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Poll: Dr. Stone Chapter 116 Discussion

Aug 1, 11:45 PM

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That's hell of an achievement. (not just acquiring the nitric acid)

Senku's thought priceless is freaking hilarious.
Aug 2, 2:00 AM

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infinite revival incoming!
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Aug 2, 4:28 AM

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Damn, no mercy from Kohaku. Nice string shot btw :P
Kokoro did nothing wrong.

Aug 2, 7:06 AM

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Why do I feel like it'd take hella long till they actually revive the crew? That moustachio looks like a lot of trouble.
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Mo Dao Zu Shi
Aug 3, 5:12 AM

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I was not expecting that but ok, do what you must
Aug 4, 3:55 PM
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Stark700 said:
Senku's thought priceless is freaking hilarious.

FMmatron said:
Damn, no mercy from Kohaku.

The best part of this chapter is highlighting how savage our Kingdom of Science is. In a world of logic, you got do what it takes.

That said I really liked how Suika made Ryusui a paper hat. She is so sweet and definitely one of my favorites. Also Gen has a point. We should have made guns by now. I know this not that kind of manga series but guns might be a good idea before we continue exploring the world.

moshiyare said:
Why do I feel like it'd take hella long till they actually revive the crew?

I have the same feeling. Hope we're wrong cause I kinda wanna see the rest of the stone world soon.
Aug 5, 8:14 PM

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Now that's using your head.
Aug 8, 3:36 AM
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Ryusui is back Desire is Justice! next up my old man Kaseki will be revive to make that Drone they want
Aug 19, 1:37 PM

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Hahaah! Ryusui is BACK! It was sooo adorable to see Suika giving him a new hat made of paper, as for his favorite kne was taken away by the enemy.

Next person to be revived definitely has to be Kaseki. The finest artisan's hands are very needed and are irreplaceable. There is no doubt.

Damn... This island's citizens are violent. They destroyed statues of Perseus' crew and threw the remaining to the ocean... I hope everybody will have a chance to be depetrified in healthy state. We mustn't forget that the islanders were not as precise and delicate as Kohaku while crushing the statues. Poor Kaseki-chan! ;_;

Ryusui has his fingers fixed. I mean his sign after first depetrification disappeared after this second one that took place several days after Ryusui got petrified.
Sep 19, 7:16 AM

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Lol Kohaku was right on the money.
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