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Aug 13, 2:38 AM

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Latest teaser trailer is up for this upcoming anime. Coming 2020.

Aug 13, 2:42 AM

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looks interesting, but weird. Not the biggest fan of that art style.
Aug 13, 4:40 AM

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Character designs are not exactly my taste, but other than that I think it looks really interesting. Definitely looking forward to this.
Aug 13, 4:42 AM

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Well it looks like psychology+mystery so nothing for me :/
Aug 13, 5:10 AM

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Wow, Kenjiro Tsuda sure is receiving a lot of roles lately.
Aug 13, 7:52 AM

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I can't believe my eyes. Detective? Very intriguing.
Aug 13, 1:32 PM
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simple character designs are great for the animators and sakuga though so i like it

and looks like this is the digital/computer world im gonna watch this
Aug 17, 10:35 PM

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Illyricus said:
Wow, Kenjiro Tsuda sure is receiving a lot of roles lately.

Exactly what I thought but hey, I’m not complaining. I just wanna bask in his voice.
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Aug 21, 11:30 AM

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May I just say; that music is the thing.

Surreal sci-fi, detectives, and a scarf boy. I don't have high hopes for this but it's very unique so I'd love to check it out.
Aug 27, 4:53 PM
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This seems very interesting. The art style is kinda different...I like that though. The screaming at the end sounds weird but everything else is pretty cool.
Sep 13, 2:15 PM
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The story looks interesting: a detective trying to solve a crime in a virtual reality world, so he's got to move as fast as the dudes manipulating the world around him.

The visuals look crisp and sleek.

I've got my eye on this.
Sep 18, 6:16 AM

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Sou will perform the theme song!

Personally, I'm a fan of Sou so I'm very pleased to see this!
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Oct 1, 5:39 AM
Oct 1, 6:25 AM
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Also, MIYAVI will perform the ED of the anime.