully it will get that with its world wide release.
Aug 16, 12:29 PM

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Roddy <3 Such a good boy ^^ Great seeing him support Ertegun throughout the whole ordeal.
Interesting seeing Ertegun's inner struggles (and his past self).
That AI wouldn't have escaped with just a kick from me >.>
That stalker is hella dangerous :o
Tao asking him to make him dance X)
Also, that last part with Ertegun was hard to watch but hilarious. Good for him, but I had to hide my face and cover my blush while watching X)
Aug 17, 2:07 AM

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Anime is like a Korean drama series or Mexican or Philippine soap series that has all these mini plots happening, they're all interesting and you do not know which one you want to focus more on.

Angela has a stalker, Aaron wants to be her bf to get ahead in life but he gets run over by said stalker. Tuesday will eventually have to face being Valerie's daughter, probably Spencer will help her out. Ertegun lost his money, Pinocchio one-upped him. Ertegun wants to work with Tao and Angela. So much is happening lol

Favorite part was when Pinocchio's nose kept growing whenever he lied, so cute. Just like the original story, whoever made that AI was genius.
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Aug 17, 2:20 AM

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Wow, Roddy's a good buddy, man. Then again, Ertegun let him borrow his car only for it to be destroyed, and he also had him meet Carole and Tuesday, in which Tuesday burned papers in his house. I mean like, hey. But interestingly enough, they do kinda meet each other halfway in an interesting way. Everyone left Ertegun high and dry, and they could have easily had Roddy kinda be like, "Eh heh;;; that sucks, I gotta go" and have Ertegun unintentionally play the pity card until Roddy gave in. But it seemed like, though he didn't want to do too much, Roddy was still genuinely concerned for Ertegun. And then Roddy was also going out of his way to look into Ertegun's stuff, but also concerned about him seeing what folks were digging up, but ALSO went WITH him to confront the shady AI. I think it says a lot that in Ertegun's inner monologue with... himselves, he did point out that Roddy wasn't the type to make fun of him like that. It's like they definitely know each other beyond the surface... which I wonder about since Roddy is pretty young, so I wonder when he even met Ertegun. Couldn't have been too long ago that they met, right? I can't imagine the biggest DJ hiring someone under18 to manage his AI...

Anyway, Ertegun DID say he wanted to make a song with Angela during the competition, so I'm not too surprised that he asked her. I'm laughing at the beatboxing, but it also shows that Ertegun actually is supposed to be pretty damn legitimate if just beatboxing the song he's thinking of is enough to win Tao over of ALL people. But also that kick was fierce. Ertegun is surprisingly strong, anime physics aside.

Perhaps Angela will not be able to sing the song because of Aaron or something? I'm assuming she didn't know about him getting hit during the scene with Tao and Ertegun. Or perhaps Tao will attempt to use the digital Angela and things will pop off in a bad way. I dunno.

ALSO, we kinda didn't get to see what was going on with Gus and the J card. Last we heard was that his card was also a part of the theft ring or whatever. Perhaps he'll also have similar problems? That would probably end up affecting Carole and Tuesday as well, so ahhh there are a lot of questions I'll just have to wait to have answered hopefully next episode. But I did really like Ertegun's arc here. I actually did feel bad for him.

Enjoy your anime!
Aug 17, 10:39 AM

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Show has lost so much steam, entire 2nd half almost feels like filler, going through the motions.

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Aug 17, 11:20 AM

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Lmao so much for hoping that Ertegun will join up with Carole and Tues now after what happened to him, he is joining Angela sigh.
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