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Jul 20, 11:53 AM
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The wraparound band on the sixth volume of Una Megurogawa's Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga manga revealed a television anime adaptation of the series on Saturday. Publishing company North Stars Pictures also opened a teaser site for the anime.

The historical gag manga depicts the fictitious reincarnation of feudal lord Oda Nobunaga as a Shiba Inu named Cinnamon in present-day Japan. Cinnamon is later joined in his daily adventures by other feudal lords, also reincarnated as dogs.

Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga has been serialized in Monthly Comic Zenon magazine and Web Comic Zenyon portal since May 2016. Tokuma Shoten published the fifth volume in August 2018.

Official site:

Source: Comic Natalie

Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga on MAL
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Jul 20, 11:57 AM

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It's like there are no other historical figure in Japan.
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Jul 20, 12:02 PM
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This looks cute and hilarious, going into my PTW!
Jul 20, 12:04 PM

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NeoAnkara said:
It's like there are no other historical figure in Japan.

Or other notable samurai for the matter.

Jul 20, 1:23 PM

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who is oda nobunaga
i have never seen any anime about him
what a groundbreaking idea
Jul 20, 1:34 PM

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Oda Nobunaga has to be the most bastardized historical figure in Japan.
Jul 20, 4:47 PM

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What a truly brilliant premise.
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Jul 20, 7:36 PM
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so oda Nobunaga is the Shiba Inu? that's hilarious.
I'll probably check it out. The synopsis has me intrigued.
Jul 20, 7:38 PM

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For fuck's sake, anime. There are other historical figures you can use. Is it against the law to use someone else?
Jul 21, 1:18 AM

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yhunata said:
For fuck's sake, anime. There are other historical figures you can use. Is it against the law to use someone else?

This isn't "anime". They're just adapting manga content
Jul 21, 1:36 AM

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That feeling ... when had high hopes for a new good Sengoku era anime ... for a few seconds until you opened the thread and saw the pic and read the description. :D

I guess we need to take everything we can get. If it weren't a "gag manga" I'd try it even with a girl n stuff like that.

(I mean ... cinnamon ... sounded like it would be a about baking stuff with cinnamon. Doesn't need to be bad itself. When Hyouge Mono was about teapots n stuff and pretty good. But "gag manga" isn't something for me.)
Jul 21, 3:27 AM

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But there are other famous samurais in this manga... also reincarnated as dogs...
Jul 21, 4:30 AM

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I know that Oda Nobunaga was a famous figure for the japanese but hasn't he be getting way to much focus in both manga and so many anime versions lately? seriusly you got so many other historical figures give him a break.
Jul 21, 9:43 AM

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It's probably because of the Land of Wano arc. Historical figures uprising! Oda Nobunaga is like the main star in sengoku musou games if I recall correctly. I played six samurai deck for a one time KoG so I did enjoy watching samurai in slime anime.
Jul 24, 8:53 PM

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As much as there is anime about Nobunaga. I don't watch enough to really be bothered by it, though, it may be true. However, I do want to watch this. It looks funny. There's no mal page for it yet?