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Regarding animated movies only (short & long) from all over the world, what rank do you place your favorite japanese movies?

Aug 13, 5:05 PM

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In tv series things would be harder since Japan produces the majority. But for long and short movies there are many choices.

An example:
Favorite anime movie is Princess Kaguya and some Ghibili like Whisper of the Heart and Only Yesterday

But I would not put it as my #1 choice in world animation but somewhere along top 6-10 for sure.

Eg my list:

1. Hedgehog in the Fog
2. The King and the Mockingbird
5. Tragedy of Man

If you include live action I think my favorites would be some very old films.
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Aug 13, 5:19 PM

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Spirited away is my favourite overall film ever (animated or not) so I don't quite agree with that sentiment. Grave of the fireflies is a close second and one of my top5 favourite movies ever. Both are extremely important movies for me I guess. Beyond them there's some variation.

If I have to make a top10 of every animated film:

1. Spirited away
2. Grave of the fireflies
3. The old mill
4. Duck amuck
5. Toy Story 3
6. Everything will be OK
7. Whisper of the heart
8. Tale of tales
9. Fétiche
10. Princess Mononoke