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Poll: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 17 Discussion

Jul 27, 3:41 PM

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For the first time since I started watching this anime I was proud of Zenitsu.
Jul 27, 3:42 PM

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MonkeyDJasper said:
beminim said:
It was a good episode. The comedy seems to be more miss than hit, but at least this time most of Zenitsu's screaming and faces did make me laugh. I freaked out when he first saw that first head spider. Animation looked nice and learning about his past certainly made me like Zenitsu a nit more. Still, i like him better when he is not obsessing over Nezuko. When he does that he kind of reminds me of how Sanji is around women, except Sanji is a much better character overall and I do like him quite a bit.
how is Sanji a better character than zenitsu ? Pre timeskip maybe but post timeskip ? All he does is take Ls and he even got worse with his pervert antics . He even got overshadowed in his own arc by multiple people .
Sanji is a better character. I never excused his pervertedness, it is what I dislike about him. Most of his ideals I actually care and symphatyze with. Zenitsu was good at first, then in episode 14 (i think) he kept pissing me off. He is an OK character, but by making him so obsessed over Nezukoi, it takes from his personality. It could be argued that Zenitsu is that obsessive over all women, but it is not the case. Yes, we have seen him asking random girls to marry him, but this "quirk" is not even consistent to the point where it can be something that identifies him. With Sanji, throughout the whole series we know that he is an idiot and is always after women. This is a common trope and is part of the character. Also, Sanji doesn't spend whole episodes screaming over everything. Then again, part of Zenitsu's screaming problem has less to do with him screaming, and just that his voice actor just seems to not be able to make comedic screaming work for me.
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Jul 27, 3:49 PM

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huntress1013 said:
The show already lost a point. It could be so good but the two new additions ruin everything and the humour so does not work for me. I currently just wish that Zenitsu would die or leave because he is bloody annoying. Always has been and it is not getting better.

LOL. Zenitsu is 2nd most popular character in the latest manga polling. Just wish as you can.
Jul 27, 4:56 PM
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Zenitsu's fight is going in my top 5 scenes of this show. Hands down.
Jul 27, 5:08 PM

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Those spiders were creepy as fuck, I can't blame Zenitsu there... that's straight nightmare fuel right there!

So Zenitsu's hair colour isn't natural and was actually caused by a lightning strike. Poor guy has always lived his life with so much fear. I can totally see why he hates himself.. To him it feels like living in hell every day. I actually am feeling sorry that he's the way he is.

After a little screaming and crying he passed out in the tree and his bad-ass side appeared. I am actually impressed that he can dodge all those spiders and venom with ease, but not surprising with such sharp hearing as Zenitsu. Poor guy is suffering from the spider bite now :/

So daddy spider showed up, he looks strong but is he one of the 12 demons?
These girls are BEYOND precious!

Jul 27, 5:41 PM

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After knowing Zenitsu's backstory, am I the only one who think Zenitsu will be the strongest character despite him not being the main character of this series?

People are too mesmerized with the animation, but let's not forget the epic sound effect.
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Jul 27, 5:52 PM

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Himawari9 said:
Master is also correct as he is not Zenitsu's Grandfather. Zenitsu just called him Grandpa to show familiarity and gratitude for saving him from debt collectors.
Yup, I understood that and that's why I LOLed after "Master...I mean Gramps!"
And there is a mistranslation, there are 6 forms in Breath of Thunder, not 3 and Zenitsu can only uses the first form but he honed the only move he knows to the limit.
ExaltedChampion's reply pointed out earlier, and that's why I assumed he perfected the only one form he knows in my first post.
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Jul 27, 6:22 PM

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Great episode sasuga ufotable. Its time for Zenitsu to show his power and character. Like the brief flashback. He defeat that demon with his single strike technique, that scene is majestic. Im hyped for other upcomi ng fights, and hashiras fight too. To the next episode.

Jul 27, 6:28 PM

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-No parents
-Bullied went he was a kid
-Wanted to grow stronger to help everyone
-Trained by an OP old man
-Doesn't always believe in himself but went he does he 1 shots everything in his wake (although 1 shooting things is a common thing in this anime).

Zenitsu has main character potential and a lot of shonen MC traits
Jul 27, 6:45 PM

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I hated these parts in the manga because I hate spiders but knew I couldn't miss/skip it because of Ufotable's treatment of
Jul 27, 7:13 PM

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Zenitsu Was one of the characters that everybody disliked till his/her last days or the story behind him, he one of them and I now have sympathy for him. It's interesting to see the backstory of his colored hair, but anyway, this was an intense episode.
Jul 27, 7:30 PM

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An all Zenitsu episode was pretty great, I liked finally seeing into his backstory
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Jul 27, 7:38 PM

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Really creepy spider boy D:< !
I'm really thankful for al the zenitsu backstory and context,
now some things make more sense e_e
I'm an anime only but... what if the father is not one of the
twelve moons and is actually rui the kid that has one eye hiding
beacuse of his hair?
Jul 27, 8:02 PM

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Zenitsu's other self makes me want to chew on the screen, while his other side makes me want to fix it and rewatch his moves! Pretty messed up dude.

His powers and movements are way cooler than Tanjiro's, like the way he lightning slashed the guy.
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Jul 27, 8:04 PM

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Dislike Zenitsu less now. He may only have one attack, but it was cool as shit (also really strong). Not sure how he's gonna get saved now that spider pops has showed up. I guess it has to be the reinforcements that were otw a while back.
Jul 27, 8:06 PM

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honestly this episode just reinforces my hope of present Zenitsu and future Zenitsu going in the usual shounen growth fashion ,he just needs to tone done the screaming just a bit ya know .

after seeing that face doubt the high rank is father he seems kinda like a mindless brute
Jul 27, 8:45 PM

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am I the only one who thought the animation for this episode was so damn good??? ;w;

Zenitsu my boy!!! so proud
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Jul 27, 8:47 PM
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I'm in love with this series, every episode is executed so well, the story is good, and the characters are amazing. Zenitsu FTW!!!!
Jul 27, 9:04 PM

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Zenitsu is still an anchor around the neck of this show, but he has moments of being a tolerable character. I'm just hoping after this fight that he starts to become something actually watchable, because though his action moments are great, they are just moments. They don't make up for the rest of the time he's on screen.
Jul 27, 9:44 PM

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I always thought Zenitsu was a great and amusing character. This episode made me sad. Also fuck y’all who don’t like him lol
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Jul 27, 11:16 PM

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This episode was obviously one of my favorites because Zenitsu is definitely my favorite right next to Tanjirou. Zenitsu is one of those characters that you either love or hate. Many hate him for panicking and freaking out but I love that part of him.

Some might even give him shit for knowing only one form of the breathe of thunder but he still defeated that demon that others failed to eradicate. He's going to defeat a lot of strong demons in the future too. Inosuke will also develop a lot and become less of a boar.

We might be lucky to end this arc by the 19th episode but I have a feeling it might extend up to the 20th.
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Jul 27, 11:57 PM

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No one can blame Zenitsu for being so scared of that creepy ass looking spider demon. Christ, I would have acted in the same way if not worse. Fuck that shit!

Man, it was such a fantastic episode. I honestly feel bad for saying Zenitsu was annoying when he was first introduced. Now, I only want to give him a big hug :/ I really REALLY hope he soon realizes just how strong and skilled he actually is.

And the animation when he did his technique... simply astonishing. Once again, Thanks Ufo.

As always, really looking forward to next week!

P.S.: "Kimetsu Academy" spin-off when?
Jul 28, 1:09 AM

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This would have been a good episode if it wasn't for the inessant fucking shouting. Is am absolutely sick of everyone shouting constantly.
Jul 28, 1:13 AM
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miguitronik said:
"I fear not the man that has practiced 10000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10000 times."

- Bruce Lee

Zenitsu just became a whole different character. Some people will still find him annoying, which I kinda get, but calling him a dumb comic relief character is missing the point entirely. He is terrified and is always crying, but he managed to become a demon hunter.

It's okay to cry. It's okay to be scared. What's not okay is giving up on what you want to be because of that. And in Zenitsu's case, he wants to be someone strong, who helps others. And in the end, he keeps on trying. He follows Gramps' advice and fights the poison, because under all that fear and inferiority complex he has, he's a fighter.

Preach! That's a very great way to put it, and I agree with you!
I really like Zenitsu though, guess that's just me
Jul 28, 2:21 AM

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That animation! That soundtrack! Zenitsu's ability! What a fantastic episode!

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Jul 28, 3:45 AM

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Nice thunder rush.
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Jul 28, 4:08 AM

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best boi strikes again
his backstory was so sad, I'm proud of him for overcoming all of this. My son better become the strongest character in the series and learn to love himself.

So Zenitsu only knows one movement and perfectioned it so well he can control the damage he does? I believe the intensity of the lightning was not the same during his first fight. And he did say "sixfold/sextuples" before hitting the spider garbage.

Also, I'm pretty sure the guy who bullied him is the current Pillar of Lightening? Just like I'm 100% certain Tomie is the Pillar of Water. Because they trained under old sensei who taught them their Breath Style and now they're in the OP looking mysterious and stuff.
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Jul 28, 4:08 AM

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Wtf tanjiro was no able to cut off his hand?
I've hope that Zenitsu will stay alive.
He's too good character go just kill him
Jul 28, 4:38 AM

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Zenitsu just went toe to toe with my biggest nightmare so i have mad respect for the guy! I don't care if he's a wimp when he's awake, he is hella fucking cool when he releases the Thunder Technique!

I really love Inosuke's personality; the way he wants Tanjiro to praise him and care about him but he's so tsundere about it haha Poor Tanjiro has just become a glorified babysitter for 2 insane Demon Slayers haha
Jul 28, 4:58 AM

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I can see why Zenitsu is second most popular character in this show. He's an actual badass when he gets serious.
Jul 28, 5:29 AM

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Well, for once, I think that Zenitsu's freakouts in this episode were justified. For, I too, am afraid of those so called things called spiders, let alone those kind of demonic spiders. Anyway, Zenitsu finally had his time to shine, go to see more of his past, I feel pretty bad for the guy.
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Jul 28, 5:30 AM

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I thought that Zenitsu would become my favourite character in the show, and I wasn't disappointed.

I love his backstory and the philosophy that defines him - I hope he has another big episode like this in the future.
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Jul 28, 5:33 AM

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Zenitsu is tied with Tanjiro as my favorite character in the show

He's literally how any normal person would act in those circumstances and I hope he becomes the strongest demon slayer in the future

That animation is so beautiful thank you ufotable
Jul 28, 6:15 AM
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Awesome backstory from Zenitsu!!!! Not only you feel like that Zenitsu, sometimes I also feel like I'm useless, I can't help others with my power and skills, sometimes everything is just, I don't know, like meaningless, but yeah don't ever GIVE UP that's the magical word. I almost cry when I watch this eps, I know how painful life that Zenitsu had but it shows the results now. Zenitsu in his form is stronger than Tanjiro, I can say that much...
Jul 28, 8:41 AM

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if only Zenitsu can shut the fuck up, he actually a very cool guy
bruh, look at that attack animation
Jul 28, 8:58 AM

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That was a really good episode. Must re-watch in near future.
Zenitsu is definitely a favorite of mine.
Jul 28, 9:24 AM

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felt really slow and it only focused on Zenitsu. not that there is a problem or anything but still, we could have seen much more than that. Inosuke is really fun XD
Jul 28, 9:43 AM

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Not only was this episode drawn out soo much it also focusted on the worst character in the show fucking Zenitsu. I hate his so much the episode is literally 90% of him screening and crying and we are supposed to feel bad for him? What a fucking waste of an episode.
Jul 28, 10:30 AM

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I can't blame Zenitsu for panicking and screaming at the hideous-looking spider. I don't have a phobia to spiders at all, but even I would be crapping myself if a spider that size came after me, spitting out its poison every second. >_<

The episode did give us a well-needed backstory for Zenitsu and how he was saved by "Gramps" from debt collectors. Gramps is a former demon slayer himself and one who used to be one of the highest ranking of the lot. Even so, training Zenitsu must've been tough, even for a powerful guy like Gramps.

The backstory also shows how Zenitsu got his hair colour the way it is. Before, his hair colour was black, but after getting struck by lightning while up in the tree, panicking as usual, his hair colour immediately changed to it yellow with the end bits in orange.

After he lost conscious, though, Zenitsu properly got into his stride. He only knows one form of his lightning style, but he's honed that form brilliantly, as it resulted in a beautifully animated scene of him killing the spider on one hit. Once again, superb job, ufotable! ^_^

Meanwhile, with Tanjiro and Inosuke, they've encountered the spider dad and even Tanjiro is unable to cut through the guy's arm with his sword. I just hope the two eilte demon slayers get to Tanjiro and Inosuke in time to help them against this Twelve Kizuki member and take him down.
Jul 28, 11:16 AM

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I'll call the lightning guy Pikatsu just for the lulz. Another great episode with awesome animations. I really like where this show is going.
Jul 28, 11:45 AM

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Those spiders have nothing on the ones we have here in Straya. Maybe this is the turning point for Zenitsu's character? That he can be less of a spastic and less annoying now? His antics take me out the show but I do hope after this battle he had, and after showing us his backstory of why he is the way he is, that the story can tone down on his behavior. But dude turned into Zeus and The Flash - his abilities are epic. I always favored lightning (I like Kakashi in Naruto for example) powers/techniques. This was a pretty cool episode, especially how it ended, right into another battle with a huge spider monster - now its Tanjiro and Inosuke's turn again.
Jul 28, 12:51 PM

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Zenitsu has officially went SICKO MODE this episode
Jul 28, 1:17 PM

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Zenitsu's going to get some development! I honestly really liked his character from the beginning (though I like Inosuke better) and it's nice to see his past and how he was constantly trying to run away, but then steadily began to face his fears. The designs of the spider demon who was attacking Zenitsu was both creepy and fascinating at the same time. I find it strange that the mother and daughter and one of the sons are all very humanoid, the father is a mix of human and spider, and another son is literally just a spider with a human head.
Jul 28, 1:43 PM

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That lightning is way too convenient. Giving him lightning power AND a new hair color?? damn i'd rather get hit by lightning and get a quick, permanent dye, than spend a load of money getting a temporary dye.
Jul 28, 3:24 PM

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Now I love Zenitsu so much. This dude is the best.

The situation is really complicated now. Tanjiro and Inousuke are fighting that demon and Zenitsu needs help too. When's the backup coming dammit.
Jul 28, 3:27 PM

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I will probably still hate Zenitsu whenever he's going to yell, but damn, he grew on me and he was awesome. Nice flashbacks and finisher move, the feels were strong.

Also, here comes daddy.
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Jul 28, 3:38 PM
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Nice backstory for Zenistu. His never give up attitude and his perfection of his one form makes very powerful
Jul 28, 4:01 PM

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An episode mostly dedicated to Zenitsu's backstory : interesting & needed ! But I was just a bit disappointed by the fact they did not expand on the guy he killed, unlike his mother last episode.
Jul 28, 4:19 PM

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UFOtable is really going all in with this EPISODE, outstanding animation and DA! Truly Unlimited Budget Works!
Jul 28, 5:02 PM
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I just can't deny that I'm waiting for the badass entrance of the pillars but I think we should wait till like episode 19 because I think that next one will be where they will fight giving everything and noticing they can't beat one of the 12 demons
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