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What do you like in old anime and in new anime respectively?

Jul 21, 4:22 AM
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Old Anime
Character Designs

Character designs in old anime were mostly unique

New Anime
Better background music

P.S. - This isn't a thread for arguing whether old anime are better than new anime or vice versa.
Jul 21, 4:28 AM
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I like the 90's moe character designs (think Slayers, or Excel Saga), and fantasy RPG / Sci-fi themes.

I like the variety and prettier animation in modern shows.
Jul 21, 4:33 AM

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I like the art style of newer anime more than older anime. Especially the colors.

Jul 21, 4:49 AM

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Old anime: character designs, more vibrant colors, hand drawn art and animation, the incentive to make everything a consistent work of art and not just a cheap commercial for the source material, like today

New: studios and animators using digital software to their advantage to make anime more unique and lifelike (PA Works, KyoAni, Shaft, etc.) unlike most anime today, which are really cheap and generic, and more often than not seem like flash animations or use too much CG to cut costs
Jul 21, 4:51 AM

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Hmm I like newer anime because the pace is faster and overall better. Old anime is good if I want to do stuffs while watching something but with new shows keep popping up I don't think I can go back to older stuff.
Jul 21, 5:07 AM

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So I haven't watched nearly as much old anime as new anime, but from my experiences, here we go.

Favorite thing about old anime is it feels much more likely that if you pick up an old anime, you'll get a completed story. I know that's not technically true and there's plenty of one or two season adaptations that don't go beyond that, but it seems like a lot more anime tried to end at relatively conclusive places.

Favorite thing about new anime is probably the generally quicker pace and less flabbiness. That quick pace isn't always a good thing, but I feel like most of the time, not needing to wait for forever to get anywhere because of either filler episodes or just because the show has fewer episodes to work with works pretty well. Not in every situation, but I feel like a lot of creators have figured out how to have a full experience in 12-13 episodes, if not a conclusive one.
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Jul 21, 6:40 AM

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Old anime:
Animation covered body motion and action more effectively with less frames. Better screenplay, influenced by TV and cinema. Less voyeuristic too. Better hand drawn Mecha. Artistic backgrounds.

New anime:
Better hyperactive cute girls
Jul 21, 7:24 AM
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What I like about older anime, books, movies, music, etc. is that I can save a lot of time and effort by already having an idea about what's considered good and classic.
If a work is considered a masterpiece by people living 200 years later (more like 20 years for a young medium like anime), it's usually turned out to be pretty goddamn good in my experience.

On the other hand, new works do obviously have more modern animation and production quality, which are things that objectively only improve as time passes and technology improve. Older works can certainly have the charm and character to outlast the ages, but there is no getting around hard realities of contemporary technology like framerate and resolution. And, in the exact opposite of going back to older classics, witnessing the birth a new masterpiece as it happens is a pretty exciting thing.
Jul 21, 9:11 AM

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I actually prefer newer character designs to older ones. They look cleaner I guess you could say

But one thing I do love about older anime was the use of those chibi forms a lot (His and Her Circumstances for instance). Like Fruits Basket I recall had this quite a bit with Honda, but in the new one they kinda toned it down a bit
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Jul 21, 9:20 AM

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When i talk about them i sound sophisticated and experienced. I come off as an elite.

Jul 21, 7:22 PM

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In terms of old time, I liked that I wasn't familiar with many older voice actors. When I watch new shows, it is a little immersion breaking/jarring when hearing the same voice actor. For example, I love Hiroshi Kamiya but it takes me a few episodes to get the image of Araragi out whenever I watch his shows. This is more a result of the pure volume of old anime vs new anime rather than the fault of the voice actor.

One biggest advantages of modern anime is the sheer availability of it (thanks Internet). A few decades ago, your viewing selection was limited to what was airing on TV or whatever series you were lucky enough to get a DVD or VHS of.
Jul 21, 8:40 PM

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Old Anime: the overall aesthetic of anime from the 80s and 90s is pure eyecandy 

New Anime: storytelling is better
Jul 21, 9:02 PM
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I like the character designs in older anime too. The newer ones are cool as well but the designs in older anime just have this certain feeling to them. I feel the same way with manga from the late 1990's and early 2000s.

If I had to choose what I like about newer anime, I guess I'd say the plot. I haven't seen too many anime that would be considered old... But the plot of some newer anime is just so cool and interesting.

Jul 21, 9:05 PM

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old animu - character outfits, design and style, and art

new animu - animation, clean and smooth transitions between scenes, music
Jul 21, 9:55 PM
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Old anime they treated everything more seriously and had more edge to them no matter the genres. And I think that comes from their creators having gone through more things in their lives, such as Miyazakis childhood during world war 2 and others growing up in a country in a state of change after the war. New anime I really appreciate how good some studios are at reaching a human connection with story, sound and music. Particularly Kyoto ani, how good they were shows in how much world wide grief has been displayed after what has happened.
Jul 21, 10:54 PM

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Oh man! That's hard to say! Some of the things I associate with older anime that I like are actually also present in newer anime! Same goes with the things about newer anime in older anime. The only difference is... well it ends up being the same formula, different variables.

Enjoy your anime!
Jul 21, 11:11 PM

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Old anime: character designs, hand drawn animation, overall aesthetics.

New anime: animation quality/budget (I'm looking at Ufotable), ost (usually better nowadays).

The thing about "Before the 2000's anime was better" is objectively wrong. There have always been good and bad anime, it does not matter the age or era. You might prefer older shows, but the past have very bad things too and not everything right now is trash.
Jul 21, 11:22 PM

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Steiner1411 said:
Old Anime
Character Designs

Character designs in old anime were mostly unique

New Anime
Better background music

P.S. - This isn't a thread for arguing whether old anime are better than new anime or vice versa.
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Jul 22, 2:02 PM
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What I prefer about older anime (on average - meaning they can also be present in some modern anime, just more often or more strongly in old ones):
1. Soundtrack (I love 80s music more than any other decade's music)
2. Animation style (I like all animation, but cel animation just has the most aesthetic appeal to me)
3. Background art (there's great background art in every era, but the handdrawn backgrounds of something like Akage no Anne are much more to my liking than something like Shinkais digital, photorealistic art).
4. The average length of TV shows being longer, having more 50 episode shows, more long-runners etc...
5. The much stronger presence of OVAs as a sort of playground for animators and as an option to adapt shorter manga or try out original concepts.
6. The stronger presence of certain subgenres because of those OVAs (cyberpunk, space, oldschool fantasy)
7. Less CGI
7. Certain people that were mostly or only active in the past. Tezuka, Dezaki, Takahata, Satoshi Kon etc....

What I prefer about modern anime:
1. Overall quantity, simply having more selection of shows
2. More variety in terms of the types of shows. While some of the OVA genres have gotten much smaller or disappeared the overall variety has increased. Not in the same ratio that the overall number of shows has increased, but still significantly.
3. HD resolution being the default (for old anime you only get HD for popular titles that got remastered - although I do like the look of those more than any modern HD show. But many shows still only have 480p versions and that's not really an upside.
4. Availability, simulcasting, being released internationally on streaming platforms instead of just on japanese TV, having to hope that it gets ripped by someone and then hope again that it gets picked up by fansubbers and then hope again that they stick with it to the end and then hope again that they do so in a timely fashion of, let's say, less than 10 years.
5. Certain people that are only active in the present like Yuasa or Ushio Kensuke.

Note that modern anime might have less things drawing me to it, but they are arguably more impactful factors. Especially #1 and #4 alone probably make sure that most of the stuff I watch is recent stuff. In terms of the percentage of shows I enjoy frome ach era old anime probably ranks higher, but overall most of my favorites are still somewhat recent because there is such a huge discrepancy in the total numbers and availability.

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Jul 22, 2:13 PM
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Old anime generally had less constraint on budget and more creative freedom since it was less commercialized, resulting in long series that we would NEVER get in todays day and age, which is a shame. Legendary shows like Berserk 97 will never get a continuation due to this current climate because its difficult to commercialize to a massive audience, whereas isekai shitshows will continue to make more money, resulting in less quality. it really is a shame.

Animation and designs were better, a lot of the time just better source material, more creative freedom, etc.

There have been a few exceptions, like long running, creative, vibrant series like HxH and visually stunning, unique characters and just great material in general in Sangatsu no Lion.