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Poll: One Piece Episode 894 Discussion

Jul 21, 2:09 AM

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It's a bit weird Luffy doesn't tell them he was his brother. I mean, it probably wouldn't make a difference, I'm just kind of curious about the conversation they would have after that.

From next week we are getting some episodes for the upcoming movie. It's a shame most of us will have to wait until january/february to see the movie.
Jul 21, 3:07 AM

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Wow.. One Piece once again shows why it is such a giant of a show that is beloved by millions of people.

There is no anime that has better individual character story telling than one piece in my opinion, and I say that as a person who doesn't even have One Piece as a favorite anime.

The way Oda writes these characters and background stories is just beautiful.
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Jul 21, 3:17 AM

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Hm no Zoro this episode, what a shame. His scenes were the best so far in the Wano arc. Especially since we haven't seen him at all in the Big Mom arc, it's been "Luffy Luffy Luffy Luffy Luffy" since a lot of arcs now...

Also Hancock next episode? Now that's something to look forward to.
Jul 21, 4:57 AM

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Pakumen- said:
Huh, interesting way to pronounce Drake's name: "Diez" Drake. I always thought it was just "X" Drake.

They handled the episode really good, and the visuals really helped. I still think Ace's role was wasted on the series, but in a certain way he was the first prove to Luffy that he needed to mature, on this arc he will prove that a lot.

It seems like there will be a filler/movie promo next week. Well I don't particularly care, since Wano has been adapted very well so far, and this arc will be extremely long.

It's because X is 10 in Roman numerals, Diez is the Spanish word for the number. Oda loves language puns.

Good episode. I would have loved to have the filler pre-Wano, but this is fine too.
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Jul 21, 5:16 AM

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I loved to see Ace again.
Jul 21, 6:08 AM

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They're really going to hype up this arc and then hit us with filler three episodes in? What a decision...
Jul 21, 6:15 AM
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Beautiful episode..
So next episode filler?
Jul 21, 6:37 AM

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DareEvans said:
They're really going to hype up this arc and then hit us with filler three episodes in? What a decision...
It's promotion for the newest movie coming out next week I'm pretty sure
Jul 21, 7:26 AM

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Powerful episode in terms of feels and not just the dreary parts, especially seeing Ace with Tama was very heartwarming. And gosh, she's such an adorable girl. It didn't seem like much, but the sacrifice she made was really a big deal. It's more than safe to say that Luffy got her back now and this is one hell of an extra motivation for him. I also like how fond Tama seems of her aniki. So yeah, there was a lot for me to gush overe. I'm definitely more than pleased with how the staff nailed down the atmosphere. Noteworthy is also the pacing. Not much manga content was covered, yet it was consistently smooth. Awesome job so far.
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Jul 21, 7:37 AM

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That's Luffy for you, no delicacy at all.
Looking forward to some Hancock goodness \o/
Jul 21, 9:05 AM

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wow nice episode...welll like the side story.... next week...been missing boa hankook
Jul 21, 10:37 AM
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just one or two lines from ace's voice actor was enough to bring back all the feels o_O loving this new arc ^_^ amazed after all these years one piece still manages to pull it off
Jul 21, 11:01 AM

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Damn it the tears welled up again....freaking Ace.
Jul 21, 2:15 PM

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Tama explained Luffy that the scouts took her after she broke the law supporting the last Shogunate, they secured the ship and went to Tama’s home. There, Tama cooked rice for Luffy, when he finished Tama went to the river to drink water (contaminated) to stop her hungry. A flying samurai arrived Tama’s home (guessed Luffy ate the whole food) and attacked Luffy, they started to talk about the few opportunities that they have to eat, Tama arrived and explained that Luffy saved her life, she felt sick because of the water, Luffy suggested them to live somewhere else, but the samurai explained that she has been waiting for a pirate named Ace, Luffy revealed that he’s dead. Luffy and the samurai left Tama resting and talked again, the samurai presented himself as Hitetsu, he explained that there used to be a villa named Amagasa, but Kaido sent an allied pirated named Drake, the villa became poor, but one day a pirate ship (Ace) arrived to the beach, they stole the ship’s food, but Ace was generous, so he helped them. A group of scouts accompanied by Hawkins are getting closer to the beach.

Discovering that Ace is dead, Tama was totally shocked. Now, there are being re-introduced Drake and Hawkins, probably we’re gonna know about Kid and Appo.
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Jul 21, 7:34 PM
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Otama got so attached to Ace, and it flashback to me when Dadan knows what happen to Ace, it's very sad for 8 year old child like her to have the person she got attached and not knowing what happen to him after 4 years, no words can explain of her feelings right now :(
Jul 21, 7:39 PM

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That's so cruel. Tama and her master living in such a misery. Absolute everything got destroyed by X-Drake and only these 2 are left. Luffy must feel bad for eating all that rice even if it isn't his fault because he didn't knew Tama and her master living in such poor terms.

So Ace really was in Wano Kuni a couple years ago. That time must be like a dream for Tama. Not only because Ace made sure she had enough to eat but also because she had a friend. When I heard Aces voice I almost cried. It was such a weird mix of being happy and sad at the same time.

At the end we saw Hawkins, so that could mean he and Luffy will maybe clash in the next couple episode.

Curious to see the promotion episodes for the movie.
Jul 21, 7:55 PM

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Even though it's partly turned into a meme among many corners of the community, Ace's death still manages to get sadder as the series goes on :(

Still can't believe how good the art is so far in this arc though. Imagine if WCI looked like this.
Jul 21, 9:03 PM

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I hope they keep One Piece this good. I don't care if they take breaks or put a couple of filler arcs as long as it continues delivering this quality.
Jul 21, 9:42 PM
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Memories of Ace really made me nostalgic. And the Wano arc is really kicking in. With improvised animations and background music. The episode was good. And expecting a lot ahead.
Jul 22, 2:54 AM

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Always a treat to witness anything Ace-related.
Jul 22, 12:10 PM
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I feel like I'm watching One Piece season 2 ever since this arc started. The Wano Land arc is definitely holding up to a very high standard so far, making that a well deserved wait. This episode is totally sasuga Oda sensei. I ended my day with tears in both my eyes.
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Jul 22, 3:45 PM

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One can not love an ep. with Ace in. Ace, noooooo!!! 😭😭😭 Sad to hear his brother announce his death, but it's weird to see him tell her he is dead just like that. I would thought he would put a bit more emotion in saying that. I mean he was his brother and they were 10 years together.

The animation is still good. The new style is still a bit mystery to me. I am still not used to it. Especially seeing both Ace and Luffy's bright smile. The lines are different which kind of makes it good. All in all, good ep., but ofc. the best part was when he said "Usopp". That joke never gets old. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Next time, fillers to pronounce the new OP movie. Sad it's not getting shown in the cinemas in Scandinavia, or I would for surely seen it now. On the other hand, good to see Hancock again. Been really many years since we saw her.
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Jul 22, 5:36 PM

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This episode had perfect art and directing, wow just wow i can't believe I'm enjoy One Piece anime again.
Jul 27, 9:49 AM
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Really liked the episode. Finally we got to see more of Ace, after all! I wish he continues to be remembered troughout the entire arc because I feel he deserves it. Also, the new style is fucking awesome <3
Jul 28, 8:21 PM
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Wano arc is being insane, also I am loving that the legend of Ace isn't death, and also I expect that it will more plots that link each other
Aug 1, 3:53 AM

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Otama is such a nice kid!

Luffy's timing definitely could've been better.

Nice to see Ace again. He was a top tier bro!
Aug 5, 3:40 AM

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Some people from the worst generation really is working for Kaido, fucking losers. Man Luffy needs to save Tama :(
Aug 22, 9:53 AM
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Can't imagine how Luffy must have felt when he found out that Tama hadn't eaten in a long while and that the rice was for her eight birthday.

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