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Aug 13, 2:22 AM

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The more I watch this match, the more I'm impressed by both sides. However, it's the rookies that continues to bring themselves together to face against this challenge.

Not bad, I sense some great players in the future.
Aug 13, 3:39 AM
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This training match might be the evolution Seido team need to get the ticket to Koshien.
There are interesting first year players more than I thought, I think this episode is the debut of Kagami Kota, the emotionless plain appearance batter that doesn't exude fighting aura like Yuki Masahi but get his job done. Also the old coach of Okamura is kinda like... dirty old man that you usually see in adult rated fictional work.
Aug 13, 4:59 AM

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Asada will surely help the team in the future.
Aug 13, 5:39 AM

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Seeing Asada looking so happy made smile :)

Aug 13, 6:09 AM

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That curveball from Asada is nasty, the angle is so sharp because his height. Also we got Kuramochi 2.0 but it seems like he is more strategic about stealing base than Kuramochi. We already see Okumura play now i want to see Yui as a catcher too.
Aug 13, 6:48 AM

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Seeing Asada pitch with confidence while being calm and getting strikes made me happy. He came off as a rather shy person who's scared to say anything, but he's definitely got talent.

And oh boy Takuma reminds me so much of Kuramochi with that insane pace of his. He got away with that safe early on, but man is he fast.

Also this shot of Okumura & Takuma looks so cool!

I laughed my ass off when Masashi just straight up started swinging his bat and everyone just stared at him. It's totally understandable that both him and Kaoru want to play alongside the other first years.
This shot here really shows how determined Kaoru is and Masashi being straight fired up.

All in all we have a lot of promising first years as it clearly shows, but Okumura has to be my favorite. He has that something to be a leader, could totally see him become a future Captain.
One last cool shot of the three first years that shined this episode.
Aug 13, 7:06 AM

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I took a huge liking to these bunch of first years. I hope they're going to kill it at the next tournament.
Kokoro did nothing wrong.

Aug 13, 7:11 AM

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Great episode.

Really liking the first years.
Loved the moment where Asada was smiling and he and Koshuu did a mitt bump. xD

Miyuki got invited to the Tokyo Invitational, that's cool. I hope we get to see some of those matches.

I loved all the shots showing Kaoru and Masashi fired up, that moment after Kaoru asks the coach. "It's a good thing I asked" and Masashi says "It's a good thing I swung" made me laugh a lot.

Can't wait to see more of this match.
Aug 13, 7:37 AM

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Wow Asada can pitch a dangerous pitch. Also koshu and Takuma's combo is smthng. They worked really well together to get that run and nice looks like kaoru and Masashi will be playing in the match.
Aug 13, 7:42 AM

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"I'm glad I asked"

"I'm glad I swung"

This is so funny xD
Aug 13, 8:05 AM
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the first years are very entertaining to watch
If you think about it Asada is similar to Tanba
Aug 13, 11:29 AM

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Really like the 1st years as well. I wish Yowamushi Pedal had introduced great 1st years like these.

On another note, these episodes go by way to fast. I miss the days, where I was able to binge-watch 10+ episodes a day. Though I have to admit that it makes me appreciate the epsiodes a little more.
Aug 13, 4:11 PM
Anime Moderator
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I laughed at how Asada reacted to Eijun's "drag that pitcher off the mound!" XD I love how Eijun cheers for both teams. The intrasquad match is so exciting! The third years don't have much time left of the team, so it's the best time to invest in new talents. Asada is definitely a surprising one. He'd be a great addition to Seidou's unique pitcher line-up. I'm liking Takatsu too, forgot if I already said that last episode. But he's definitely performing well, especially that double play.
Aug 13, 11:23 PM

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I'm not a big Okumura fan, I have to be honest.
I don't like the characters that are immediately OP, and Okumura gives me this impression
Aug 14, 2:21 AM
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Lmao I freaking love Sawa. He's hilarious. They think he's a turncoat, first rooting for the first-years and then ruthlessly switching to the second/third-years, but I'm sure he's just firing up Asada, his docile roommate.
Since he saw how reliable and aggressive Asada can be as a pitcher, he no longer has to hide behind a pillar and silently encourage/root for him!
Aug 14, 5:09 AM

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So Koushuu tends to analyze a lot while playing, huh. I mean, it's useful and it worked well here, but no wonder he wants to enjoy baseball more. His way of playing seems stiff. And I guess that Takuma is going to take Kuramochi's place with those legs when he is gone... Well, this one was already more interesting than the previous one. I hope Kaoru and Masashi get to shine in the next one. lol Although the preview wasn't even about this game anymore.
Aug 14, 6:19 AM

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Seido is tough! Second years are doing their best to ensure the first years don't win or take the open spots in the practice squad/first string. And the first years are trying to do the same. That's the competitive environment and nature Seido has. Takuma is the next Kuramochi, and Okumaru and Asada are doing great, so great that Kaoru and Masashi got fired up and wanted to join in. Very entertaining stuff, the future is bright for Seido.
Aug 14, 4:08 PM

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Look like the next generation of seido is starting with skilled members
Aug 15, 9:03 AM

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As expected from the tension of the previous episode. The first year is on fire!! Watching Asada's pitching is like seeing the second Sawamura, while Okumura is growing to be the second Miyuki > < Also, Taku looks like the future Kuramochi. I want to see how the first year will deal with the rest of the game.

//Why do I sense a drama coming in the next episode?
WARNING the sport anime drama is coming ;_;