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Jul 31, 6:58 PM
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FMmatron said:
I wish for a proper episode centered around Yuugiri and a new member. Maybe a rivaling zombie idol group or some other kind of creatures xD Drama about the group getting disbanded, there's a lot you can do.
Going the Love Live route : )
Jul 31, 9:44 PM
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I'm mostly looking forward to more Koutarou and his backstory.
Jul 31, 10:45 PM

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I’m ready for this Yamada Tai arc
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Jul 31, 11:53 PM

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I'm so excited! Can't wait to watch more of my zombie idol waifus -w-
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Aug 1, 1:22 AM

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More awesome songs to come
Aug 1, 1:34 AM
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Yes Finally Zombieland Saga is getting a S2 😘😘😘😘😘
So Excited 😍😍😍😍😍
Can't wait for more fun with Koutarou Tatsumi πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Aug 1, 2:51 AM
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i am hyped for this :D
Aug 1, 4:22 AM

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What if every episode was just the rap battle.

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Aug 1, 6:29 AM

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I want more of everything besides that "Trap" character.

But the hype is real
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Aug 1, 8:45 AM

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Aug 1, 10:30 AM

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Rayinator said:
What if every episode was just the rap battle.

I love the characters but the music is kinda lost on me so I wouldn't mind.
Aug 1, 11:32 AM

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Oh yeeees, out of nowhere. A hype train for this a show. Give us all the crazy!
Aug 1, 9:58 PM

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If its the same studio, it won't matter. MAPPA didn't understand the source material the first go around and if they're on board for the second cour I'm out.
Aug 2, 12:15 AM
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ooh i never thought zombieland saga would get a season 2! hope it will be aired soon :)
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have a great day everyone
Aug 2, 12:53 AM

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Am I hyped for an idol anime?

Yes, I am hyped for an idol anime.
Aug 2, 1:02 AM
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Love the first season.
Can't wait for it to come out.
Aug 2, 1:05 AM
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OH. MY. GOD. YES! I've been waiting for this!!
Aug 2, 8:10 AM
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Que buena noticia al saber que saldría una segunda temporada de Zombieland saga, espero que se estrene este año, ya quiero volver a ver de vuelta a Okabe 2.0 y sus zombies jajajajjaja
Aug 4, 2:44 PM

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So excited for this! I REALLY loved this show. Watched it a bit after it came out, so I was able to marathon it, and marathon it I did.

Junko-chan best girl~
Aug 5, 3:43 PM
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I hope they remember to be funny. the last 4 or so episodes were completely devoid of humor and almost unwatchable imo. amnesia as a plot device is lazy af. I'm going to watch but I'll bail early if it stays how it was
Aug 6, 2:59 AM

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I didn't like season one as much as most people, but I thought it had a decent amount of enjoyable moments (I also like the characters a lot). I'm looking forward to this sequel.
Aug 7, 8:06 PM

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Yes! Was honestly thinking of rewatching zls. IDK what to expect but I'm torn between "I want to know more about Kotaro" and 'nothing could be funnier than the suggestion obvious assumption that Kotaro brought the girls back to life but we have no idea why or how he did it. Also, really interested to hear the op cause I loved the first season's theme, and a couple of the group's songs too.
Any idol anime recommendations for the meanwhile?
Aug 7, 10:08 PM
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Does anyone know why it's called Revenge?
Aug 10, 12:13 PM

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I hope they solve some of the mysteries they presented, such as how Kotarou revived the dead, and as plenty have been saying, a Yugiri episode.
Aug 18, 1:03 AM

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I want more of Mamoru Miyano's loud flamboyant voice. It's what we need
Aug 26, 12:24 AM
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Should I wait till this comes out or watch the first season first? I love that "stfu terf" meme, and the premise of a zombie girl group lolz.
Aug 27, 12:31 PM
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zdroydz said:
Should I wait till this comes out or watch the first season first? I love that "stfu terf" meme, and the premise of a zombie girl group lolz.

watch the first season first, it has tons of memes
Aug 27, 4:39 PM
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Mirai said:
Hoping to see more Yuugiri. She didn't really do much last season lol. And ofc more Kotarou antics.

I %10 billion agree. She is my favorite 'ara ara' onee-san.
Sep 15, 11:44 AM
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vidoxi said:
HaXXspetten said:
Hope to see more unique stuff done with the zombie element and less stuff that just feels like it could’ve been done in any average idol show as well

i couldn't agree more. i loved the show at the beginning when it was just a lighthearted quirky thing about zombies and then it lost me when it turned into generic idol melodrama.

Agreed. I liked half of the episodes specifically any that leaned more into the zombie aspects or had unique elements (rap battle).
Sep 22, 4:12 PM

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Mirai said:
Hoping to see more Yuugiri. She didn't really do much last season lol. And ofc more Kotarou antics.

i want know her past too, also tae-chan is still a mystery
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