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Aug 13, 2:14 AM

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You know, I've been doing a bit of profile visiting lately and I noticed that some people rate anime incredibly high, and some people rating anime incredibly low. Usually the ones who rate it higher have a lower watch time but some of them do have quite a bit of watch time. And no, most of them actually rate accordingly to what the score is supposed to mean.

So, here is my question. How on earth do you people actually rate your things? By subjectivity, objectivity, your friends (idk why) etc.

Aug 13, 2:22 AM

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I am trying "objectivity", but many people rate by their enjoyment and that's completely fine, everyone has their own taste.
Aug 13, 2:35 AM

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I rate an anime based on personal enjoyment. :)
Aug 13, 2:36 AM

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I'm one of those people who have high score and a lot of watched anime I guess. I rate subjectively to large degree (not that one could even reach full objectivity for this) and mostly take in objective factors as secondary. As long as it didn't hurt show in my opinion, even if it may have been objectively a bad thing, I won't take it into consideration too much. I will mostly just rate it according to how I enjoyed the show and then I either add or remove 1-2 points if some characteristics were particularly great or bad. Otherwise I assume enjoyment already covered most aspects. I also rate memorability so I can add or take a point if I remember show for a long time or if I forget about it way too fast.

Another point, and probably most important as to why my score is high is that I rarely score drops and I drop anime a lot. I mostly only finish things I enjoyed, so there isn't enough shows I dropped and scored or finished yet didn't like to bring my score down.
Aug 13, 2:36 AM

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I score movies higher than series because they are over in two hours. 10 is my most subjective score, given to stuff that may not be the best but has impacted me in some positive way. Story and animation quality are the most important criteria. Shows that feature guns, history and military are usually scored higher because these are topics that interest me personally. The quality of girls is also a very important factor. Things that might reduce the score are nonsensical plots, predictable plots, plot holes, unlikeable characters, annoying characters, asspulls and deus ex machina.
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Aug 13, 2:42 AM

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Subjectively, purely by how much I enjoyed it and how much I was emotionally invested.

Here's my scale

1-4 ranges from unwatchable to bad
5 is meh
6 is not bad but not really good either
7 is getting there, pretty good
8 is really damn good
9 is amazing, one of my favorites
10 is a masterpiece that I find near perfection, something I like everything about
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Aug 13, 2:43 AM

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I really don't know how to assign a number to anime. If I like it better than Dragonaut, I give it a 7+, if not, I lower the score. I have some anime in my completed I don't even remember why I rated them so high or low. 50% is guess work for me. I mean, I scored bebop a 6 and keijo 9.
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Aug 13, 6:12 AM
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i just rate anime mostly based on enjoyment because i dont have that many brainpower to think about things objectively since i have to think about lots of things before actually rating. if its based on enjoyment then its rly easy to rate
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Aug 13, 6:56 AM

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Its basicially on my profile.

But the thing i value most is realism/believability,depth and how fleshed out everything is, that means a Shounen almost never gets above a 7.
I value enjoyment but it differs from show to show how much.
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Aug 13, 7:34 AM

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TBH, I usually didn't rate an anime. But if I have to rating, I should be rating it incredibly high side
Aug 13, 7:38 AM

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Check my profile for a detailed explanation of what each score means to me, but in general it's a gut feeling.
Aug 13, 7:49 AM

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ratings can only be subjective since its still one's opinion as to what a series should be.
i feel like the title and op are asking two different questions though, so to answer the titles, i would rate most shows good because i enjoyed most of them
Aug 13, 9:00 AM

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It's hard to stay objective when it comes to anime, something meant to entertain and sell merch. I'm also pretty bad at assigning hard number ratings, especially out of ten. I wish I could rate on a /5 scale - I loved it, I liked it, it was okay, I didn't like it, I hated it. I've considered trying to replicate that by only assigning ratings of 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10, but it doesn't really line up with what those ratings mean on this site.

So I basically just give most things that I enjoyed but don't have strong feelings towards a 7, and then go higher or lower based on how strong I felt about the series.
Aug 13, 3:57 PM
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I think I rate mine pretty highly because I usually drop and don't rate the ones mid-way that seem like they'll be 6 or below, as opposed to some of my friends that will stick with it even if it seems bad. Maybe that's how other high-raters are as well?
Aug 13, 4:08 PM
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My profile says I have mean score of 8.00, since I pick to watch anime that I will enjoy and not "test" if it isn't my taste or not.
Aug 13, 4:10 PM

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I ask myself, how much did I appreciate/enjoy what I watched.

I also don't force myself to answer the question, so if I don't have an answer to this question yet, I just let it be and ask again later.

Generally speaking, for me to have finished something, I enjoyed it. So "I like this" is my most common score, not counting things I just don't bother rating.
Aug 13, 4:13 PM

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I rate completely based on enjoyment, because in the end that is the only score that matters.
Aug 13, 4:16 PM
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Anything I enjoy watching I rate 6 and above depending on how much I enjoyed it
Aug 13, 4:24 PM

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I try to rate them objectively.. like
1/10 characters
1/10 enjoyment
1/10 sound (osts)
1/10 animation
6/10 story
if I checked the work from which the anime was adapted then it would influence the rating a lot
I started rating anime this way just recently, but I believe that the ones I've rated before would match it
Aug 13, 4:56 PM

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I try to watch over 70 anime series a year. Hoping to find two or three if I'm lucky 9/10 series.

For me the anime I watch and finish have to be two kinds, either interesting or entertaining. The interesting anime can get scores from 6/10 to 9/10, while the entertaining ones can get a 3/10 to 7/10. If I come across an anime that is both it will be a 10/10.

I don't judge a 20+ ep anime and a 10+ ep anime in the same way. Meaning a 9/10 score for a 20+ ep is valued higher than a 9/10 for a 10+ ep.

Example "Dororo" a 20+ ep anime has a 9/10 on my list. While "Domestic na Kanojo" a 10+ ep has a 10/10 score. Reason I have seen two other anime both 9/10s to me very similar to "Domestic na Kanojo" and yet it was still superior to both. I have seen many anime resembling "Dororo", however I don't think it is superior to all of them.
Aug 13, 5:06 PM

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Aug 13, 5:19 PM

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Firstly, I base on my enjoyment. Then I look at some of the show's qualities like characters and stories, does it have many problems? Then adjust the score a bit. Mostly down but some are up
Aug 13, 5:42 PM

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Average rating: 7.01

According to my graph the most common rating I give is an 8. I rate things based on whether they conform to a short list of standards.

1. Story-Was the story good and well written?
2. Were the characters likable did they develop?
3. Emotional Attachment-Did I care about the characters, laugh, cry, get pissed, etc?
4. Technical Specs-Was it was generally well made? Good animation, music, no pacing issues, etc.
5. The Ending-Did it even have one? Was it good or did it at least fit the show if it was depressing? What about loose ends?
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Aug 13, 7:15 PM

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Characters are typically the selling factor of an anime for me if it has a good main character I'll typically watch the show until the end. If the characters aren't tolerable or enjoyable to watch I most likely won't watch all the show
Aug 13, 8:09 PM
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still pretty new to this so still making a rating system so this may change at some stage. i rate things on numerous things like characters, story, pacing but also largely how emotionally invested i was or how into the series i was. also any weird decisions to do with plot lines or plot twists can drag the rating down.
Aug 13, 8:21 PM

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Mostly by personal enjoyment. I start to get a general idea of where I'd rate something by if I really liked it, found it to be average or just porous. Once I have that general feeling nailed down, I get more into the finer details of how I'd like to objectively rated it. I've given some things 10's based on how they impacted the medium more so than how I personally felt towards them.
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Aug 13, 8:38 PM

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Scores reflect mostly enjoyment. Generous ratings for shows without a single boring episode and everything that makes me laugh like an idiot.

In general I use the MAL ratings as they are ( 5 = average, 6 = fine, 7 = good etc. ).
Aug 13, 10:39 PM
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I rate an anime based on my personal enjoyment~
Also how good the story and characters ofc
Aug 13, 10:52 PM
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I rate it by my objective and subjective enjoyment with a 50/50 split
Aug 13, 11:01 PM

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I tend to have a general balance when I rate anime. Usually anime with better characters and story tend to get rated higher than anime that have great visuals or a great soundtrack. An anime can look as polished as a pewter, but if it has shit characters I can’t get engaged in, I have a hard time enjoying the anime.

I’ll also tend to rate a flawed anime high if it provided some sort of impact. For example, I have Angel Beats rated a 10 even though it does have some pretty notorious flaws. I have it rated high because I thought it did an outstanding job with telling fantastic side stories.

My rating scale is about like that of a school paper.

10 - A+
9 - A
8 - B
7 - C
6 - D
5 and lower - F

An anime has to be pretty God damn atrocious though for me to rate it 5 or lower. I tend to rate most of the anime I watch between 6-8.

Aug 13, 11:13 PM

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My average score is about a 7.

10: Masterpiece
9: REALLY good, loved it a lot.
8: Pretty dang good.
7: Enjoyable, but nothing particularly groundbreaking.
6: Fine, with definite room for improvement.
5: A hard "eh." Plain mediocre.
4: Not good.
3. VERY not good.
2. Fucking terrible.

For something to get a 1/10 it'll have to be like, disastrously awful. Malicious and horrendous beyond simple bad writing or poor production. Something that is just actually atrocious with no redeeming qualities. I haven't even found anything I'd call a 1 yet. Even my least favorite anime is a 2. And I could go on forever about why I hate it.

The reason my average is around 7 is cause I don't really go out of my way to watch something I know I won't like. If I happen to start something bad, I'll rate it accordingly. But by the time you get 100+ anime, you have a pretty decent intuition when it comes to knowing if something seems appealing.
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Aug 13, 11:15 PM
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Enjoyment. Because it's easier for me to give a score based on enjoyment than the overall plot, especially if i forget about the details since one episode in anime is released once a week. Then what about long episode anime? It will be easy if it's a movie or watching in marathon.

Also, i tend to only watch anime that i think i will like based on synopsis and score. So i started with 6/7, then if i'm satisfied i'll give it 9 which is the maximum score i can give, while 10 is special and i only give it to my favorite anime. 4 is the lowest score i can give and 5 means im so boring. I don't take anime very seriously since i watched it just for fun.
Aug 14, 10:42 AM

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My rating mainly focuses on my enjoyment, and I can slightly lower or raise the score because of the anime's features

I mostly watch animes I like, that's why I don't gave many bad ratings (if I remember correctly, I gave 2 3s, 1 4 and 7 5s)

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Aug 14, 10:52 AM

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subjectively ... I rate an anime based on personal enjoyment, if that anime make me to enjoy it, i'll rate it high ... basically :D
Aug 14, 11:20 AM
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I rate mostly based on story, characters, and personal enjoyment. Then I subtract based on flaws. Things like animation, artstyle, and ost are nice, but I usually dont include them in my ratings otherwise I feel like my rating system would be far too complicated and inconsistent.
Aug 14, 11:20 AM
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I'll assume that by 'objectively' you actually mean 'making qualitative judgments according to some sort of critical standard' since literal objectivity can't really be applied to art or entertainment except in some trite ways like sales numbers.

And in that sense of course I still rate based on enjoyment, but at the same time I simply enjoy and appreciate some of the more 'objective' qualities that critical analysis cares about, like good directing, writing, animation, dialogue, editing etc.... so it never felt like I have to pick one side over the other since they both amount to the same thing - enjoyment.

Some shows I enjoy simply because they appeal to my taste on a personal level. I love certain genres or types of shows, certain tropes more than others. And of course that has a positive effect on my score. But I also really enjoy good directing or fantastic animation or razorsharp dialogue for its own sake, so of course that will also have a positive effect on my scores.

I hate how this topic always comes across as if you either care about quality or you don't, when I would argue that for most people quality is enjoyable in itself. Of course most people will have strong biases in terms of what types of shows and stories they are interested in and no amount of 'quality' will make them enjoy something they hate conceptually.

But even if your taste is very narrow, very 'subjective', I'm sure you will find some shows to be better at doing what you like to see than others. Qualitative judgments play a role in the vast majority of people's scores, they just happen in a subjective context called 'taste'. So I just find it silly and kinda lying to yourself to say 'I only care about enjoyment, not quality'. Quality is enjoyable and just because there is usually a subjective context to quality judgments doesn't mean they aren't a part of everyone's viewing experience.

So if you ask me this whole question, this whole age-old debate is phrased in a wrong and misleading way from the start and just makes peole get the wrong idea about how quality and enjoyment are related to each other. The only realistic and honest answer is 'a bit of both'.

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Aug 14, 12:15 PM

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Mostly personal enjoyment. But I've had to make a slight adjustment to that philosophy recently. I watched an anime which I definitely didn't enjoy as much as some of my 9s, but I wanted to give it a 10 for other reasons. [EDIT: To expand on this. The anime was Fate UBW. I'm a huge Fate/Stay night VN fan and seeing the UBW animated was awesome, but areas the adaptation were lacking kind of marred the experience and made it hard to enjoy. So enjoyment would be a 9, but the content has a special meaning to me, so it gets a 10.]

Problem was made harder by the fact I keep a list of all the anime I've ever watched in order of how much I enjoyed them and I put in cut-offs for the numbered ratings. So it's like, I now have this anime which I want to put in with my 10s, but now the list isn't in order of enjoyment. So what order is it in?

I've kind of stepped back from seeing it as either enjoyment or any kind of objective level of quality and opted for a third choice: Simple preference. My 10s are 10/10 because I want them to be there. They aren't necessarily objectively - and I didn't necessarily enjoy them - better than stuff rated 9 and below. But I want them there.

So that's the way I see it now. It still is 99% personal enjoyment because that will usually be the number one factor that decides how much a prefer an aime over another anime.
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Aug 14, 12:18 PM

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i like rating anime relative to each other on the 10 scale, with 5 being the baseline for all shows. if a show was better in production quality, writing and my personal enjoyment than the shows that received a 5, it lands at a 6 or up, and vice versa for worse shows.
Aug 14, 12:21 PM
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There's no objectivety, every rating in MyAnimeList, doesn't matter who rates, is subjective.
Aug 14, 12:52 PM

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I rate my anime based on enjoyment and the flaws I notice. Not like elitists and not like casual viewers who give crappy shows 10/10 or something.
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Aug 14, 1:21 PM

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Both objectively and subjectively based on enjoyment. Also comparatively; as in, each show with the same score have to be of similar enjoyment. If I can't compare two shows with the same score and say that I liked them the same, then one of them has to change.
Aug 14, 9:52 PM

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I have never rated an anime but i have never put a dropped anime on my list either, so pretty much everything on my list i somewhat enjoyed.
I'm a completionist so if its a short ova or movie and its terrible ill probably go through with watching it.
Aug 14, 9:59 PM
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I rate an anime Based On enjoyment, Story Telling, Depth & intense Emotion