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Poll: Given Episode 5 Discussion

Aug 10, 7:17 AM

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Haruki's panic is so cute wtf. I want him to be with Akihiko, but his love life seems complicated to say the least. I also liked seeing Mafuyu smiling more.

That girl needs to watch her step, instead of feeling sorry for Mafuyu and being nice to him, she decided to use the awful incident to drive Uecchi away from him. And how could anyone blame him for his boyfriend's suicide, that's such a cruel and ignorant thing to say especially when you don't know anything about their relationship.

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Aug 10, 7:57 AM

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I honest to fucking god love this show! It ja so cozy, warm and has such a wonderful lazy pace but the ending... I had a feeling it would be bad but suicide...damn.

Also, why only 11 episodes. That sucks. I hope the show won't feel rushed.

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Aug 10, 1:49 PM

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Aug 10, 7:27 PM

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What!?!? I really wasn't expecting something that dark. I was thinking about a brother's death not that... Wow. Really curious to know more about it.
Aug 10, 8:30 PM
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Awww... that smile, mafuyu's smile is something i want protect.(~‾ ▽‾)~

Haruki is cute, but i feel sad he have feeling to Akihiko. (T.T) it not like i hate Akihiko, i just dont usualy like other couple in bl story. But, i curious about Akihiko and black hair guy.

I feel a bit disappointed with this episode, it too slow. Especially they just give us 11 episode!!

Okay, girl. I understand you like Uenoyama. But to reveal someone past like that... aww, i disappointed.
Aug 10, 11:50 PM

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so like this episode we knew why it was tagged shounen Ai...overall a great show really enjoying it
Aug 11, 4:13 AM

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Haruki's story surprised me. hope there is another explanation for that dark-haired guy living with Aki, or else Haruki is fucked

considering the age that girl has no possible excuse for her deed. she's sick. i really need to get the image of her dumb face as she was bullshitting Ueno out of my mind
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Aug 11, 9:26 AM
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Gay time gay time gay ti- *sees last minute of episode* NANI
Aug 11, 10:21 AM

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Another stellar episode. I really hope viewership is high across all platforms, I don't want this to end in 6 episodes.

I've not read the manga, but Kasai's plan to make Uenoyama see Mafuyu as some kind of monster that makes other commit suicide isn't going to work in the lease bit. Uenoyama is going to be even more drawn to Mafuyu - as he now knows why he's suffering and he'll want to be an even better friend now.

Haruki poor poor, Haruki. He's fell in the love with the rebel with the hot bod, hot face, and big heart; that happens to be in relationship with a guy and is likely bisexual.

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Aug 12, 12:36 AM

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Damn you cliff hangers...DAMN YOU. Now I can't wait for next week, and totally regret not watching this sooner...but on the bright side, I won't have to wait as long...I've been seeing a lot of people complaining about the BL now in's not that big a deal. It really isn't. As long as the show doesn't fetishizes the relationships, I personally don't find a problem with it. I totally thought that Haruki had a crush on Kaji for the past few episodes, but I didn't expect it to be actually be in the show...I'm shipping it, they seem really cute together. I'm looking forward to next week.
Aug 13, 5:48 PM

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It was so touching that I could fit the heartbreaking emotions of this story with the lyrics of the OP and ED, I was almost about to cry, I''am since last episode hoping to the develope of Mafuyu's past story ,guess in the next ep it'll be the case.
PD.I like the voice actors job's , it's fitting in a good way.

Aug 13, 7:52 PM

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This anime is getting deep with it touching upon the theme of suicide. Needless to say, I really liked this episode and I enjoyed having it confirmed that Haruki has a crush on Kaji. It seems like the whole band's gay for sure now.

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Aug 15, 3:33 PM
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That was definitely not what I was expecting for Mafuyu's backstory! I figured the funeral scene was his dad's since he mentioned that he didn't have a father. The writing did a good job of subverting audience expectations there!

I'm not fading on this show because of the yaoi themes but because of such a heavy discussion about it. There are many more themes that could have been explored and how music and the band is an escape for all the members. I think generally escapism and self discovery are the overlying themes of the series but could have been explored in more ways than just one. It is taking 4 characters to discuss the same theme without much variance between them and I think that is a big mistake considering how unique each character is in their behavior and design.
Aug 15, 5:25 PM

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I was expecting a backround episode for Mafuyu, apparently they're saving it for later. I can live with more focus on Haruki and Akihiko, tho. It was certainly nice to learn more about them and their first encounter. Those two are precious. However, kinda surprised that we're getting the gay overload xD

They still dropped the bomb at the end. What a biatch.
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Aug 15, 10:08 PM

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sdlkfjsdfk I just really like Haruki so much. OTL
Good stuff this episode. Nice calm vibe. Also, RIP Haruki with all those situations, but look how he doesn't do anything. Look how he doesn't take advantage of the situation (except for maybe trying to sneak a pic).
Haruki's such a good guy. I love Haruki. I can't adopt him, but I shall make him my sibling.

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Aug 15, 11:15 PM

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Haruki and that fluffy doggo are precious ^^
Aug 16, 5:06 PM
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I’m loving this but I cannot believe it’s only 11 eps I was hoping it would be longer plus the story is moving slow
Aug 19, 12:41 PM

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so potential cheating, an unrequited crush, a suicide mystery and a girl outing Mafuyu and being a BL cliche...dramaaa XD
Aug 20, 10:45 AM

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Well it's all cast BL then lol, i thought it was nice to have maybe only one couple in there but i guess fans of the genre would want more even if really all the boys shown are handsome. Honestly i'm a little disappointed in the series, i haven't seen more of what got me into it which is the music stuff so maybe i'll only watch 1 or 2 more episodes and see how it goes.

What's up with the girl though, man even if you are worried about the boy you like you know you are doing this just to get that other boy out of the way,
Aug 21, 11:15 AM

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That OST! I can't wait for it to come out, loved how relaxed this show is :)
Aug 23, 7:58 AM

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Akihiko seems like the quiet but perceptive type, it'd be really odd if he didn't realize Haruki's feelings for 2 years.
Aug 23, 3:26 PM

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So he has one dude in bed, dates girls and has his best bro in love with him? Akihiko sure gets around... But I'm not getting good vibes from the one in bed, that combined with him sleeping at Haruki's. I hope Haruki doesn't get hurt, he's my favourite so far.

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I was expecting a death of someone important to him, not a bf and especially not suicide :0
Aug 28, 2:47 AM

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mafuyu "what's a personality" sato
AnimeFreak-San said:
is this a male gender issure...human issue...mental illness perhaps?
Aug 28, 4:57 AM
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I'm glad they focused on Haruki and Akihiko. I loved learning more about them. Haruki was just so cute at times, especially during that one moment when Akihiko fell asleep on him. Lol.

But those rumors, and that girl, bug the heck out of me. It's unfortunate that Mafuyu's boyfriend killed himself but she has no reason to even be speaking to Ritsuka about that. She's "warning" him about Mafuyu as if he's some bad person that he needs to be cautious around. And they're just rumors. She's not even sure if they're 100% true and she's telling him this like it's a fact.

Just...why did she have to butt in?
Aug 31, 6:19 PM

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Why was Haruki so relatable this episode.

Screw that girl running her mouth when she doesn't even know what she's talking about.
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Sep 6, 9:51 PM

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I knew that she would disrupt everything. It's pretty fucked up that his old bf killed himself. But Haruki loving Akihiko was....I admit he'd caught me off-guard. Well, I don't blame him...Akihiko is really hot if u ask me.

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Sep 14, 4:10 PM

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I knew something is up with those two >.> so Haruki have a crush on Akihiko. That's cute! Akihiko surprised me when he fell on top on Haruki XD He was pretty exeusted that he felt asleep right away!

Great episode! Mafuyu's past have me intrigued *-* I am super curious about his past and I want to find out what happened!
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