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Jul 21, 3:56 PM

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Seems like a crazy low output. Also surprising they've managed to make six seasons and a movie out of just 91 chapters. Is each one super long or something?
Jul 21, 5:59 PM

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correction: there are currently 100 chapters.
Jul 21, 7:00 PM

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Its a monthly manga plus there could've been breaks here and there or short hiatuses.
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Jul 21, 8:13 PM

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She may be taking her time with it. I really dont have a problem with that considering how good the story is imo
Jul 28, 3:47 PM

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It's bi-monthly, I think. And the scanlations are about 10 chapters behind.
Oct 2, 3:59 AM

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You should ask Yuki Midorikawa, author of the manga.
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Oct 2, 4:38 AM

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1. it monthly before in LALA moved to LALA DX which is quarterly a year, before it become bi monthly
2. author takes times to made a series. also a chapter is pretty thic (around 30+ pages)
3. we are pretty behind from japan.
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