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Poll: One Piece Episode 895 Discussion

Jul 29, 8:43 PM
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Another episode dedicated to promote a film. Well it's not the first time OP has done that. They dedicated 3 episodes to promote the Gold movie before starting whole cake island arc. And also in the past they spent some episodes to promote the Z film. Similarly they did it this time. And I guess it will end in the next episode. Nonetheless it was good to see Hancock back after such a long time.
Jul 30, 9:48 AM
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Throw me any filler of one piece and I won't say no, if we have Hancock with Luffy of course.
Jul 31, 9:26 PM

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Blah, stupid Steam... sometimes I wish this wasn't a pure kids anime.

(goes off to H-sites to see uncensored Boa Hancock pics) LOL
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Aug 2, 10:23 AM

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boa hancock is the only plus of the episode
Aug 3, 9:31 PM
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I had forgotten how beautiful Boa Hancock is, but after watching this episode I remembered it completely. She is very beautiful. Will we one day see the Pirate Empress with the future King of pirates in a relationship? More important, will Luffy ever fall in love? LOL.
Ufff! How amazing those scenes from the new STAMPEDE movie looked at the opening. I am very anxious for its premiere.
Aug 6, 12:44 AM

Joined: Jul 2013
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They should have started this sidestory before they showed the wano kingdom but I guess they really want to hype people. This one is looking good though literally, visuals have been amped up and Hancock is here the ultimate eyecandy.
Aug 7, 12:52 AM

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Ah some filler arc for the upcoming stampede movie

Would have liked this filler arc to be aired before the wano arc started
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Aug 7, 9:28 PM

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Two guys were talking on a call, Festa, the organizer of the pirate’s festival, and Cidre, a bounty hunter interested in Luffy. The Thousand Sunny was being attacked by a group people using carbonated water, Franky used the Coup de Burst to escape. Brook visualized an island and they arrived, Luffy went to explore it, looking for cola, but he encountered with Cidre Guild (the group that attacked the ship) and Ginger, Luffy escaped through a river under a geyser. Luffy encountered with Hancock, Ginger and his group tried to enter to the room, but Sandersonia, Marigold and Nyon endured them, finally they entered, but Ginger got cornered, so he used an ability to create gas, everyone escaped. Luffy and Hancock escaped to the entrance of the factory, where Cidre appeared and started an attack against Luffy.

Special episode, probably advertising for the movie, stampede. Glad to watch Hancock again, for a moment, it felt like her voice didn’t match her, but I got used to it later. Not strange, it feels like Luffy and Hancock were nerfed. These people using carbonated water to fight, just weird. Animation went down.
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Aug 22, 12:49 PM
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Great to see Boa Hancock again. I like how Hancock always swoons over Luffy.
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