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Poll: Dr. Stone Episode 5 Discussion

Sep 5, 8:11 PM

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Okay these predictions / character readings are getting kind of ridiculous with that boulder throw. And of course the massive explosion that killed no one, or even blew them off the mountain. Like obviously this anime isn't realistic, but once you cross a certain line everything loses meaning because anything can happen. Then of course Senkuu gets revived, did anyone really expect him not to? They repair his neck by removing the small piece of stone that was still remaining on it, kind of an interesting gimmick I guess. I wonder if they'll somehow figure out how to use the stone + juice formula to heal from scratch at some point. Then we get a flashback that shows Senkuu's point of view when he first broke out. Not the best episode to be honest.
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Sep 8, 8:42 PM

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I'm sorry but...there's a lot of cringe moments for me watching this series. And by a lot I mean pretty much every moment.

I can't quite point my finger on what about it that makes me feel like I'm forcing myself to keep watching, but I'm sure it definitely has to do with how it incorporates comedy in a very serious situation...making it very hard to take anything seriously at all even when I'm supposed to. I know I'm not supposed to take it seriously, and yes, the monkey moments did make me laugh. An example of what I mean exactly would be when Tsukasa says to Senku "I know you aren't lying because you would never lie because you're a man of science" or something along those lines. They literally JUST MET and he knows Senku hm that's great and all but what if he actually told you a lie and you're screwed on this planet alone.

While I appreciated them showing Senku's past(finally... some characterization) and I appreciate that there are finally scientists in anime who are represented as human beings with something called morals and decency..I don't really care for the plot because it seems to be going nowhere. And Senku's past didn't really contribute too much either in my opinion like it just solidified what the show wants us to know about him. Like wow ok guess his genius mind is justified because of his passion, brilliant mind, determination and the resources he had. Couldn't have guessed that.

Even when the squad left to go make gunpowder like wow okay that's exciting....anew weapon unlocked. Let's quickly try to one up Tsukasa, leave the murderer alone as he continues to murder people and just come back and threaten him sounds like a great plan. Tsukasa also conveniently knows EXACTLY what the three were up to, and word for word said they were going to make weapons of science. I literally laughed at that scene because it was so ridiculous to me.
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