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Poll: Kanata no Astra Episode 7 Discussion

Aug 17, 9:43 PM
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this show is doing a good job keeping me curious
Aug 17, 11:40 PM

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Spaceship said:

Nim0174 said:
there would be no point in any of that because the story is going to be finished
im not sure if you read the manga but if you did im sure u'd understand
if not, u will understand at the end of this anime why it would make no sense anyway

I think people (myself included) are just eager for more worldbuilding. I think if this were a 2-cour show they could have fleshed it out more...

Not really, since the manga's worldbuilding aspect isn't really something great, the adaptation is doing fine in that regard. There will be some information and revelations in the last few episodes, nothing more.
Aug 18, 4:04 AM
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Nice plot starting to connect. Ep6 Quitterie noted Charce being suspiciously nice to Aries. Now we see both his & her childhood backstory (pretty cool the OP reversed text). Also somewhat explains the two buns on her head as possible surgery tech. Like Quitterie, looking forward to dat triangle.
The hibernation device also a major surprise, tho big question of why each ship only has 1 pod. Is this some kind of "school camp" happening for decades, that in reality became eugenic purging/cloning related.
Aug 18, 11:34 AM
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It's still a big coincidence, but to be fair I feel people are kinda underestimating the distance the 2 ships could have crashed from each other.

We know for a fact that the MC's Astra was moved closer to the river to resupply (and we don't actually know how far they had to move the ship). Zack also said the other Astra was too damaged to be capable of space flight, which might mean it could have been able to fly after the crash just like theirs (and it would make sense for them to move it closer to food / water supplies).

Aug 18, 2:09 PM

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This episode was good. What a coincidence, they were really lucky. The question now is if they will be able to repair the Astra but I think they will be.
Aug 18, 6:23 PM

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I was watching the anime Seikai no Monshou from 1999 and on its second chapter it has a scene that its almost identical to the begining of Kanata no Astra when someone steals a purse on the boarding plataform from the space craft, its too simmilar to be a coincidence so they probably did that scene as a tribute.
Aug 19, 12:24 PM
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An episode full of great surprises ...
Charce is a former nobleman, the story with her friend Seira, it was a sad thing. It is a relief to know that he is not the enemy.
The ship was in poor condition for navigation.
And most shocking of all, is the fact that they found another ship on that planet and, inside, a surviving girl.
How exiting!. Now the numbers are even.

This story and anime never cease to amaze me with each episode.
Aug 19, 1:51 PM

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kanata: send him to the brig!
charce: *play a sad melody with concertina*

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Aug 20, 9:53 PM

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And boom, suddenly a sexy space woman appears!
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Aug 21, 11:08 PM

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And Aries doesn't remember her childhood, why? Does she not have a photographic memory? I mean Aries and Seira have the same seiyuu, and they look alike. The hell is going on here?
Aug 22, 1:29 AM
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More over-emotional garbage. Hard to believe that the writer of this is male.
Aug 22, 7:30 PM

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-At first, I thought Charce had just made up a decent excuse, but I guess he's cleared. I'm not sure who to be suspicious of now.
-That singing thing was weird, to be honest.
-I wonder what are some real cases of planets being perfectly aligned like that. Like where it's always night on one side, and always day on the other. Does anyone know real examples of this? Interesting concept either way.
-That attack scene was pretty intense. I was wondering how they were going to get out of all this. Now it seems like there's no way for them to get out of this. I wonder what direction they're going to take. I feel like they'll find a way out of this though.
-I've pretty much disliked Quitterie throughout all of this, but I've got to admit that that pathetic cry was pretty sad.
-That scene between Kanata and Aries was pretty funny.
-And what an ending? I wonder what's going to happen next.

Aug 24, 12:43 AM

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A bit better than the disastrous episode 6.

Why there's another ship in this planet? And how the hell would they randomly land on the exact same spot on this planet? I just want some sort of explanation for this.

It seems that Aries looks like Seira.
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Aug 28, 4:13 PM

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We now know more about Charce, and at least he doesn't seem to be the enemy.

After that crash landing, the Astra appears to be irreparable. However, after finding another wrecked ship there, they may possibly be able to salvage something from it. Also, they've opened the hibernation pod, which revealed a blond girl.
Aug 28, 7:34 PM
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Astra Lost in Space delivers yet another fantastic episode! While our merry band of space adventures are no strangers to hardship, this is the first episode that really dwells into the harsh realities of attempting to survive in a hostile environment. Also, we explore a bit of Charce's backstory, but honestly, I'm not sure if he's really innocent or that's just something to throw viewers off. The episode also delivers one last plot twist that will make our heroes' journey easier or harder. All in all, this is a fun series and I can't wait to see what happens next.
Aug 31, 9:41 AM

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Okay Aries has to be Seira right? It can't be that coincidental that she looks the same, and the flashback muted out her hair color.

Charle is another kid with shit parents...this can't be a coincidence.

And they just happen to crash on a planet with ANOTHER Astra type ship?

WTF is going on here?!
Sep 10, 3:12 AM

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Have any of you noticed that Aries, unlike other kids, looks nothing like her parents?
Sep 13, 2:15 AM

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Seriously, what the *****************. I noticed how everyone forgot that there's a traitor, and nobody mentioned that Charce is most probably not a clone(and probably the traitor, but this plot twist made even that point look irrelevant.

Also 12 episodes? I thought they will be 25. What a shame.
Sep 14, 4:43 AM

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Imagine waking up after putting yourself into hibernation, seeing people and thinking you're finally saved, only to find out they're stranded with you and 12 years has already passed.

And Seira = Aries the fuck

Sep 20, 5:11 PM
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What in the world is happening? Have they been involved in some sort of recurring experiment? Kind of like Btoom!? This anime is too interesting, I love it.
That said, the frozen and burning zones remind me of punk hazard and the reference to 24 hour days reminds me of enies lobby in one piece. It made me want to rewatch those sections.
Sep 28, 12:41 PM

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Time for Charce's backstory, which was short and sweet. It's honestly kind of a let down from the cliffhanger of the last episode. Reminds me of those annoying 約束のネバーランド cliffhangers. I'm guessing the crew of the ship they come across after they crash land went through an almost identical series of events as they did, but perhaps will give them more of a clue as to what is actually going on. If that is the case it seems extremely coincidental they would have gone to the exact same planets in order, also gotten stranded, etc. I hope the girl they woke up is the sole survivor, I don't really want a whole new cast.
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Oct 4, 5:08 AM

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Based on the pic Charce was holding and even the hairstyle, Seira really looks a lot like Aries. Not to mention its literally the same letters in reverse.
A new character, whoa.
Oct 9, 10:49 AM

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Okay... so the idea of one of the crew members being a traitor is steadily sinking, as I expected when the idea was first juggled. There's the possibility we're being lied to, but the way the show pans into character monologues and internal thoughts reduces the probability -- not to mention everyone appears to have been working largely to the benefit of group survival hitherto.

This is an interesting plot development, but it's growingly increasingly difficult to ignore all of the stupendous plot conveniences. It'd be especially interesting if the plot somehow resolves on what I will dub Planet Icarus, but I'll be shocked if they don't somehow find a way back into space.

The good news is... in the grand scheme of where they started, they're not super far from home... right?

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Oct 12, 6:23 AM

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Well, i have mixed feelings about this charce, rather to believe or not about his background, there still something off on him ... that SEIRA - ARIES is till messed my head up, it could be he really knew her from before or he just making a direct story to cover up his lie.

I stii had a suscpicion oh him tho, and even better another mystery on top of mystery, who's exactly that hibernated woman from that another Astra... this getting more and more interesting i loved this....
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5 hours ago
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Koito91 said:
Mayuka said:
Simply wow :o

I don't know if I fully believe Charles yet.

I'm finally starting to believe a clones theory could be correct as Aries and Seira are the same thing. ALSO THE REVERSED NAME LOL

Exactly, I'm also starting to believe it. Also, do you remember how the name of Aries was introduced in the OP? Makes total sense...

How I loved this episode. It's really the tone that I wanted from this anime and it delivers. And yes, I will repeat myself like in the other Astra threads; This anime still feels fresh to me.

Why are people complicating this?
It is obvious they are the same person, the plot is doing a poor job of trying to hide it.
This could all be explained with memory loss which would then involve some kind of surgery (memory manipulation) and something happened that gave Aries her outstanding memory.
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