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Poll: Cop Craft Episode 3 Discussion

Jul 24, 8:08 AM

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my man just floatin above the rock nd shit

this episode has made me lose a little hope in this series, the animation was awful, and the fights were bad. Also, I felt like the voice acting was worse than usual too, unless it's been bad the whole time and I've only just noticed it.

Also didn't need the cliche of the head cop working with the bad guys, it was just disappointing as a whole. I hope episode 4 can redeem this in someway. Not gonna drop it though, I hardly drop shows. I just hope it can get better.
Jul 24, 11:09 AM
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papsoshea said:
I like the idea of Roth being a villain, his motivation is packed with potential - lots of themes to delve into where he is conspiring to pit mankind against Semaani, in fear that the current relationship of the two only serves Semaani - they will slowly take over Earth. But, Roth reveals his hand this early and dies. Hopefully, we can see that potential with Zelada.

Yeah, details on the motivation were interesting too, to where I could see a villain falling into that trap. Like his line about their vitality and how he even mentions that it may not even be intentional but it'll still happen, with his line about how they don't even know they're doing it.
It was also interesting and I love the irony of how it's going to turn out very differently than he intended in that he said he purposefully paired him with the relatively inexperienced Tilarna in order to slow him down, however since we're following them in the end their partnership is clearly going to be a big key to solving a lot of mysteries and crimes and showing us the potential of cooperation between both worlds.

WolfDBreidi said:
I love this anime, but I think they should put a little more effort into the action scenes, otherwise, all very well.
Wow! We are just going through episode 3 and the criminal case has already had a sudden turn. I didn't imagine that Kei's boss was involved in all this. Poor Kei, what a low blow he received from someone he considered his father.
Now, regarding the villains. I don't think the guy Tilarna cut with his sword is dead, since that bastard appears in the opening, but I hope he is really dead so he doesn't cause any more problems. And regarding Zelada, he has a connection with Matoba, as he mentioned, in the war, but what war? I am intrigued. This anime continues to increase my interest. Hopefully it goes on like this.

Psdt: Tilarna looked very pretty with that dress: 3. She is one of those cute characters that you shouldn't underestimate if you don't want to die. It's rough and great πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ.

Yup, I still really enjoyed that ep.
The first two were pretty good with that though so I think it's kinda crazy some might give up on a good show for some extra stills all of a sudden this time.
I liked the extra touch to the betrayal where Kei was especially disappointed in the chief since he thought of him like a father.

Yeah she did (there was still some quite nice art despite some more stills than I would have liked) and I agree, don't underestimate her :)
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Jul 24, 11:12 AM
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Stark700 said:
Another thrilling episode of action and suspense. Tilarna's fighting skills are actually better than I had expected. Hell, the way she fought with a sword is quite impressive.


lihle808 said:
Glad Tilarna is back with Kei!

I think there is a story there between Zelda and Kei, I can't wait to find out what its is! Finally they've found the creature, she looks interesting.

Same here.
Yeah, I'm very curious about that.

Coxphire said:

Yep. Weird way to invest us in Kei's recollections of his time in the military.

I thought it was a pretty good tease actually that he was in it and that it's not just a background detail and so I guess we might learn more about later and the way it came out kind of fitting for his character when he didn't want to talk about it afterward when Tilarna asked. Which is probably why we haven't really heard about it yet.
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Jul 24, 12:35 PM

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ah cool to see I was not the one who thought something was wrong with the animation on this episode. I literally thought my vlc lagged and it happened 2-3 times already. Kinda really worried about the future episodes already by now.. don't want to drop this late.

Also the plot slightly jumped the shark imo. Last episode dedicated too much time the terrifying villain power but here on this episode we didn't get to see much and got down quite easily. The betrayal twist makes sense and was potentially interesting but damn he died way quick and came out as one dimensional to stretch this arc.
Jul 24, 1:39 PM

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What a lovely slideshow.
Jul 24, 2:48 PM

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Wow this episode single-handedly undid everything the show had going for it.

I haven't seen animation this bad since Gangsta literally ran out of money.
Jul 24, 5:02 PM

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Yikes... wtf happened? The animation was horrific, not to being the pacing felt all over the place. Some really poorly directed shots as well like when the director shows up on the hill or when Kei throws knight girl her sword. Man if this keeps up I might just drop it. First two eps were so solid as well.
Jul 25, 12:27 AM

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The direction of the animation of this episode seems to be off a little bit...
Jul 25, 12:39 AM
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first two episode had decent animation but this one, ffs they fucking used still images, and they even put in some mediocre fan service
Jul 25, 9:44 AM

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Gotta agree with those who said this episode felt a bit rushed and having bad animation, hopefully, it's just for this ep.

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Jul 25, 9:53 AM

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Story feels rushed and animation quality also worsened. It's a shame becouse first two episodes were decent, this one is just medicore.
Jul 25, 8:23 PM
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i'm not too surprised since I expected this show to look like this starting from ep 2
Jul 26, 3:59 AM
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So far, so good. I'm liking this show.
The storyline and the characters are on point.
Looking forward to the next episode.
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Jul 26, 4:03 AM

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Wow ,,, That episode was great!!! It was a wild roller coaster ride there where moments i scream and cursed at the anime!!! And there where time when i jumped up and down in the couch cheering my waifus on!!!,,Overall i have a lot of fun!!!,,,Please dont be offended by this post,, Im a weird person and this is my way saying i like this episode!!! Anime you have 1/10,,, After this when my waifu was shining brighter then any star on the sky. And got almost all attention you now have 7/10 Brilliant best episode of cop craft so far

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Jul 26, 4:29 AM
of Blades

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This show is the best!
What I'm interested in this show is to learn more about magic!
This latena thing is giving me interest to it, and I believe it.

Their magic works in other worlds? Well that's amazing.

I believe that magic exists on Earth but it has been forgotten or maybe it is being kept as a secret.
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Jul 26, 12:17 PM

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Fight Tilarana between this guy looked bad
Damn... This anime have his own climat ,but animation is too ugly
Jul 26, 9:51 PM

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I'm really enjoying where this show is going, but as everyone is saying, the animation felt very rushed in this episode.

i really hope the production gets better from now on.
Jul 26, 11:31 PM

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GodLikesMudkips said:
Also, I felt like the voice acting was worse than usual too, unless it's been bad the whole time and I've only just noticed it.

It was terrible from the first episode.

Was sufficiently suspenseful but still not really feeling the world and atmosphere at all. The whole otherworld bit feels a bit tacky as of yet. MC is a generic 'kewl' hardboiled MC
Jul 26, 11:46 PM

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DarknessReality said:
Crashmatt said:

Predictable? I had no idea the Cop Chief would be working for the enemy.

Some clear animation short cuts this episode which is a shame, that same d it was still much better than the majority of new shows this season.

To me it was predictable cause literally every cop show or movie does this exact same plot twist where the man in charge is the one pulling the strings or working with the enemy.

^this^ and the animation in this episode was bottom of the barrel tier, really not feeling this show maybe i should drop...
Jul 28, 4:10 AM

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damn I know was more than meets the is so thrilling
Jul 28, 8:57 AM
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The first two episodes, even with the sub par animation, were pretty good! the dynamic between Kei and Tilarna is something i look forward to see develop (i'm a sucker for dislike turns to friendship cop buddies) But the annoying, random, poor quality fan service that doesn't even merit being called that just makes me roll my eyes.
Jul 28, 11:19 AM

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First of all, Tilarna looks cute in the getup. There's even panty shots. Heh

Anyway, There's some fight scenes between Dennis vs Tilarna that was poorly animated or intentional to give it a certain feel to it. But I don't think the guy is dead yet. I'm surprise that the chief is conniving with the wizard. Dunno how others predict that.

Its a good episode. The low level animation doesn't really put me off like the rest.
Jul 30, 7:26 PM

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I think it's official that this show has my favorite opening of the season. It's really damn good.

I have a feeling though that this Fairy Physic Bomb is only the tip of the ice berg, and we got a hint of the conflict boiling beneath the surface.
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Aug 1, 10:25 AM

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Whelp! Gave it the three episode test, sounds like I'm not the only one disappointed. Just grew steadily and steadily more done with the show around ep 2. I guess the whole mismatched-buddy-cop thing got old real quick cause they're both not particularly likable, but even worse not original in any way? Some vague sexism thrown in the mix just for the hell of it too. I dunno, a thick plot could've made up for it but I'm not seeing it going anywhere fun.
Aug 7, 2:48 AM
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I noticed the drop in quality in passing but I was able to ignore it because the story is interesting. What old man Roth said makes some sense but I believe there are other ways to deal with the inevitable loss of identity for earthlings. Also, I was pleasantly surprised by Tiranha's fighting skills-I knew she was good but I was underestimating her until now. Finally, I can't wait to know the connection between Tiranha and Leahna the fairy.
Aug 25, 3:25 PM
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Cop Craft episode 3 is a mess. While understand the limitations and overwhelming stress that small companies such as Millepensee face when trying to produce a 13 episode cour, I simply cant excuse it. The prior two episodes were slow and steady, focusing on character interactions and small amounts of world building. The overall mystery while somewhat ruined by direct exposition and blatantly showing the perpetrators, still managed to to keep me entertained. However in episode 3 we learn just how much Millepensee is truly capable of. Starting off with Tilarna Exedilicas sudden disappearance we are never quite given a satisfying explanation for her sudden vanishing act. In the previous episode she explained to us the importance of her blade, how its more important than her own life. Yet she left it with no rhyme or reason before going to the informants that she questioned Kei about in that very same episode. Im fine with her choosing to grow and maybe in turn to become willing to use less than noble methods to defeat the greater threat. That does no excuse a sudden shift in a character we haven't been able to properly get to known and is still a mystery. A knight and a noble teaming up with a somewhat gruff police officer can work but pacing and time are essential to properly build these developments. And that is the biggest problem with this episode, the pacing. I don't feel the need to dig into the sudden dip in Cop Crafts animation. The show utilized primarily still frames and panning shots to create a rather unique feeling show that could trun quite brutal in a moments notice. Millepensee can't do action. Its been shown again and again. They struggle with shot composition and lack the manpower to properly animate fast paced movements and quick exchanges. I could be more forgiving if it weren't for the fact that the episode decided to force the confrontation between our big bad perpetrators and our heroes. The sudden shift from character interactions and a rather slow build up is jarring to say the least. On top of it all we also have a rather bland twist and a sudden revelation about Kei and our evil wizard. The characters in turn aren't allotted enough time for these twists to sink in and mean anything for them or for us. I was on board for this show, excited even. It felt top me like an underdog of the season. Buried under all of these big named heavy hitters, a hidden gem. The opening and overall feel led me to at least expect a little. But it feels like a letdown. I've never been a fan of Shin Itagaki, I feel he has a lack of understanding what the audience wants and how to properly convey the story he tries to tell. Its a bit disappointing, but I only hope it gets better. If you enjoyed it I would love to hear what you guys thought or what opinions you share.
Oct 7, 2:44 AM

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I really wished they didn't use still images for the fights

Interesting betrayal, but if they really wanted their plan to succeed they should have kiled Kei and Tilarna as soon as possible
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Oct 10, 1:21 PM

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No one has read the source material as it is not translated. But I can confidently say that this adaptation is rushed. That superior officer's betrayal was supposed to be a shocking revelation but I wasn't feeling it. A bit of focus on that character beforehand would have solved that. The action scenes were a bit awkward. They were constantly switching between rapid exchange of blows and panning still images so much that it was a bit jarring. I can't put my finger on it, but there is something wrong with the action choreography.
No complaints towards the story though. I will just watch the rest without much expectation, but will pick up the source material if it gets translated.
Oct 18, 8:43 PM

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Batpuddingman said:
Starting off with Tilarna Exedilicas sudden disappearance we are never quite given a satisfying explanation for her sudden vanishing act. In the previous episode she explained to us the importance of her blade, how its more important than her own life. Yet she left it with no rhyme or reason before going to the informants that she questioned Kei about in that very same episode.

And this is shown in this very episode, mind you.
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