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What did we learn from this decade? What needs to change?

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Jul 23, 10:14 AM
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-More diverse shoujo. Less 'popular guy falls in love with unpopular girl', and make more interesting shows such as Yona of the Dawn
-Can we tone down the action shounen a little? Getting a bit tired of those constantly, sometimes even more than crappy isekai
-Long fantasy shows with good world building/plot, like Re:Zero, Log Horizon, Grancrest Senki etc.
-Neutral towards CGI. Usually don't have much of an issue with it.

But mostly, I'm hoping that one day people will realize that the words 'good' and 'bad' are subjective in nature and no such things as objectively good or objectively bad exist.
Oregairu is life
Jul 23, 10:25 AM
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Non cgi mecha shows need to comeback.
Jul 23, 10:38 AM

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Online streaming is the best thing to happen for global anime fans, and licensing wars are the worst thing to happen to streaming.

Animators probably need to be paid better. Maybe like a higher base wage or a small percent of royalties so veteran animators can build up a more cumulative stream of income?

Keep pushing the boundary of what CGI can do until it's so good you schmucks stop complaining about it.

I hope we see more anime produced for Netflix/etc with diverse global creative teams so they can still count as anime without having to adhere to Japanese broadcasting standards.

Zen_Wistalia said:
-I want Gundam to go back to its roots.

Fucking word.
Jul 23, 11:01 AM

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What we learned: anime is great.

In future: more adult, homosexual/trans/bi relationships portrayed in anime.

Anime could use a few more shows directed towards adults. I agree that mature science fiction would be a worthy trend.

But Isekai is explainable because that's life right now and nobody's a fan.

FMAB showed us that full, awesome adaptions are sweet (hence AOT). Trigger saved anime from boredom.

Single season cours, of only 12-13 episodes, should be pretty good. But a lot of us still like full 24-26 ep shows.

Netflix tried to adapt anime from nothing and failed. So now they're just competing for licenses. Or smartly picking up new shows (hopefully) as they air or after the dub is completed.

Even Toonami is getting silly and picking up fun anime like Food Wars. The people want fanservice!

Watching studios shit themselves, like Madhouse and JC Staff, has been somewhat hilarious.

Go where the talent is.
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