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Jul 20, 12:15 PM

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So I've watched Index up to about halfway through season 3, and I've thought the entire series was a pretty mediocre adaptation of the source material. Railgun tends to get higher ratings than Index and is seen as superior, but I can't help to think that people say this because the cast of Railgun seems to focus more on a big group of girls. So, for people that have seen both series, is Railgun actually worth watching if I didn't really enjoy Index that much and don't really care about the primarily female cast?
Jul 20, 12:22 PM

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I've seen Index season 1 and welp I guess I've seen it all. Not interested in all female cast revolving around biri biri. So yea I agree with you.
Jul 20, 12:31 PM

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It's a much better adaptation than Index for sure despite the abundance of fillers (they really wasted the 2nd cour of Railgun S on Silent Party arc -_- ). JC Staff has completely butchered Index through the years which is ironic because they perfected the Sisters arc in Railgun S. Index suffers from rushed adaptations that results in lack of context for a lot of jargon they throw out in every arc. It doesn't help that it's adapted from a LN which is harder to do than manga.
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Jul 20, 12:36 PM

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I won't say that is much better, there is a lot of filler on it.

But the Sister's Arc on the second season on railgun is definitely better than Index anime on overall.

Jul 20, 12:40 PM

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The first cour of Railgun S (Sisters arc) is the best thing we've had animated out of the Raildex verse, and that's a fact.

Overall - yeah, I'd say it's better, just because it hangs together more, and you don't get distracted by the geopolitics or really complicated magic system from Index. Don't get me wrong, I love both of those things in the LN, but they really haven't been translated well onto the screen. Instead, in Railgun you get smaller stories, a bit easier to understand, with a slightly more limited cast. A good trade, in my opinion.
Jul 20, 12:40 PM
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Half of Railgun's anime is invented. Only Level Upper and SISTERS arcs are canon. If JC Staff had planned better, season 2 would be Railgun's best manga arc (Dahaisei Festival).
At least it serves to develop characters that we do not see much (Saten and Uiharu), although they are not very relevant to the main story.

Only if we talk about the anime, Railgun is better because it received a better adaptation than Index (which is much higher in the source material).
Jul 20, 12:40 PM
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Well, Railgun had one of the best arcs in anime history, which was Sisters Arc (Misaka POV).

Index season 3 on the other hand was overall just an incomprehensible clusterfuck with things randomly happening without explanation.
Jul 20, 1:02 PM

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I wanted to say no, that it's not, but you have to take it all into account and season 3 of index was garbage and brings it down
Jul 20, 1:09 PM
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I have all three Index seasons scored between 3 and 5. On the other hand I have the two Railgun seasons at 8 and 9 respectively. So yes, it's a pretty enormous difference

Mostly because Touma and Index are both extremely annoying characters who I seriously couldn't care less about, but on the other hand having Misaka as the MC is pretty awesome. But even story-wise I'd argue it's superior

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Jul 20, 1:24 PM

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Mirdita said:
I don't think the either adaptation is particularly great. Index shows in its oldness and it took a lot to hook me. Railguns filler makes me want to bash my head in with a hammer, but the actual content (like sisters arc) is unbelievably good.

Tdlr: Railgun is better because index ain't the main character :)

Index hasn't been a main/relevant character since the first few episodes of the 1st season by the way.
Jul 20, 1:25 PM

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Hard to say. As far as I know, all 3 seasons of Index are canon, with no filler episodes. The 2 seasons of Railgun on the other hand:

Railgun is 24 episodes long but 13 of those episodes are filler.
Railgun S is also 24 episodes long but 10 of those episodes are filler.

It really depends on whether or not you want to include the filler episodes of Railgun to determine the overall quality of the series, or just judge it by the canon episodes alone.

I myself actually prefer Index over Railgun, and I didn't enjoy the second half of Railgun season 1.
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Jul 20, 2:29 PM
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Nah nah
Id say Railgun season 1 on par with Index III despite it not being rushed like III since nothing important happens and even the parts that are adaptations of the Railgun manga is pretty much filler

Railgun S is as good as Index despite Sisters Arc being more impactful in Railgun. But as a fan I only feel fully satisfied now with the Arc when watching Railgun S and Index at the same time to get full experience as they heavily compliment each other.
Index could perhaps actually still be better than Railgun S since all S really has is the Sisters Arc while Index has lots of cool Arcs. But unfair to compare too much really when Railgun S is meant to flesh out one Arc from the main series and it does an amazing job with that

Index II the pinnacle of the franchise so far Id say in anime form but truth be told despite everything Ive said
It doesnt matter what you prefer and think is better. To Aru is meant to be fully appreciated since the overall products is what makes up this incredible franchise
Jul 20, 4:19 PM

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This image speaks itself:

@ARKR Your thread dude
Jul 20, 6:30 PM

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I've watched both Index and Railgun (and I'm watching Accelerator now). Season 1 of railgun is okay, it has it's moments in the 2nd half of the first season. However Railgun season 2 was amazing, it shows the sisters arc through Mikasas point of view and it makes the sisters arc in Index look like shit.

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Jul 20, 9:54 PM

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just in case ill say that Railgun is for the most part a cute girls doing cute things kinda anime
Jul 21, 12:57 AM

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Railgun is kind of like Boruto: When people try to cash off the fame of an already bad anime.
My subjective reviews:
Jul 21, 1:12 AM

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katsucats said:
Railgun is kind of like Boruto: When people try to cash off the fame of an already bad anime.

More like cash off the fame of an extremely popular character.
Jul 21, 1:50 AM

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I say Railgun S> all Index Series
maybe Railgun Season 3 can beat S if it done right couz Daihasei Festival Arc is great as Sister's Arc and we will see Misaki a lot in the new season the rival of Misaka.Also if the arcs are all canon.

Everything in S was better, the animation, pacing, misaka pov, sisters arc and character development the only downside was the second half but its still decent doe

I did enjoyed Index especially the second season its decent and railgun season 1 focused more in character development between misaka and his gang. Its more of slice of life.

Jul 22, 12:29 AM

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I guess most people who are saying railgun didn't even read the index novels to know which one is actually better and why and didn't even know the real touman that's why they are mostly bad talking about him God I hate this world well, I can mostly guess where they are coming from if the girl is cute than all is well I wonder If Kamachi one day decided to make Othinus spin-off too aah, that would be the greatest thing for me.
Jul 22, 1:44 AM

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The problem here is that you look at both of them as separate series, when in fact together they are a franchise. You should watch this:

Also as far as I'm concerned, I preferred Index to Railgun. Unfortunately I will have to rewatch all of the "Toaru franchise since the 3rd seasons of both came out, along with Accelerator. It will be quite the chore,but in order to enjoy them properly, it has to be done.
Jul 22, 6:44 AM

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Idk my tierlist is something like this:

Index 2 > Raligun 2 > Index 1 > Railgun 1 > Index 3

Overall I prefer Index.
Jul 22, 7:02 AM

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Index is a dumpster fire. It only exists to taint the name of its spin-offs.
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Jul 22, 7:03 AM

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I think so yeah, especially with how bad Index 3 was, drags it down a lot.
Jul 22, 7:03 AM
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Railgun suffers from a lack of actual content, Index suffers from Touma being boring, too many arcs at once and a bad adaptation.
Overall Railgun S is the best adaptation from the franchise, and was really well done, if we ignore the filler arc. The rest of the franchise is completely garbage in comparison because J.C. Staff doesn't care about adapting it well, and would instead just rush the source material to make more people buy the original product... so meh...
Jul 22, 7:20 AM

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Index is better than Railgun lol

Railgun doesn't have this

i nearly added Index II (the best one) to my favorites cause of this

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Jul 22, 9:34 PM

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No, both are at the same lvl. The only thing that I didn't like was the second filler arc from Railgun S while Index has severe pacing issues in S1 and in one arc from S3. But both of them are very good. So far, my scores are: Railgun 7/10, Railgun S 8/10. Index I 6/10, Index II 7/10, Index III 8/10.
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Jul 22, 9:51 PM

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Railgun series is much better than the Original Index series in my opinion, much thanks to Misaka Mikoto.

Unlike Index anime adaption were nothing makes sense, Railgun takes its sweet time to develop the Setting and the Characters. Satena-san is a really fun company to keep up with. Like many others have already pointed out, the Sisters Arc in the first half of Railgun S is easily indeed the best arc of the Raildex series as a whole.

Can’t wait for Railgun S3, I highly suggest you to pick up now as it’ll most likely be airing in the upcoming Fall Season right after ToAru Accelerator.
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Jul 22, 9:57 PM

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If you want to compare them, at least use their source material.

Index anime is rushed and has cut content
Railgun anime is super slow and has a lot of filler
Jul 22, 10:08 PM

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if your going to compare adaptations then yyes but only to an extent. a lot of railgun is filler/slice of life with few canon material from the manga. even then the best arc railgun had (the sister arc.) was an arc that was taken from the index novels.

if your going to compare source materials then railgun is a joke compared to Index's main series

_MushiRock11_ said:
Railgun series is much better than the Original Index series

if you mean "original series." by the novels then no

honestly i wish more western fans on this site didn't have an aversion to reading to rival a snail having salt poured on it.
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Jul 22, 10:21 PM

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hazarddex said:
if you mean "original series." by the novels then no

Sorry, I meant Original as in the Index Anime Series.
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Jul 23, 8:17 AM
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Aug 9, 5:53 AM
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I am watching Railgun right now (I watched Index in May before my exam session in like 4 days, it as a blast for me as I don't usually watch more than 3 episodes in a single day but soon I jumped to reading the novels because of several reasons) and while at episode 12/13 I am pretty interested in the story itself apart from Mikoto I only like Uiharu (more or less).

The rest of "cute girls doing cute things and police work" makes me cringe to no fucking end.
But I would be able to understand that I am not in the target and just remain silent and appreciate what I like (mostly, cool powers and how they interact, interesting magic system and the setting) but I really can't fucking stand Kuroko.

I watched tons of anime with more or less sexual assault and while I am definitely not a big fan of random groping and whatever, I kinda laughed at some jokes here and there. But Kuroko?
Jesus fucking Christ, she is just a walking yuri groping machine.