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Poll: Dr. Stone Chapter 115 Discussion

Jul 26, 3:55 AM

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that amount of dedication, simply outstanding... very touching.. now time to strike back!
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Jul 26, 5:46 AM

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Mad props to Senkus dad. He was a passionate scientist through and through. Pretty inspiring.
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Jul 26, 8:10 AM

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The chapter started with fan-voted character rankings and this chapter made me realise why Byakuya was #4.

Amazing dedication and it was a treat to see into the world in the years following the petrification.
Jul 26, 10:07 AM
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It was one of the best emotional chapters. Beautiful, especially Byakuya dying in the river.
Jul 26, 11:51 AM
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... Senku's dad I wasn't ready to see how he died, very emotional he was one of the best character ;;
Jul 26, 1:17 PM

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I was not prepared on how Senku's dad died.
Jul 26, 9:58 PM
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I'm not crying...
I'm not...
Jul 28, 7:37 PM

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Why is it raining inside my room...
Jul 28, 8:26 PM

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I love these emotional chapters in Dr Stone. Really stick out in a comedy science shonen. Senku’s dad is legitimately one of the best characters. The way we saw his final moments... breathtaking.

Never knew platinum was that rare. It’s interesting to note how much trouble humanity would have restarting society based on resource consumption (makes sense too).

What I don’t get is why they brought up adoption? It seems like an unnecessary detail unless Senku’s birth family comes into play later (or some convoluted origin... please no). For now I’m crossing my fingers that it was done so we can ignore Senku’s mom or maybe adoption having significance to Senku will be important.
Jul 31, 2:58 AM

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Truly like father like son.
Aug 1, 7:42 AM

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Wahhhhh byakuyaaaaa!!!!

Best anime dad!!

I like how dr stone is like many other shounen series where the mc's parents are never around, but dr stone did it correctly and even made us feel for characters we've never actually met (like not directly). In which they're not just absent so the mc can do whatever he want, but they are absent so we can see the lingering influence they have on the mc.

Amazing writing
Aug 18, 6:14 PM

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That chapter was very touching. Byakuya was already a hero, but now he proved his existence was even more precious. Raising Senku alone, then trying to live in the world after that petrification catastrphe along with 5 other people who were with him in space, trying to assure as much as it was possible for future generations and for Senku (after his depetrification, in which Byakuya believed so much)... and now that gathering gold dust for precious as hell platinum... literally till his life ended. And his final sight was to the space from which he started his journey to save the humanity... Really touching story.

We also learned some more about Senku's past, about how he always got along well with Byakuya. Senku apparently was Byakuya's best friend's kid and was in such good relationship with his dad that it didn't matter they were not blood related. To be honest this scene was not necessary in my oppinion in the way it ended. Like, it's great that Senku and Byakuya didn't mind not being blood related and stuff, but I find it strange that they are sooo alike to each other. They look, act, think in similar way, as if they were blood related, lol. But as I said before, it's so cool to see that kind of relationship between two people - a parent and a child - that were not blood related.

Platinum acquired. I'm glad the manga emphasised how platinum is rare and how godlike amount of time and work (and luck as well) must've taken to gather so much with gold dust. Time to start depetrification of Perseus' crew members! :D
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Sep 19, 6:34 AM

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Man the feels of this chapter was awewome.
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