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Jul 21, 8:44 PM
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Hey guys, I can remember a scene from either the manga or anime, but can't remember where it was in the story line. It may be exclusive to either the manga, or the anime. Or it might be in both. I have no clue! I can decisively say it's not in the first season of the anime. Possibly in the second. Description below.

Elizabeth is injured/unconscious and is resting in a room. I believe some of the members of the group are worried about her, and Meliodas goes into the room and speaks to her while she is sleeping. Can't remember the exact words, but something like "You always use your power for everyone else, why don't you use some for yourself?" and possibly something like she was his reason for living/etc. Shortly after, Elizabeth comes out of the room and is perfectly okay.

Ring any bells for anyone? Does this scene even exist? Sometimes I add extra scenes/extend ones of shows I'm watching in my dreams, so it's possible I dreamed this up.

Help finding it or confirming if I'm crazy would be appreciated =)
Jul 21, 9:31 PM

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Yeah, I remember that scene. Meliodas at Elizabeth's bedside. I think it's in the beginning of season 2. Somewhere around there.

Edit: I looked it up. It's during the Post-Kingdom Infiltration arc. Episode 24 of the first season through episodes 1 and 2 of the second season.
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