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Poll: Suzumiya Haruhi Series Volume 4 Discussion

Jul 21, 4:33 PM

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I love these settings where a certain character's view gets warped and he has to face issues alone. This was an insanely large volume leaving a lot of plot details. I can't say I understood it at all but I managed to grasp a lot of it. Because Kyon will save himself later, there has to exist a future in which he returned to the past to save himself. This means that Kyon will encounter Mikuru (big) in a later volume and have her go back to the past, to make Haruhi aware of an existence named John Smith and at the same time help Kyon confront Nagato. This is all to save Nagato because he'll be gaining the upper hand with the "John Smith" card. It's a great novel, huge respect.

There is finally some character development for Mikuru, and especially adult Mikuru. I guess she was holding back with the Kyon that time traveled in volume 3. There's a lot to soak in. I wonder what would have happened if he chose to gloss over Haruhi's disappearance. I don't even want to think of how many contradictions that would have led to. 5/5

My question is how loli Mikuru managed to appear at the stabbing scene without Kyon (Volume 3 version) suspecting anything. There are three Kyon's partaking in the event (Volume 3, Volume 4 and savior), but I can't see three Mikuru's appearing.
Jul 21, 10:00 PM

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Book 7 goes into detail about the Disappearance events in the very first chapter, and provides a more or less satisfactory answer.